Mate Boost

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Mate Boost

Makes creatures stronger

A Mate Boost is when a creature has at least one nearby allied creature of the same species and opposite sex, which gives the affected creatures a Mate Boost. Creatures that are Mate-Boosted will receive a bonus to their damage and resistance of about 33%, and wild creatures will be more willing to come to the aid of their mate. If a creature is Mate-Boosted, a pink heart MateBoosted.png will appear above the creature's name.


Mate Boost allows female creatures to lay unfertilized Eggs by themselves.


Wild Mate-Boosted creatures will be more dangerous. A Male and Female Stegosaurus will be more dangerous than 2 Males or 2 Females of the same level. When hunting, be aware of whether the creature you are planning to attack is Mate-Boosted, or if there are any of its species nearby that could potentially add a Mate Boost if they got closer.


Domesticated creatures can still give each other the Mate Boost effects. Taming a Male and Female of the same species is beneficial for any creatures that you intend to use as fighters or hunters.


  • The creatures must be on the same tribe; a wild Dilo and a tamed Dilo will not give each other the mate boost, nor will creatures from different tribes.
  • One male can mate boost multiple females, and vice versa.
  • This status is not affected by the creature in question being spayed/neutered. In other words, a male and female Dilo will still have the mate boost whether they are actually able to breed with each other or not.
  • Original, Aberrant, Tek, X-Creatures, and R-Creatures count as separate species, and as such, one will not provide Mate Boost to the others.