Skeletal Creatures

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Skeletal Creatures are bigger and stronger variants of creatures in  ARK: Survival Evolved. They look like the skeleton of their natural counterparts, with a red glowing like the Alpha Creatures.


They have been introduced during the ARK: Fear Evolved 2 event in 2016. Their Health and Melee Attack are enhanced. They appear rarely, likely to the same frequency of the  Alpha Creatures, then 5 % chance of a specie spawn.

When you kill such a creature, you can yeld some  Dinosaur Bones, that are crafting ingredients of the event.

List of the Skeletal Creatures


Some skeletal  Chibi-Pets have been released for the first time during ARK: Fear Evolved 4 and developped since.


Bone Costumes have been released for the first time during ARK: Fear Evolved and developped during ARK: Fear Evolved 4. Are equiped in the Skin Slot of a creature to make it look like a skeleton.


Patch Notes Changes
221.0 ARK: Fear Evolved release Bone Costumes are added to the game (Bronto, Carno, Raptor, Stego, Rex, Triceratops)
249.0 ARK: Fear Evolved 2 release New Bone Dino Costumes (Giga, Quetzal, Wyvern, Jerboa)