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This article is about the 2023 remaster for PC, Xbox Series and PS5. For the 2015 game on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, see ARK: Survival Evolved. For the game on iOS and Android, see ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.

ARK: Survival Ascended
ASA Logo transparent.png
Studio Wildcard
Grove Street Games
Studio Wildcard
Snail Games USA
Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. (PS Asia)[1]
Price (USD)
Steam: Steam.svg $44.99[2]
Xbox Series X|S: Xbox Series.svg $44.99[2]
Playstation 5: PS.svg $44.99[2]
Steam Steam.svg
October 25th, 2023[3]
Xbox Series X|S Xbox Series.svg
November 21st, 2023[3]
Playstation 5 PS.svg
November 30th, 2023[3]

ARK: Survival Ascended is an Unreal Engine 5 remastered version of the original ARK: Survival Evolved game. It was announced on March 31, 2023 on,[4] and was released on October 25, 2023 as an early access title on Steam,[3] with DLC content to be released over time.


Respawn into a new dinosaur survival experience beyond your wildest dreams… as ARK is reimagined from the ground-up into the next-generation of videogame technology with Unreal Engine 5! You awake on a mysterious island, your senses overwhelmed by the blinding sunlight and brilliant colors bouncing off every surface around you, the azure waters of a verdant Island lapping at your bare feet. A deep roar echoes from the misty jungle, jolting you into action, and you stand up – not afraid, but intrigued. Are you ready to form a tribe, tame and breed hundreds of species of dinosaurs and other primeval creatures, explore, craft, build, and fight your way to the top of the food-chain? Your new world awaits... step through the looking-glass and join it!
~ Steam Description


  • Unreal Engine 5 overhaul with Nanite, Lumen, and NVIDIA's RTXDI
  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Cross-platform modding
  • New content
  • Dynamic water using FluidNinja
  • Interactive foliage
  • Cutscenes
  • Unreal Engine 5 performance gains: instanced rendering (higher performance when drawing large bases), threaded server networking, and UE's custom physics engine
  • Dynamic navigation mesh and creature path-finding overhaul
  • Cross-platform anti-cheat
  • Updated mini-map (pan, zoom, pings, etc – similar to the TSotF mini-map)
  • Queueing system
  • New third-person camera (with the option to opt out)
  • Directional sprinting and walking
  • Ping system
  • Gamepad cursor
  • Chibi slot and skins tab
  • Nvidia DLSS Support
  • Photo Mode
  • Dino/baby management QoL
  • Wild babies
  • Snap point improvements (new snaps, logic improvements)
  • Character creation & customization improvements
  • Tek Binoculars rework
  • An updated control scheme on controller
  • Numerous bug fixes

Gameplay Changes From ASE



  • Overall menu rework.
  • New Ping System, similar to that of Survival of the Fittest.
  • New menu icons.
  • New photo mode.
  • Better map, now showing coordinates and allows to zoom in and out.
  • Better dino tracker, allowing to track tamed creatures and see its location on the map.
  • Configurable third-person camera distance by holding Left Alt.
  • Quick-inventory feature by holding Q, allowing the player to navigate around all its inventory on his hotbar, use 9 and 0 to navigate.
  • Quick access to the shoulder pet's inventory that the player is carrying on his shoulder by holding R.


  • Complete construction rework.
  • Improved the process of picking up and demolishing structures.
  • Decreased the number of construction engrams, allowing the player to modify, for example, a wall to be a door frame.
  •  Electrical Generator no longer require cables, instead wirelessly powering any electric or gasoline-dependent appliance within a certain radius.
  • Any Appliance that previously required  Gasoline, such as the  Fabricator, may also be powered by the generator.
  •  Tek Generator now gives power to the  Tek Replicator.
  • All crafting stations now has "Wireless" resource pulling option that uses resources from all the  Tek Dedicated Storages nearby.
  •  Chemistry Bench now only requires electricity.
  •  Tree Sap Tap now produces  Sap respecting the server stack multiplier (30 by default).
  • Irrigation now only requires an intake pipe, wirelessly irrigating within a fixed radius, which can be extended to a certain area by placing a reservoir.
  •  Stone Fireplace now can cook meat.
  •  Toilet now spoils all meat inside its inventory whenever a player flushes.



