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Released - 28 October, 2016

  • ARK: Fear Evolved 2 (event)
  • Re-Themed ARK, with shorter days / longer nights, colder temperature, scary creatures above-ground
  • DodoWyvern & ZombieWyvern Army, DodoWyvern Mask Skin (Scorched Earth)
  • DodoRex & ZombieDodo Army, DodoRex Mask Skin (Island & The Center)
  • New cosmetic items: Vampire Eyes, Werewolf Mask, and Clown Mask
  • Placeable "Carveable" Jackolanterns, Gravestones, & Scarecrows
  • Return of Fear Evolved 1 Bone Dino Costumes
  • New Bone Dino Costumes (Giga, Quetzal, Wyvern, Jerboa)
  • Witch Hat Skin for Survivors & Dinos is back!