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An uncompleted survivor profile

The survivor profile is a menu located directly next to the Tame Groups button in the inventory screen.

Part one of a completed survivor profile

The Survivor Profile is a screen used to view Explorer Notes.

As you go around the world of ARK, you will find different creatures throughout it. These creatures each have a Dossier that you can find in game.

Part two of a completed survivor profile

Prior to an update, The Survivor Profile no longer exists, just a list of Dossiers and Explorer Notes that take its place.


Dossiers can be viewed by clicking on the icon of the dinosaur in the survivor profile menu.


Regular Dossiers


Guardian Holograms


Achievement Veteran Paleontologist.jpg
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Epic Games.svg
Veteran Paleontologist

You found the Dossiers of each of ARK's initial Specimens!


  • The caption on the achievement "Veteran Paleontologist" reads: "You have unlocked the dossiers of each of ARK's initial specimens!" This could mean that you only need to tame the initial dinosaurs, or maybe not. We don't know yet.