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Rare substance with aggravating and mutagentic properties. Use with caution to boost creature stats and gain access to Rockwell's Inner Sanctum.

Stack size
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi Mutagen 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/CoreBlueprints/Environment/Mutagen/PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen.PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen'" 1 0 0
Used to craft
Crafted in
Crafting yields
6 pieces
800 × Mutagel

The Mutagen is a resource in the Genesis: Part 2 DLC. It enables the survivor to further evolve their existing tames, can be used to tame the  Voidwyrm, and used to start Terminus mission.


That looks to be the stuff that Rockwell's been using to augment and aggro all his weird creatures.

Maybe you can use it against him... You know, fight fire with fire? Bet he won't expect you to use his precious mutagen to beef up your own critters.

Can't wait to see the look on his, uh, faces when you sic those muties on him! Just be careful handling that stuff in the meantime, yeah?

~ Mutagen Record –  HLN-A


A Mutagen bulb as found in Rockwells innards

There are two methods of obtaining Mutagen.


6x Mutagen can be crafted with 800  Mutagel in the  Chemistry Bench.

Mutagen Bulbs

Mutagen Bulbs within Rockwell's Innards biome can be harvested for 1 Mutagen and 1  Plant Species R Seed). A wave of multiple  Summoner will be triggered upon harvesting. There are usually around 3 bulbs at a time.

The game attempts to spawn them every 8 hours on dedicated servers, and every hour on non-dedicated servers and single-player. Contrary to a popular belief, this timer is totally independent from each seed grab - it is counted from each spawn attempt instead.

You can tell when your trip into Rockwell's Innards hunting for Bulbs has come to an end, when the white 'Mutagen' Buff disappears from the bottom right of your screen.

A successful completion of the  Terminus (Genesis: Part 2) mission (the boss fight) grants a temporary world effect, that lowers the Bulb respawn time by 20%. However, the game does not refresh the timer when the world effect activates, and it will only take an effect on the next spawn attempt made by the game.

More on the respawn timer

The way it works is its spawn timer is fixed in game unless affected by boss buff. The best way to track it is using in-game timer: with default settings each in-game day is one real hour. Eight real-time hours means eight days in the game.

For example, if you saw a seed spawn on day 10005 at time 04:00 and collected all 3 seeds by day 10006 at time 18:00, the next spawn will still be on day 10005+8=10013 at time 04:00.

If the  boss mission buff was active at time of spawn of seed, only then the duration is shortened to 6 days 9:36 hrs in-game. For example, if you saw a seed spawn on day 10005 at 04:00 and collected all 3 seeds by day 10006 at time 18:00, with the boss buff the next spawn will be day 10006+6=10012 at time: 04:00+9:36 = 13:36

Only exception is when timer adds up to between 00:00 to 1:30 i.e. space change - game ignores that span and simply adds 1:30 to your calculated timer.


Below are all of the Mutagen Bulb locations for Genesis: Part 2. For a larger map including the other resources, see the Strategic Resource Map.

Genesis Part 2 Map.jpg


Each creature will require a certain amount of Mutagen in its inventory before it can actually be used. The tooltip for the Mutagen in the creature's inventory will show how much that creature needs so that it can be used. Once you have enough Mutagen in the creature's inventory, press E while hovering over it in the creature's inventory to apply the stat bonuses.

Mutagen can be used only once on a creature.


The stat bonus is different depending on whether the dino was tamed, or bred:

  • Tamed (only wild ancestors or clones of such tames): 5 levels are put into  Health,  Stamina,  Weight, and  Melee Damage each as pre-tame levels, resulting in an increase of 20 levels overall. These levels can be inherited by the offspring.
  • Bred: 1 level is put into  Health,  Stamina,  Weight, and  Melee Damage each as post-tame levels, resulting in an increase of 4 levels overall. These levels cannot be inherited by the offspring.


Required amount of Mutagen is only dependent on the species, and not the level or the bred/tamed status. Other creatures not listed here (Titans, vehicles, tames with inaccessible inventories) cannot have their stats boosted by Mutagen.

