ARK: Survival Ascended

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ARK: Survival Ascended
ASA Logo transparent.png
Studio Wildcard
Grove Street Games
Price (USD)
Steam Steam.svg $44.99[1]
Xbox Series X|S Xbox Series.svg $44.99[1]
Playstation 5 PS.svg $44.99[1]
Steam Steam.svg
October 2023[2]
Xbox Series X|S Xbox Series.svg
October 2023[2]
Playstation 5 PS.svg
October 2023[2]

ARK: Survival Ascended is an Unreal Engine 5 remake of the original ARK: Survival Evolved game. It was announced on March 31, 2023 on[3]. Currently planned to be released in October, 2023 as an early access title[2], with DLC content released over time.


The following features have been announced:

  • Unreal Engine 5 overhaul with Nanite, Lumen, and NVIDIA's RTXDI
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Cross-platform modding
  • New content
  • Dynamic water
  • Interactive foliage
  • Opening cutscene
  • Unreal Engine 5 performance gains: instanced rendering (higher performance when drawing large bases), threaded server networking, and UE's custom physics engine
  • Dynamic navigation mesh and creature path-finding overhaul
  • Cross-platform anti-cheat
  • Updated mini-map (pan, zoom, pings, etc – similar to the TSotF mini-map)
  • Queueing system
  • New third-person camera (with the option to opt out)
  • Directional sprinting and walking
  • Ping system
  • Gamepad cursor
  • Chibi slot and skins tab
  • Nvidia DLSS Support
  • Photo Mode
  • Dino/baby management QoL
  • Wild babies
  • Snap point improvements (new snaps, logic improvements)
  • Character creation & customization improvements

New creatures

Each DLC will be brought back with a brand new, community-chosen creature to be found and tamed in the landscape:



  • Nitrado has been chosen as an exclusive commercial server host[4].
  • Self-hosting will still be possible.