Sanguine Elixir

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Sanguine Elixir
Sanguine Elixir.png

Tastes salty and metallic, yet still strangely alluring to hungry creatures...

Consumable (values pertain to Humans)
Spoils in
Stack size
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi SanguineElixir 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Fjordur/Dinos/Desmodus/PrimalItem_SanguineElixir.PrimalItem_SanguineElixir'" 1 0 0
Crafting XP
4 XP
Crafting time
Crafted in
200 × Blood Pack

The Sanguine Elixir is a consumable item in  ARK: Survival Evolved. It can be crafted on  Desmodus while its wearing its own saddle, and has 200  Blood Pack in its inventory.


The elixir can be used to instantly increase the taming progress of any creature or the imprint progress of a baby by 30% on use.

  • Note that this item can only be used on a creature once. Even if you reset the tame by letting it wake up, then knock it back out, you will not be able to use the elixir on the second taming attempt.

To use it, simply put the elixir on your hotbar, walk up to the creature you are taming or baby being raised and use it while looking at the creature.


The elixir has a 4 hour spoil timer that cannot be extended by any means. Placing in a creatures inventory or a Preserving bin does not extend the spoil time.