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Existing translations

Translations of articles can be found in the site navigation under "Other languages", or from the dropdown next to article title.

Guidelines to start a translation

If you would like to translate a page, first inform the administration team on the noticeboard or Wiki Discord (recommended). Then:

  1. Find the language code, or ask the administration team for one. For a list, please see:
  2. Create a new page with "/languagecode" added to the end of the pagename of the page you wish to translate.
    If you want to translate the page "Water" to Spanish, you would create page "Water/es". Once the translation is big enough to be moved to its own wiki, this naming model can be abandoned in favour of fully translated titles.
  3. Translate the text of the page and at the bottom of the page, add the page to the category: [[Category:LANGUAGECODE translation]]. This will put all translated pages of one language into a single category.
    • For example, translating a page to Spanish would have [[Category:ES translation]] added to the bottom of the edit.

If you have any issues or additional questions, please post them on Help talk:Translating.

Separate wiki creation

A full, separate wiki will be created once following texts had been translated, and there is a person in place willing to be the administrator of that translated wiki and moderate it:

  1. Main page
  2. Articles linked on the main page
  3. Help:Contents, Help:Editing
  4. Translation of "Community Wiki" for the wiki logo
  • Translation of page namespace names: "Mod", "Mod talk", "Data", "Data talk", "Creature data", "Creature data talk", "Item data", "Item data talk".


These tasks should be done by the translation team after a wiki is created for them:

Linking images

Please do not re-upload any files from the English wiki, as this often results in errors and wastes servers' disk space. Instead, create a file redirect and mark it with a LANGUAGECODE image redirects category.

For example to set up an image for  Wood in French, Bois:

  1. Open File:Bois.png in your browser by typing it directly into the address bar.
  2. Create the page according to this template: #REDIRECT [[File:Wood.png]][[Category:FR image redirects]].
  3. Save the page. French Wiki should start showing the icon in around 10-20 minutes.