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Corrupted Survivor.png
Corrupted Survivor
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Spawn Command

Variant Corrupted Survivor

cheat summon CorruptHuman_Character_BP_BASE_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Dinos/CorruptHumans/CorruptHuman_Character_BP_BASE.CorruptHuman_Character_BP_BASE'" 500 0 0 35

Corrupted Survivor is a product of  Rockwell's experiments on the Colonists of the Genesis-Ship and appears exclusively in Genesis: Part 2.

Basic Info


 Rockwell Prime: I needed a new crew for my ship, since the original ones were torn to pieces. Something tells me this lot will be better listeners, and much better behaved.
 HLN-A: Nice going, left all their guts on the outside!
 Rockwell Prime: Is it too much to ask, that my critics appreciate a little artistic license?


Corrupted Survivors are immediately hostile to all intruders within Terminus, attacking mainly with their twisted blades. They will try to kill your Astrodelphis with their twisted tek Riffles in star dolphin mission.


Its appearance resembles a heavily distorted, twisted and mangled aberrant walking monstrosity, twisted and mutated from the original Humans "as per perfected" by Rockwell himself to be "much more obedient and loyal to himself". They carry a giant twisted blade that they use to attack, most often carrying with only one hand and using both when attacking.During star dolphin they carry tek riffles instead.

Color Scheme and Regions

X mark.svg

The Corrupted Survivor always spawns with the same color scheme and has no color regions.

This means it is currently impossible to make alterations to the Corrupted Survivor's colors.

Base Stats and Growth


This section describes how to fight against the Corrupted Survivors.


Corrupted Survivors constantly appear from  Summoner's burst projectile and appears few minutes after the  Exo-Mek has been released from the container.


They will appear in swarms from the Summoner. While they can be easy to dispatch with, it is well advised to kill them if they starts to swarm around you. These will constantly spawn between the first phase of the battle, and will continue to do so until all 4 of Rockwell's Nodes are destroyed.


Due to the nature of the boss arena they resides in, unless you are willing to constantly bring spare armor, it is well advised to remain within your dinosaur/creature that was brought over, alongside with armor like  Flak Armor in case there's a need to exit the creature to access the Exo-Mek.


The spawn rate of the Corrupted Survivors are immense with every burst from Summoner's summoning projectile, and can easily overwhelm a weak damage creature (or survivor) to its death.


Despite their overwhelming numbers, Corrupted Survivors receive increased damage from the Hyperbeam Exo-mek where its punches can deal 10,000 damage and the laser can do a whopping 9,000,000 damage! In stalling Corrupted Survivors, Stegosaurus are useful with their relatively high damage and hardened plate mode that makes them into a tank. In star dolphin they barely move.


Resource Efficiency
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat ?


  • The Corrupted Survivors are amalgamations of the Colonists from the side of the Genesis-Ship Rockwell Prime corrupted.
  • When Nida and Gabriel came face-to-face with Rockwell Prime, he demanded Nida to give his Corrupted Survivors consciousnesses, which she refused.
    • In Genesis: Part 1, HLN-A mentions that the Corrupted Master Controller has left the consciousnesses of the Colonists that don't respawn in artificial bodies that he can control via the Corrupted Avatars. It makes sense that Rockwell Prime needed more minds from more Colonists to implant into his Corrupted Survivors- a plan that never came to fruition.
      • This is evident in how the Corrupted Survivors are mindless, almost robotic servants of Rockwell Prime.
  • As Rockwell states in the Terminus Mission, the Corrupted Survivors are to replace the original crew operating the Genesis-Ship since most of them were slaughtered in gory detail as portrayed by Gabriel and Nidas dossiers of creatures living in the Corrupted Ring such as mantis', and velonasaurs.


  • Corrupted Survivor is the second bot human in the game, the first is Corrupted Avatar.
  • A smaller Corrupted Survivor is seen in teaser art of Fear Evolved 5.
  • Like Corrupted Avatar, it's dermis cannot be collected.