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Steam.svg 258.8
Jun 12, 2017
Xbox One.svg 761.1
Aug 29, 2017
PS.svg 512.0
Aug 29, 2017
Nintendo Switch.svg
Not yet released
Epic Games.svg 311.74
Jun 11, 2020
Spawn Command
cheat summon Griffin_Character_BP_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Griffin/Griffin_Character_BP.Griffin_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35

Variant Griffin (Minion)

cheat summon Griffin_Character_Minion_BP_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Ragnarok/Custom_Assets/Bosses/Griffin_Character_Minion_BP.Griffin_Character_Minion_BP'" 500 0 0 35

Variant Griffin (Gauntlet2)

cheat summon Griffin_Character_BP_STA_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Missions/ModularMission/Gauntlet2/STA/Dinos/Griffin_Character_BP_STA.Griffin_Character_BP_STA'" 500 0 0 35
2 Has two seats.
Taming Method
Preferred Food
Ragnarok Ocean Topographic Map.jpg
Spawning Griffin Ragnarok.svg
Crystal Isles Topographic Map.jpg
Spawning Griffin Crystal Isles.svg
Lost Island map.jpg
Spawning Griffin Lost Island.svg
Fjordur Map.jpg
Spawning Griffin Fjordur Midgard.svg
Common        Rare
  Untameable   Cave

The Griffin is one of the creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved. It is one of the new Creatures from the Expansion Map Ragnarok. They are mythical creatures from Greek Mythology, portrayed as lions with the wings and head of a bird of prey.

Basic Info


This section is intended to be an exact copy of what the survivor Helena Walker, the author of the dossiers, has written. There may be some discrepancies between this text and the in-game creature.


Gryphon magnificum


Late Triassic






Gryphon Magnificum is undoubtedly a sight to behold. Many ancient myths tell of various depictions of the Griffin over the ages, but what is never disputed is its majestic and mysterious nature. With the front half of an eagle and the back half of a lion, it is as if these two creatures somehow fused together to form a superior land and air predator. While one's first instinct might be to approach the creature and marvel at its beauty, that would be a very poor decision. Its range of attacks makes it one of the more versatile predators I've witnessed. If its presence alone isn't enough to intimidate potential hunters, it has the ability to dive from the sky to the ground with such force that it inflicts damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be below it, or carry its momentum back into a rapid uplift.


The idea of pacifying such a beast is nothing to scoff at. Its highly independent nature and disinterest with interacting with humans combined with its power and strength make the Griffin a challenge to domesticate. However, there have been those who are fearless enough to attempt and succeed at this miraculous feat. Once tamed, riding atop a Griffin along with a tribemate passenger, dashing through the air at high speed, is a prize in and of itself.


Aggressive and easily distracted so bringing multiple flyers would make obtaining one difficult.


It is a chimera with a lion's body, tail and two hind legs, and with the wings, head, and talons on the two front legs of an Eagle. They are predominantly various shades of brown, but can sometimes be found red out in the wild. The face and belly can also be white.

Color Scheme and Regions

This section displays the Griffin's natural colors and regions. For demonstration, the regions below are colored red over an albino Griffin. The colored squares shown underneath each region's description are the colors that the Griffin will randomly spawn with to provide an overall range of its natural color scheme. Hover your cursor over a color to display its name and ID.

This information can be used to alter the Griffin's regions by entering cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID> in the cheat console. For instance, cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6 would color the Griffin's "wings and main body" magenta.

Griffin PaintRegion0.jpg
Region 0:
Wings and Main Body
X mark.svg

Region 1 is not used
for this Creature.

X mark.svg

Region 2 is not used
for this Creature.

X mark.svg

Region 3 is not used
for this Creature.

Griffin PaintRegion4.jpg
Region 4:
Griffin PaintRegion5.jpg
Region 5:
Feather Highlights


Base Stats and Growth

Attribute Base Value Level Increase Taming Bonus
Wild Tamed Additive Multiplicative
 Health 950 +142.5 +4.32% -900
 Stamina 225 +11.25 +6%
 Oxygen 150 +15 +10%
 Food 1600 +160 +10% 15%
 Weight 280 +5.6 +4%
 Melee Damage 27 / 12 +1.35 / +0.6 +1.7% -50% 17.6%
 Movement Speed 100% N/A +0% 36.5%
 Torpidity 1500 +90 N/A 0.5
Base Speed Sprinting Speed Stamina
Wild Tamed1 Tamed2 Wild Tamed1 Tamed2
Walking 300 ? ? 750 750 1023.75 6
Swimming 300 ? ? ? ? ? ?
Flying 750 ? ? 1500 1500 2047.5 0.325

Wild Stats Level-up

Type in values of a wild creature to see on which stats it's emphasized. Green values on a high-level creature are very good for breeding. If you have already tamed your creature you can try to recover the breeding stats with an external tool.[1]


The stat-calculator does not work in the mobile-view, see here for alternatives: Apps

Note that after the creature is tamed it gets bonuses on some stats depending on the taming effectiveness. This makes it hard to retrieve the levels on a tamed creature, so this tool is only for wild ones, but gives a first impression, how well the stats are distributed.


