Alpha X-Triceratops

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Alpha X-Triceratops.png
Alpha X-Triceratops
Spawn Command
cheat summon Volcano_Trike_Character_BP_Retrieve_Alpha_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis/Dinos/MissionVariants/Retrieve/Volcanic/Volcano_Trike_Character_BP_Retrieve_Alpha.Volcano_Trike_Character_BP_Retrieve_Alpha'" 500 0 0 35
The Volcano during One Hell of a Treasure Hunt, accessible via the  Mission Dispatcher.

The Alpha X-Triceratops is one of the Alpha Creatures in  ARK: Survival Evolved's Expansion Pack Genesis: Part 1 and can be found only during the One Hell of a Treasure Hunt mission.

Basic Info


Aggressive. Its minions are X-Triceratops and are aggressive.


The Alpha X-Triceratops seems to be a larger, more intimidating version of the  X-Triceratops. Its skull is shown on its head.

Color Scheme and Regions

X mark.svg

The Alpha X-Triceratops always spawns with the same color scheme and has no color regions.

This means it is currently impossible to make alterations to the Alpha X-Triceratops's colors.


Base Stats and Growth

Attribute Base Value Level Increase
 Health 3500 +1050
 Stamina 150 +15
 Oxygen 150 +15
 Food 3000 +300
 Weight 365 +7.3
 Melee Damage 48 +2.4
 Movement Speed 100% N/A
 Torpidity 250 +15
Base Speed Sprinting Speed
Wild Wild
Walking 225

Swimming 300

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  • 2These are the speeds of the creature once tamed including a possible taming bonus and no imprinting bonus.
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Wild Stats Level-up

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Alpha X-Triceratops

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This section describes how to fight against the Alpha X-Triceratops.



Take something like an assault rifle and shoot at it,and other dangers.


an assault rifle would be great for shooting enemies,but a shotgun would do the trick.


Usually there will be a lot of x-triceratops (which are aggressive during the mission) especially in the location where you may find it.Make sure to have lots of armor and weaponry.Also note almost all creatures have an extremely high aggro range.Bats spawn near so watch for mega rabies.Basilisk are very deadly and spawn close.


Like the triceratops,it has a terrible turning radius,take advantage of this.


Resource Efficiency
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat ?



  • The Alpha X-Triceratops is the only new Alpha Creature introduced into Genesis: Part 1, as well as the second Alpha Creature to be a herbivore.
  • Despite being an Alpha Creature, your Chibi won't get XP from it.
  • Alpha X-trike is the third alpha trike. The others are skeletal trike and enraged trike.
  • What's strange about the Alpha Trike is that it's special skull isn't apart of it's body but is rather a costume. This can be seen as it appears to have two jaws.