Spirit Direwolf and Spirit Dire Bear

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Spirit Direwolf and Spirit Dire Bear


The Spirit Direwolf and Spirit Dire Bear are Bosses in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Basic Info

They are the Bosses that guard the Artifacts at the end of the Lifes Labyrinth Cave in Ragnarok.


This section describes how to fight against both the Spirit Direwolf and the Spirit Dire Bear


Both are powerful enemies, unlike the other 2 Boss Battles on Ragnarok their level does not scale to the amount of players but instead grow stronger each time they are slain, they will always start at level 50 and always end at level 250 and become stronger with 50 extra levels each death.


unlike most double boss fights focusing on just one may not be as effective due to them coming back to life stronger each time they are killed, also unlike other Bosses due to dying they can spawn in alternating patterns allowing the players a brief time to kill off the current attacking spirit before the other one comes back.

Recommended Tames

  •  Shadowmanes can be effective in this boss battle due to their strong stats, natural armor, various mate dependent abilities and their smaller body frame to help navigate the arena.
  •  Fenrirs can also be useful thanks to their slow and freezing debuffs as well as Ice Armor, albeit costly tames to get.
  • If players are willing to micromanage their food some  Daeodon can be useful to heal your tames.


due to the dying mechanic players will have to be cautious and keep track of their surroundings as they can come from anywhere and catch the players off guard, also on later deaths they can hit very hard and are also very fast making keeping your distance a challenge and fatal if the player isn't stocked up on good gear.

also the Bosses ignore the Max Level option and will always end at 250 regardless so be prepared.


While tough especially on later deaths them being separated temporarily gives a brief opportunity to focus fire on the one currently active and if done right can ensure only 1 is in the Arena at a time making keeping up with them easier, also while they can revive themselves they will always have the base stats of their ordinary counterparts (albeit set to a specific level and raises after each death).


  • They are one of the Ragnarok Dungeon Bosses alongside the  Lava Elemental and the  Iceworm Queen.
    • They were also the final Dungeon Bosses added into Ragnarok.
  • They are the only Dungeon Bosses on Ragnarok that dont scale based on player count.
  • Just like their ordinary counterparts they also recieved the TLC update changing their models and giving them the new TLC abilities.