This section describes how to fight against a wild Griffin.



Griffins are often seen alone or in a pair, most commonly among trees or at the top of cliffs. They have a rather wide aggression radius, and will chase a survivor for long distances before disengaging. Special care should be taken to be aware of your surroundings, as even the small amount of knock back dealt by their attacks might push a survivor to a death at the base of a ravine.


The Griffin is a surprisingly resilient opponent, and does not appear to take the bonus damage from ranged weapons that other flying creatures do. Fortunately, their attacks also appear to be somewhat weak in comparison to other flying creatures of the same level, and easily avoided owing to their large turning radius. Griffins might occasionally attack a survivor from the ground. They seem to be easily distracted, and are prone to switching targets.

A good strategy would be to deal the first hit with a long-range weapon such as a gun, or bow and arrow. From there, the griffin will chase you. For this part of the strategy, you'll either need a lot of stamina and movement speed, or a fast mount with rider weaponry. By getting the griffin to chase you, it will follow you in a straight line, instead of circling you, allowing for a clear shot to the head. Once you're far enough away to stay clear of its attacks, but close enough to land a few hits on it with your ranged weapon, shoot it in the head. Alternate running away from it and attacking it until it begins to flee. Once it starts to run, chase it and continue to shoot it. Make sure there are no other griffins nearby, as they will aggro and attack you if you're not careful. Keep firing at it until it either goes unconscious or dies.


Ranged weapons and pikes seem to be particularly effective, owing to their propensity to circle the player at short range. Be mindful of other hostiles in the area, as the areas they spawn are home to many Carnotaurus and Terror Birds. Mounts with a wide area of effect attack and decent damage such as the Rex will make short work of these creatures.


This creature does decent damage (a wild level 150 deals around 120) and will kill you if not careful.

The griffin also has a powerful dive-bomb attack.


Its turning radius is atrocious, so one can stand and it'll simply fly around you.


