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Jul 15, 2022
  • Fjordur map fixes including: auto TP zone, oil vein node fixes, lava damage volume, kill volume, wild spawn fixes, water volume in poison wyvern trench, fixes to trees to allow harvesting, fixed holes
  • Added further wild creature spawns to Asgard biome on Fjordur.
  • Decreased  Alpha dino spawns on Fjordur.
  • Increased  Runestone reward droprate by 40%.
  • Fixed an exploit.
  • Fixed polar bear crash.
  • Fixed  Fjordhawk becoming encumbered.
  • Fixed Fjordhawk not returning to player when  leashed.
  • Fixed realm teleporting after boss fight on Fjordur.
  • Fixed reloading while mounted with shoulder pet equipped.
  • Fixed  Stryder harvesting issues.
  •  Karkinos can no longer pick up  Deino/ Enforcer
  • Redistributed  Element Shard/ Black Pearl nodes on Fjordur . This includes a 70% nerf to the amount of nodes in the Throat of Flames and redistribution of those to the following areas:
    •  Element Shards added to: Fire Wyvern Trench, Molten Caverns, Mount Doom Caverns, Balheimr
    •  Black Pearls added to: Poison Wyvern Trench, Lightning Wyvern Trench