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This page instructs on creating and maintaining mod wikis. To submit a modwiki setup request, or to request transparent creature color region renders, join the Wiki Discord and submit a forum post in modwiki-onboarding.

Initial setup

Pages are primarily created by searching for a page that doesn't exist, or typing in new URLs for the name of the pages you want to add. From there, you can click the button labelled 'Create' on the top right of the page border, or the link reading 'create this page' in the page text. To create the mod's main page, use and append the mod's name. For example, At the top of every mod page, include a ModNote in this format: {{ModNote|Mod Name}}, swapping in the name of the mod the page is about, such as {{ModNote|No Untameables}}

To upload the mod logo, use Special:Upload. Title it Mod Mod Name logo, for example Mod No Untameables logo.png, and add to the summary [[Category:Mod Name images]], for example [[Category:No Untameables images]]. The name of the file is then used to insert the image where needed. If using a different image for the mod infobox and mod frontpage, label the square frontpage logo Mod Mod Name logo square to differentiate it.

Mainpage content

In addition to general descriptions and mod content, the following template can be used to create a mod template infobox. If the mod is on only Steam or Curseforge, and not both, the link and date parameters can be removed for the platform it's not available on. Be sure to wrap modauthor in square brackets so they link neatly. You can add text for the URL to display as by putting a space after them and writing the label (still inside the brackets).

{{infobox mod
| name = 
| image = 
| description = 
| author = 
| kind = 
| discord = 
| crossplay = 

| curseforge/id = 
| curseforge/releaseDate = 
| curseforge/slug = 
| workshop/id = 
| workshop/releaseDate = 

| ko-fi = 

For maps, also include curseforge/levelName/workshop/levelName. This is the name of the persistent level, which users need to load the map on a server.

For example, when filled out,

{{infobox mod
| name = Any Colour Sets
| image = Mod Any Colour Sets logo.png
| description = Allows for customising the colours dinos spawn with! Activates a variety of unique and vibrant sets by default, and allows for in-depth configuration for almost complete control of what colours are used by which dinos, and where
| author = [ Eclipse]
| kind = Customization
| discord = V5ymA8UGDk
| crossplay = yes

| curseforge/id = 929506
| curseforge/releaseDate = October 30th, 2023
| curseforge/slug = any-colour-sets
| workshop/id = 2302876995
| workshop/releaseDate = November 30th, 2020

| ko-fi = eclipsemodding

Adding to the list at Mod:Mods

Your mod wiki will automatically show up on Mod:Mods if:

  • The mod's logo has been uploaded as File:Mod Mod Name logo.png or File:Mod Mod Name logo.jpg, and
  •  ARK: Survival Ascended: Your main page has a properly configured mod infobox with parameters: curseforge/slug, curseforge/id.
  •  ARK: Survival Evolved: Your main page has a properly configured mod infobox with the workshop/id parameter.

It may take up to a day for the article to refresh.

Selecting a different image

You may upload another file titled File:Mod Mod Name logo square.png (or File:Mod Mod Name logo square.jpg), and it will be shown on Mod:Mods when the article refreshes. It is recommended that this image is square, with minimum dimensions of 128x128 pixels.


Three categories will need to be created to organise the modwiki pages. Firstly,, which needs to have the page content [[Category:Mod sub-wikis]]. A category for images and for general mod pages then needs to be created, both using the category [[Category:Mod name Wiki]].

An example of set up categories: with page content [[Category:Mod sub-wikis]] and, both using the page content [[Category:No Untameables Wiki]]

Uploading files

Files can be uploaded on Special:Upload, accessible from Tools on the sidebar as "Upload File".

All images for mod wikis should be named according to the naming scheme of "Mod Mod Name File Name.File Extension". The file description/summary should also include the [[Category:Mod Name images]] category, for example [[Category:No Untameables images]]. If adding this on initial upload is forgotten, the file's page can be edited to include it later.

Additionally, a license should be selected from a dropdown menu when uploading the file. Every file created in the game or leveraging assets from the game should use the "This is from the game".

Creating pages

To create each new page within the modwiki, add to the mod's main page URL, the name of the page you want to create. For example, to make the Glowbug page for the No Untameables wiki, /Glowbug was added to the main page link, to result in For most pages, the best option is to copy a vanilla page that is similar in format to the one you want to create, remove all the content, replace relevant data in the infobox, and set translations to {{MissingTranslations|de|es|fr|it|ja|pl|pt-br|ru|th}}.


At the bottom of each page, add the general Mods Navbox: {{Nav Unofficial Mods}}

Navboxes can also be created for the specific mod, for example, to list links to all creatures or items in the mod. To do so, use the page[Mod Name], for example You can then link them the same way as the Mods Navbox. So at the bottom of your page, you may have

{{Nav No Untameables}}
{{Nav Unofficial Mods}}

To format a Navbox,

| name       = Nav Mod Name
| title      = [[Mod:Mod Name|Mod Name]] {{DLCIcon|Mod Name}}
| listclass  = hlist
| state      = {{{state|expanded}}}

| above      =
| image      =

| group1     = List Name
| list1      = [[Mod:Page|Label]] {{*}} [[Mod:Page|Label]] {{*}} [[Mod:Page|Label]]

| group2     = List Name
| list2      = [[Mod:Page|Label]] {{*}} [[ModPage|Label]] {{*}} [[Mod:Page|Label]]

| below      =
[[Category:Mod Name]]
[[Category:Navigation templates]]

An example of one filled out:

| name       = Nav No Untameables
| title      = [[Mod:No Untameables|No Untameables]] {{DLCIcon|No Untameables}}
| listclass  = hlist
| state      = {{{state|expanded}}}

| above      =
| image      =

| group1     = Creatures
| list1      = [[Mod:No Untameables/Ammonite|Ammonite]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Attack Drone|Attack Drone]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Cnidaria|Cnidaria]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Deathworm|Deathworm]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Defense Unit|Defense Unit]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Eurypterid|Eurypterid]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Glowbug|Glowbug]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Jug Bug|Jug Bug]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Leedsichthys|Leedsichthys]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Meganeura|Meganeura]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Nameless|Nameless]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Reaper Queen|Reaper Queen]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Seeker|Seeker]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Titanomyrma|Titanomyrma]]

| group2     = Items
| list2      = [[Mod:No Untameables/Chibis|Chibis]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Costumes|Costumes]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Deathworm Saddle|Deathworm Saddle]] {{*}} [[Mod:No Untameables/Deathworm Trap|Deathworm Trap]]

| below      =
[[Category:No Untameables]]
[[Category:Navigation templates]]

Data extraction

Resource and spawn maps can be quite tedious to create, but we have ways to automate it.

ARK: Survival Ascended

Currently,  ARK: Survival Ascended data extraction is being worked on. Once we have it going, this section will be updated with a link to the request form.

Mod's developers' consent is required to perform any sort of data extraction on  ARK: Survival Ascended mods. Full data will be available only on request to mod wiki editors.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Extraction for  ARK: Survival Evolved is no longer performed.