Griffin.png Level 1 Narcoberry Narcotic Bio Toxin Time
Extraordinary Kibble.png Extraordinary Kibble 2 0 0 0 0:09:11
Raw Mutton.png Raw Mutton 5 16 4 2 0:13:27
Cooked Lamb Chop.png Cooked Lamb Chop 9 115 28 14 0:24:11
Raw Prime Meat.png Raw Prime Meat 4 0 0 0 0:10:46
Cooked Prime Meat.png Cooked Prime Meat 8 91 22 11 0:21:30
Raw Prime Fish Meat.png Raw Prime Fish Meat 10 16 4 2 0:13:27
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 12 190 47 24 0:32:17
Cooked Prime Fish Meat.png Cooked Prime Fish Meat 20 147 36 18 0:27:38
Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat 23 177 44 22 0:30:56
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 29 252 62 31 0:39:00
Cooked Fish Meat.png Cooked Fish Meat 58 252 62 31 0:39:00
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 150; Slingshot Hits × 62; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 17; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 10; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 7; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 4
Torpidity-depletion: 2.14 / s, Time until all torpidity is depleted: 00:11:43
Griffin.png Level 30 Narcoberry Narcotic Bio Toxin Time
Extraordinary Kibble.png Extraordinary Kibble 4 0 0 0 0:18:21
Raw Mutton.png Raw Mutton 10 89 24 12 0:26:54
Cooked Lamb Chop.png Cooked Lamb Chop 20 404 108 54 0:53:44
Raw Prime Meat.png Raw Prime Meat 9 58 16 8 0:24:13
Cooked Prime Meat.png Cooked Prime Meat 18 341 91 46 0:48:21
Raw Prime Fish Meat.png Raw Prime Fish Meat 22 121 32 16 0:29:35
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 26 594 158 79 1:09:55
Cooked Prime Fish Meat.png Cooked Prime Fish Meat 44 487 129 65 1:00:47
Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat 52 594 158 79 1:09:55
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 65 799 212 106 1:27:24
Cooked Fish Meat.png Cooked Fish Meat 130 799 212 106 1:27:24
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 411; Slingshot Hits × 168; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 46; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 27; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 19; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 10
Torpidity-depletion: 3.55 / s, Time until all torpidity is depleted: 00:19:19
Griffin.png Level 60 Narcoberry Narcotic Bio Toxin Time
Extraordinary Kibble.png Extraordinary Kibble 6 39 11 6 0:27:31
Raw Mutton.png Raw Mutton 15 206 57 29 0:40:21
Cooked Lamb Chop.png Cooked Lamb Chop 31 763 212 106 1:23:17
Raw Prime Meat.png Raw Prime Meat 14 171 48 24 0:37:39
Cooked Prime Meat.png Cooked Prime Meat 28 658 183 92 1:15:13
Raw Prime Fish Meat.png Raw Prime Fish Meat 35 293 82 41 0:47:04
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 41 1113 309 155 1:50:16
Cooked Prime Fish Meat.png Cooked Prime Fish Meat 69 919 256 128 1:35:20
Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat 82 1113 309 155 1:50:16
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 103 1480 411 206 2:18:30
Cooked Fish Meat.png Cooked Fish Meat 205 1471 409 205 2:17:49
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 681; Slingshot Hits × 278; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 76; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 44; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 31; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 16
Torpidity-depletion: 4.63 / s, Time until all torpidity is depleted: 00:24:32
Griffin.png Level 90 Narcoberry Narcotic Bio Toxin Time
Extraordinary Kibble.png Extraordinary Kibble 7 53 15 8 0:32:06
Raw Mutton.png Raw Mutton 21 390 112 56 0:56:29
Cooked Lamb Chop.png Cooked Lamb Chop 42 1168 335 168 1:52:49
Raw Prime Meat.png Raw Prime Meat 19 315 91 46 0:51:06
Cooked Prime Meat.png Cooked Prime Meat 38 1020 293 147 1:42:05
Raw Prime Fish Meat.png Raw Prime Fish Meat 47 482 139 70 1:03:12
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 56 1691 485 243 2:30:36
Cooked Prime Fish Meat.png Cooked Prime Fish Meat 94 1404 403 202 2:09:52
Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat 112 1691 485 243 2:30:36
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 140 2211 634 317 3:08:14
Cooked Fish Meat.png Cooked Fish Meat 280 2211 634 317 3:08:14
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 951; Slingshot Hits × 389; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 106; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 61; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 44; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 22
Torpidity-depletion: 5.6 / s, Time until all torpidity is depleted: 00:28:20
Griffin.png Level 120 Narcoberry Narcotic Bio Toxin Time
Extraordinary Kibble.png Extraordinary Kibble 9 144 43 22 0:41:16
Raw Mutton.png Raw Mutton 26 558 164 82 1:09:55
Cooked Lamb Chop.png Cooked Lamb Chop 53 1605 471 236 2:22:22
Raw Prime Meat.png Raw Prime Meat 24 481 141 71 1:04:33
Cooked Prime Meat.png Cooked Prime Meat 48 1411 414 207 2:08:56
Raw Prime Fish Meat.png Raw Prime Fish Meat 60 714 210 105 1:20:41
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 71 2306 677 339 3:10:56
Cooked Prime Fish Meat.png Cooked Prime Fish Meat 119 1923 565 283 2:44:24
Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat 142 2306 677 339 3:10:56
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 178 3005 882 441 3:59:20
Cooked Fish Meat.png Cooked Fish Meat 355 2996 880 440 3:58:40
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 1221; Slingshot Hits × 499; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 136; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 78; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 56; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 28
Torpidity-depletion: 6.5 / s, Time until all torpidity is depleted: 00:31:18
Griffin.png Level 150 Narcoberry Narcotic Bio Toxin Time
Extraordinary Kibble.png Extraordinary Kibble 11 249 75 38 0:50:26
Raw Mutton.png Raw Mutton 32 781 234 117 1:26:03
Cooked Lamb Chop.png Cooked Lamb Chop 64 2063 618 309 2:51:55
Raw Prime Meat.png Raw Prime Meat 29 661 198 99 1:17:59
Cooked Prime Meat.png Cooked Prime Meat 58 1823 546 273 2:35:48
Raw Prime Fish Meat.png Raw Prime Fish Meat 72 942 282 141 1:36:49
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat 86 2949 883 442 3:51:16
Cooked Prime Fish Meat.png Cooked Prime Fish Meat 144 2466 738 369 3:18:56
Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat 172 2949 883 442 3:51:16
Raw Fish Meat.png Raw Fish Meat 215 3812 1141 571 4:49:05
Cooked Fish Meat.png Cooked Fish Meat 430 3812 1141 571 4:49:05
KO: Wooden Club Hits × 1491; Slingshot Hits × 609; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Bow × 166; Tranquilizer Arrows with a Crossbow × 95; Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 68; Shocking Tranquilizer Dart Shots × 34
Torpidity-depletion: 7.37 / s, Time until all torpidity is depleted: 00:33:45

