Брутальные Существа

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Genesis Part 1 DLC.jpg Эта статья посвящена существу, предмету или особенности, эксклюзивному в DLC: Genesis: Часть 1
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Brute Creatures are one of the brand new variants of creatures introduced into Genesis: Part 1 and are extremely powerful creatures that are encountered during Missions as mini bosses.

They have appeared at several missions, mainly towards Hunt Mission. (Brute Fire Wyvern is found at Magma Medley Melee, which is a Gauntlet Mission)

They appear to be a halfway point between Alpha Creatures and Bosses as they are large variants of normal creatures similarly to Alpha Creatures (although Brute Creatures are actually larger than Alpha Creatures which was tested by spawning a Brute X-Megalodon and a Alpha Megalodon next to each other) and they have difficulties based on whatever the player chooses.

At the end point, the Brute Creatures may appear with several reinforcements, either regular creatures and x-creatures or even brute variants of other creatures.

Depending on the difficulty of the mission a player takes to hunt down a brute creature, the amount of damage is affected. The damage modifiers are as follows:

  • ~5x damage on gamma difficulty
  • normal damage on beta difficulty
  • ~.15x damage on alpha difficulty

List of known Brute Creatures

Здесь перечислены 0 Брутальные Существа (включая варианты).


When facing Brute creatures in their respective missions, players should not underestimate them for even a split second. Even though Gamma and Beta level missions aren't that difficult, the Alpha difficulty is the most difficult.

On Alpha difficulty, the Brute creatures have massive damage buffs and resistances where they can deal high amounts of damage to tames and receive only 15% damage from your tame's attacks.

Have all the tames you are bringing for the mission to surround the Brute Creature as quickly as possible as this will maximize damage output. Do not have your tames attacking the Brute Creature head on as a few of your tames are damaging the Brute creature while it is attacking all of the tames.

Given that each of the 5 biomes in the Genesis Simulation have unique weather events, players should wait for the best possible time when the conditions in that biome is favorable as most of the weather events can either cost time or end up killing players. The Bog Biome is the exception since it doesn't have any harsh weather events that impede players.

  • Arctic Biome
    • During the day, the tracks can be nearly impossible to see if player have high gamma settings. So, the optimal time to do the Arctic hunting missions are at night.
  • Ocean Biome
    • Before players start on the brute hunting missions, they should wait out the underwater whirlwinds or risk burning time while in the whirlwind.
  • Volcanic Biome
    • The volcanic eruption event can seriously hurt players and mounts that will be brought to the mission. To prevent this, wait out the eruption event before starting.
  • Lunar Biome
    • The comet event is variable where it either bombards the biome from above or below and can deal heavy damage if creatures get hit by it. Wait for the comet event to be finished before starting the brute mission
  • Eden Biome
    • On Genesis part 2 there is only one brute (Large Ferox). the easiest way is to use some Shadowmanes to immobilise Ferox and Alpha Bears and a Tek Stryder with a phaser cannon to kill the targets.
  • Garden Biome
    • It's most recommended to do this mission in Eden but if you really need the Garden do not use dimorph swarms as the path goes through some Venus Flytraps that instantly kill Dimmos and do it as far from the Tek Trench as you can because some roads go to the Rockwell Innards where the Summoners spawn lots of Corrupted Creatures and Noglins make your dinos enemies.

Recommended Creatures

  • For Gamma/Beta Level
    • Rex's are a prime option due to their high damage and health.
    • Giganotosaurus are another option due to their high damage and health surpassing the rex.
    • Spinosaurus are useful during hunting missions in the bog biome due to their increased damage when in water.
    • Yutyrannus can help buff up ally tames, making them deal more damage while receiving less.
  • For Alpha Level;
    • Due to the damage debuff during this level, tames that were great in the beta and gamma levels are at a disadvantage due to their reliance on damage but they can be brought along for raw damage output and support. Facing the alpha versions of the Brute creatures require taking a creative approach.
      • Having only 2 packs of Allosaurus will help due to their bleeding effect caused by the alpha allosaurus. The bleeding effect drains the Brute Creatures health by percent, not by number. Their attack speed is also to be considered. Because of its compact size, packs of allosaurus can easily traverse the tight terrain.
      • A herd of 20-30 Kentrosaurus can be useful in making the brute creature deal damage to itself due to the kentrosaurus' spike wall nature.
      • Deinonychus can help with the bigger brute creatures by pouncing on them and stacking their bleeding effect on their target creature.
      • A massive bed(group of eels)/group of Electrophorus can be useful against the Ocean biome brute creatures by stunning the brute creature, giving the damage dealers time to attack.
      • Bring a pair of high health tames such as Brontosaurus and Megachelon to divert the brute creature's attention from the damage dealers. If they have a platform saddle, put auto turrets on the saddle to help deal damage to the brute creature. A huge group of Megachelons with platform saddles full of turrets can easily kill the Ocean Biome Brute Creatures.
      • Bringing along loads of Arthropleura for its spike wall nature, but since they can't be bred, it is best to bring to have a tek cloning chamber at your base to make sure you have a steady supply of them.
      • If you have friends playing with you, one of them can be in a Mek with an M.D.S.M. for better protection for your hunting tames or more damage against the brute creature.
      • With patch 312.65, the Carnotaurus is another great addition for its head-butt attack now dealing a bleed effect, though not as efficient as Allosaurus's bleed since it doesn't slows down target.
      • Magmasaur is a good choice to be a tank, since it can tank a lot of damage, as well as its ascendant saddle is rather easy to obtain from time to time, and can be quickly healed by feeding it Ambergris.
      • Reaper King is another choice to be a tank, since it's natural armor can make it more resilient to hits.
      • Giganotosaurus are useful to take out minions, but not in Brute X-Allosaurus mission. They can deal a relatively decent amount of damage if you bring two giganotosaurus of opposite gender by utilizing the mate boost. Use them in an all or nothing scenario.
      • Daeodon are great for emergency heal, especially while fight against Brute X-Allosaurus and Brute Malfunctioned Tek Giganotosaurus, since both can deal percentage damage.
      • Spinosaurus are ideal tames for the Bog biome Alpha Brute creatures because of their damage buff while being touched by water, and bipedal form attack speed.
      • With recent updates that are described in community crunch 243, megalodons will act like aquatic allosaurus that can help drain Ocean biome brute creatures health by percent, not damage.
      • A massive herd of stegosaurus with their hardened plate ability, a high quality saddle, mate boosted, and a yutyrannus courage roar buff can act as a heavy duty damage sponge in diverting the brute creatures attention while the damage dealers flank around the target.
      • Basilisk is another good choice for dealing damage, as their poison projectile ignores their resistance.