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Fjordur DLC.jpg
DLC for ARK with a new map and new creatures.
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Release Dates
Jun 12, 2022
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Jun 12, 2022
Jun 12, 2022
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Jun 12, 2022
Jun 12, 2022

Fjordur is a free, official, non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Norse-Inspired Archipelago Map

Unique Environmental Features

  • Four islands Vardiland, Vannaland, Bolbjord & Balheimr with cold, beautiful forests and breath-taking landscapes to explore.
  • Unique Obelisks and Supply Drops.
  • A glowing tunnel off the coast of Balheimr that leads to a Space themed area filled with vibrant plant life, stars and glow pets complete with anti gravity.
  • Fjordur has the highest amount of Alpha Spawns of any Map.
  • Deathworm Corpses on Balheimr that can be harvested for Deathworm Horns.
  • Rocks filled with Honey around the map.
  • Rocks filled with Nameless Venom within Caves.
  • A cave of tributes - A cave in Midguard dedicated to the supporters that made the map possible, including Syntac.
  • Various castles and ruins scatted along the realms.
  • Mystical realms of Jotunheim, Vanaheimr, and Asgard.
    • All of the realms are accessible via The Hidden Worlds cave in Vannaland, or alternatively on official PvE servers, singleplayer mode, and servers with the UseFjordurTraversalBuff setting enabled, by holding R, X, Square on foot.
  • Enormous skeletons within Jotunheim and Asgard.
  • More than 25 dangerous caves waiting to be spelunked.


Unique Creatures

Other Spawns


All items from the base game and paid DLCs are available on Fjordur.



Trophies and Tributes




Player Spawns / Teleport Points

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Data Maps

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth).png
    Strategic Resources
  • Level 55.jpg
    Exploring the map
  • SpawnMapIcon.png
    Creature Spawns

The Original Creator Team


Patch Changes
346.14 Fjordur expansion release
  • Biome Teleport is now enabled by default in Single Player.
  • Multiple map fixes for Fjordur.
  • Fjordur map fixes including: auto TP zone, oil vein node fixes, lava damage volume, kill volume, wild spawn fixes, water volume in poison wyvern trench, fixes to trees to allow harvesting, fixed holes
  • Added further wild creature spawns to Asgard biome on Fjordur
  • Decreased  Alpha dinos spawns on Fjordur.
  • Fixed realm teleporting after boss fight on Fjordur.
  • Redistributed  Element Shard/ Black Pearl nodes on Fjordur . This includes a 70% nerf to the amount of nodes in the Throat of Flames and redistribution of those to the following areas:
    •  Element Shards added to: Fire Wyvern Trench, Molten Caverns, Mount Doom Caverns, Balheimr
    •  Black Pearls added to: Poison Wyvern Trench, Lightning Wyvern Trench




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