Note that the values are for optimal cases, always bring extra supplies!
For a level-dependent count of resources needed, try an external taming calculator.

Ingredients for  Extraordinary Kibble: 1 ×  Special Egg, 5 ×  Fiber, 1 ×  Giant Bee Honey, 1 ×  Lazarus Chowder, 10 ×  Mejoberry, 1 ×  Water

Taming Strategy

Though difficult to tame, it may be worth attempting to tame a Griffin as high a level as possible since they are not breedable and you therefore cannot breed for better stat mutations. Knock the Griffin out, make sure to make a pen that it cannot get out of, as its torpor raises closer to max it'll fly away and it'll be impossible to knock it out. They don't take up a lot of narcotics. When caught in a pen the Griffin can enter a "panic state" behavior, camera shake will be massive, can be turned off in options.

Grab one Pteranodon, at least 5 stone dinosaur gateways, and 2 gates. Set them down in a row leaving a space to walk out and put a gate on each end, keep one end closed, then you aggro the griffin and bring it back to the trap. When you are near speed up and get off the Pteranodon. Aggro the griffin on foot leading it into the pen and walk out of the side, then go around and close the open door. It is now trapped. The griffin can now be tranquilized at leisure and will be protected from other wild dinosaurs, although beware of attacks through the walls.

Another way to tame a griffin is to make a small pen made out of stone, grab a Pteranodon with high stamina and a tamed dodo. Griffins like to aggro on anything that isn't you, so with a Pteranodon holding a dodo you can lure it in a pen.

Griffins can be captured and reeled in by a Bloodstalker. This can be utilized for taming griffins easily by placing down a wall of stone doorframes in between you and a wild griffin. Using this tactic, you can use a Bloodstalker and position yourself to reel it in between the doorframes and hop off to tranq it; the doorframes will prevent the Bloodstalker from automatically reeling it in and begin eating it.

A simple, early game method for taming a griffin is use its huge turning circle against it and let it fly around you while hitting it with tranq darts. It does have a relatively high base torpor, so make sure you bring plenty of tranq arrows. You may need to do some circle strafing to keep out of its way, but it is possible to do it without being hit a single time. Eventually it will flee once its torpor is high enough - chase it down with a fast mount (Such as a Sabertooth) and get the last few tranq darts in while it flies away, being careful not to aggro anything in the process.

Keep in mind its torpor drains extremely quickly, while its food drains relatively slowly, so prepare plenty of narcotics beforehand.

Make sure to monitor the Griffin's health, as it may die if you use tranq arrows, so it's highly recommended to use tranq darts or shocking tranq darts with a longneck rifle.

Another way is to use a Griffin to take out a Griffin while shooting Tranq darts from its back.



  • Normal Attack: By using Leftclick the Griffin will make a swipe with his left or right front paw and deals damage.
  • Pick up: Press _ and the Griffin will pick up small Dinos or players in his back paws.
  • Dive Bomb: Whilst flying the Griffin can do a dive bomb to do more damage or just fly faster. To do it you have to fly in a sertain height and "sprint down". You will have more speed and when you hit a target you will do way more damage than when you just left click.


