Rhyniognatha Pheromone

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Rhyniognatha Pheromone
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Feeding this to any creature will mark it as a host for egg-laying Rhyniognatha.

Consumable (values pertain to Humans)
Dropped by
Stack size
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Rhyniognatha/Impregnation/PrimalItemConsumableEatable_RhynioPheromone.PrimalItemConsumableEatable_RhynioPheromone'" 1 0 0

Rhyniognatha Pheromone is an item used to lure a female  Rhyniognatha so it can lay an egg in the creature that consumed it. To get a pheromone it is necessary to find a male Rhyniognatha and kill him (the female does not drop). This can be done with the help of a tamed creature or a ranged weapon, but be careful not to be paralyzed in resin.

After acquiring the pheromone, use it on one of your "big" tamed creatures to attract a female Rhyniognatha, the creature must have at least 300 drag weight. Pheromone attract effect lasts 300s (5min)