  • Because  Movement Speed is no longer improvable by levelling the stat, all creatures do not increase the speed stat neither wild nor tamed.
  • Occasionally, wild babies may be found with their respective parents, and may be claimed by slaying or taming the parents.
  •  Oviraptor rework, now it auto-collects  Eggs that it has in range.
  •  Dung Beetle rework, now it auto-collects  Feces that it has in range.
  •  Onyc has a new land mechanic and their corresponding animations.
  •  Jerboa is no longer capped to spawn at level 1, spawning now as a normal creature.
  •  Morellatops adjustment, now it has a  Water stat to improve its water storage capacity, also it can water crops.
  •  Phoenix has a new land mechanic and their corresponding animations, also it can spawn with more color variations, including: orange, red, blue, green, and pink.
  • Significant Increase in natural color palette variation of different mapped areas in creatures.

New creatures

Each DLC map will be brought back with brand new creatures to be found and tamed in the landscape. a free community-chosen creature for each DLC map, and a paid creature from the Adventure Pack and Fantastic Tames of each DLC map. Additionally, it has been recently announced that ten creatures from the mod Additions Ascended, would be added to the base game.

New items






Data Maps

  • Level 55.jpg
    Exploring the map

Public Test Realm

On December 5th, 2023's experimental patch 32.4, a Public Test Realm (PTR) was launched. It allows players to try work-in-progress future updates to the game, allowing issues to be reported in advance before reaching the live game. These versions may be less stable than the live builds, and as a result it is recommended to back up any savefiles before using them with the PTR version.


The Roadmap of the different Maps for ASA Goes as Follows (May Change with Future Roadmaps):

Bob's Tall Tales

Bob's Tall Tales is an optional paid season pass that will have optional paid "Adventure Packs" that will have new cosmetics, creatures, building items, weapons, and more. It also will have animated Explorer Notes that will have the voices of Karl Urban and Auliʻi Cravalho.

The first three original DLC maps, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction will each have an "Adventure Pack"

Club ARK

Club ARK, is a social hub where survivors can chat, relax, and have fun in a variety of activities, mini-games, and missions to earn prizes to take back "home" with you. Club ARK can be joined from the in-game Pause Menu on the Official Network at any time. ‘Custom Cosmetic’ mods – including costumes, items, and even functional structures – will be automatically downloaded in the background while you play. This is a toggleable option.



  • On March 31st 2023, Wildcard official announced The Successive UE5 Remaster to ARK: Survival Evolved, Expected to replace its predecessor upon release. Initially Believed by some to be an "April Fools" Reference, The Original "ARK: Respawned" Bundle, Priced at $60 Along with ARK 2 along with the Remaster were met with heavy controversy. In Response to This, ARK: Survival Ascended Would instead release as a standalone game, Albeit at $60 With All Existing DLC Included.
  • Upon The revelation of the New updated roadmap from the original as well as the confirmation of ASA Being an early access title, The Price of ASA Subsequently was reduced to $45, As well as being Delayed from The original August 2023 Date to Instead launching Without Scorched Earth or Survival of the Fittest, Without any other On-Launch Additions As Provided by the Renewed Roadmap.


  • Nitrado has been chosen as an exclusive commercial server host.[8]
    • At launch, the server license permitted only non-commercial, personal use, required a valid Steam game license, and allowed only one server to be hosted on a single machine at a time. This license has been replaced.
    • Current dedicated server license only permits non-commercial, personal use, with remaining clauses removed.
  • As of launch, the game appears to be extremely intensive, often requiring console commands to reach playable framerates on medium end hardware.
  • The game was originally scheduled to launch in August 2023 with Survival of the Fittest and Scorched Earth being available at launch, but was later delayed to October 2023.
  • The game was originally scheduled to launch simultaneously on all platforms, however the console releases were delayed. The Xbox Series S and X release was delayed until November 14th, 2023. It was then delayed for a second time and released on November 21st, 2023. The Playstation 5 release came on November 30th, 2023.
  • The game launched on Steam with a limited early access price cut that was promised to also come to the console releases. However, this never happened and has not been mentioned since.
  • After the Original Delay, the game was scheduled to launch in October 2023 Without any on-launch Additions as on par with the stated roadmap, but the game’s DLC Content has since been delayed again in December 2023 with a new Roadmap With The Base Game and SOTF Being unaffected by this.


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