  • Carrier: The Griffin is a fast flyer, and a rider who has it tamed can pick up players and small-class dinosaurs. (Level Health and Weight)
  • Combatant: The Griffin is a land and air predator. It has a dive bomb attack that thrusts you towards the ground for quite a bit of damage. You can pound the ground for three times your base damage, or dive and pull horizontal and attack with your base attack for ten to fifteen times more damage than your landing attack. (Level Health and Damage)
    • Keep in mind, a player who is holding an item CANNOT dive attack with a Griffin. So make sure your hands are empty! Even things like  Torches and maps count.
  • Aerial Firing Platform: The Griffin can carry two riders, both of which can use their weapons whilst flying. This combined with its ability to strafe sideways makes it useful in chasing down wild creatures for taming, or as a gunship in PvP. (Level Health and Weight)
  • Energy Dogfighter: The extreme increase in speed whilst diving allows the Griffin to easily escape aerial engagements by simply going for the deck. Much of this speed is retained when pulling out of the dive into level flight, and the momentum can even be used to regain some lost altitude. Though the Griffin suffers in air-to-air combat due to its poor turn radius in level flight, practicing 'boom and zoom' tactics is a viable alternative. (Level Stamina)
  • Wyvern Egg Collector: With its high base speed, dual passenger seat and skydive ability, the Griffin makes an ideal egg picker mount. Using a whip makes this very viable. (Level Stamina and Health)
  • Taming Assist: Due to their ability to lean forward in midair, even a single person can easily shoot  Tranq Arrows and darts at any creature while staying out of their AOE. This comes with the additional benefit that most creatures will stay perfectly still facing towards the player. Griffins also have a decent movement speed allowing you to catch escaping carnivores. In singleplayer it is possibly the best dino to bring along to tame a  Quetzal as you can fly after the Quetzal while shooting at it. (Level Stamina and Weight)



A Griffin is capable of carrying smaller creatures and Human players.

Currently on official, and most unofficial, PVE servers, wild animals may not be picked up to prevent griefing.

Carry-able Creatures

The Griffin is capable of carrying the following creatures:

Though not stated in the above table, the  Ferox in its small form can also be picked by the Griffin.



For information pertaining specifically to the real-world Griffin, see the relevant Wikipedia article.

  • Warning: When attacking out of a dive, it is possible to strike your target before your attack completes, which turns a Diving Swipe maneuver into a Dive Bomb, and places the Griffin in Walk mode. It can be difficult to tell that you are not, in fact, flying, and severe or even fatal fall damage may result when you strike the ground. If you suspect this may have happened, quickly press the jump key to resume flying.
  • In real life, Griffins are speculated to have been inspired by fossils of Protoceratops, an earlier relative of  Triceratops that lived in Mongolia.[citation needed]
  • The Griffin can strafe, go backwards, and go forwards, like the  Tapejara and  Tropeognathus.
  • Wild Griffin can't harm Wild creatures, but will still proceed to attack them relentlessly.
  • The dossier name translates as Magnificent Griffin.
  • It's actually easy to tell whether your Griffin will use its dive swipe or not. (Right claw is normal swipe, left claw is dive swipe, so its left claw is 5x stronger than its right claw.
  • Tamed Griffins can easily out-fly a Wyverns and at times overpower one too. As far as we know this can only be achieved if leveled up properly. They are very helpful for exploring due to their speed and power to defend against wild carnivorous dinos ( Dilophosaurs,  Raptors,  Compys, etc.) and like mentioned above, a Griffin’s left claw attack is much stronger than its right.
  • Even though the Griffin was featured in the Valguero map trailer, it cannot actually be found there.


Patch Changes
258.8 Ragnarok Expansion Release  Griffin is added to the game
258.81 Fixed issue where Tamed Griffins couldn't be ridden because they required a non-existent saddle
  • Fixed the player from taking damage while riding a Griffin in singleplayer
  • Added Griffin icon and level up animation
  • Fixed the  Spyglass not functioning properly while riding a Griffin
  • Fixed issue where the Griffin gained very high and unintentional forward flying  Speed when equipping a weapon while riding
  • Fixed an issue where flyers out of  Stamina would not auto-land and become stuck mid-air
261.0 Griffins now retain their color properly in singleplayer
263.0 Increased the ride distance for flyers to help players in the water to remount
264.52  Auto Turret fix so they can protect against dive-bombing Griffins
265.5 Altered Tamed Griffin fly  Speed when near targets to better attack them
271.3 Fixed backwards-fly-run exploit
  • Reduced base Griffin  Health by 30%
  • Reduced Wild Griffin health per level gain by 25%
  • Reduced Tamed Griffin health per level gain by 22%
  • Reduced base Griffin  Stamina by 10%
  • Reduced diving swipe  Damage by 50%
  • Reduced dive bomb  Damage by 25%
279.22 Fixed an issue where Griffin feather colors appeared to be default in singleplayer
  • Fixed the bug with a Tamed level 1 Griffin in which it would have negative  Health
  • Fixed a bug which would cause flyers to flee when players when attacking water
  • Improved flyer AI so they no longer circle each other when attacking each other so much
  • Improved flyer following when in water
  • Added Whistle Flyer Land command
  • Flying creatures will now prioritize picking up friendly creatures rather than dismounting friendly riders
  • Mounting a flyer will no longer instantly cause it to take off