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Weight is a measure of how much you are carrying. Every item has a weight value, and if the total weight value of everything you are carrying becomes too great, you will slow down or even stop. If your carried weight becomes equal to or greater than about 85% of your total weight, you will become  Encumbered, which will slow your movement speed considerably and render you unable to jump. If your carried weight becomes equal to or greater than your total weight, you will be unable to move at all until you drop enough items. Encumbered dinosaurs can not wander to mate.

Furthermore, overfilling inventory with low weight will prevent further items from being placed inside through any method, regardless of the current carry weight capacity. This affects all creatures who can carry inventories, as registered by a black weight icon. (Black weight icon appears larger on survivor than on dino, and both on its portrait and inventory at upper left corner of the said survivor/dino.)

Certain tames have the ability to reduce the weight of specific items. A list can be found in Weight Reduction.


Putting a point into Weight will increase your total weight capacity by 10.


  • When riding or standing on a creature, your total weight is added to theirs. If you are carrying items with a total weight of 150 and you mount a Raptor with a weight capacity of 180, the Raptor will be encumbered and therefore move slowly. The same applies if your weight exceeds the weight capacity of your mount.
    • Your actual character does not have a weight. If you are not carrying anything, no weight will be added to the mount.
    • Weight in storages on a platform saddle adds weight to the creature identical to the said cargo in the creature inventory.
  • Weight based speed reduction starts from 50% weight. Encumbered is just a threshold that prevents running and jumping.
  • Some items have weights heavier than 100, meaning survivors have to level up their weight to be able to haul such items around.