Creature Required Number
 Amargasaurus 24
 Sinomacrops 29
 Dinopithecus 68
 Achatina 69
 Allosaurus 53
 Anglerfish 18
 Ankylosaurus 93
 Araneo 5
 Archaeopteryx 14
 Argentavis 68
 Arthropluera 21
 Astrocetus 99
 Astrodelphis 67
 Baryonyx 52
 Basilisk 78
 Basilosaurus 75
 Beelzebufo 57
 Bloodstalker 36
 Brontosaurus 79
 Bulbdog 6
 Carbonemys 64
 Carnotaurus 27
 Castoroides 84
 Chalicotherium 28
 Coelacanth 9901
 Compy 8
 Crystal Wyvern 85
 Daeodon 67
 Deinonychus 24
 Dilophosaur 13
 Dimetrodon 9
 Dimorphodon 29
 Diplocaulus 41
 Diplodocus 24
 Dire Bear 66
 Direwolf 58
 Dodo 2
 Doedicurus 83
 Dung Beetle 90
 Dunkleosteus 44
 Electrophorus 14
 Equus 45
 Featherlight 6
 Ferox 51
 Ferox (Large) 24
 Gacha 62
 Gallimimus 36
 Gasbags 72
 Giant Bee 9901
 Giganotosaurus 99
 Gigantopithecus 36
 Glowtail 6
 Griffin 68
 Hesperornis 26
 Hyaenodon 4
 Ichthyornis 31
 Ichthyosaurus 66
 Iguanodon 33
 Jerboa 51
 Kairuku 42
 Kaprosuchus 41
 Karkinos 51
 Kentrosaurus 38
 Lymantria 16
 Lystrosaurus 34
 Maewing 32
 Magmasaur 82
 Mammoth 62
 Managarmr 94
 Manta 22
 Mantis 79
 Megachelon 74
 Megalania 85
 Megaloceros 37
 Megalodon 38
 Megalosaurus 35
 Megapiranha 9901
 Megatherium 67
 Mesopithecus 24
 Microraptor 35
 Morellatops 36
 Mosasaurus 88
 Moschops 51
 Noglin 8
 Onyc 3
 Otter 84
 Oviraptor 60
 Ovis 79
 Pachy 13
 Pachyrhinosaurus 21
 Paraceratherium 66
 Parasaur 15
 Pegomastax 29
 Pelagornis 44
 Phiomia 48
 Phoenix 82
 Plesiosaur 43
 Procoptodon 32
 Pteranodon 79
 Pulmonoscorpius 33
 Purlovia 33
 Quetzal 98
 Raptor 24
 Ravager 26
 Reaper King 93
 Rex 87
 Rock Drake 82
 Rock Elemental 88
 Roll Rat 46
 Sabertooth 49
 Sabertooth Salmon 9901
 Sarco 23
 Shadowmane 95
 Shinehorn 6
 Snow Owl 46
 Spino 67
 Stegosaurus 30
 Tapejara 67
 Tek Stryder 9901
 Terror Bird 37
 Therizinosaur 94
 Titanoboa 9901
 Titanosaur 9901
 Thorny Dragon 49
 Thylacoleo 51
 Triceratops 24
 Trilobite 9901
 Troodon 33
 Tropeognathus 67
 Tusoteuthis 87
 Unicorn 45
 Velonasaur 33
 Voidwyrm 82
 Woolly Rhino 40
 Wyvern 82
 Yutyrannus 94

Video Tutorial


  • Contrary to the in-game description, Mutagen can be used on bred creatures.
  • It appears that mutagen nodes can despawn and the buff icon in the lower corner will not update if this happens. You can scour the entire Rockwell's Innards biome with indication that mutagen is available and find none. When you leave and re-enter the biome, you will no longer have a buff indicating that mutagen exists. This seems to be a bug, but again, further tests are required.
  • Respawn time of Mutagen Bulbs can be scaled with the AdjustableMutagenSpawnDelayMultiplier setting.


  •  Torpor is not refreshed after Mutagen is applied. The player should  Cryopod their creature immediately after use.


Patch  ARK: Survival Evolved Changes
329.5 Mutagen is added to the game.
329.51 Fixed some cases where Mutagen could be fed to unintended things.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mutagen nearby buff icon would not display properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Mutagen bulbs would fall through the map in certain cases.
348.7 Mutagen spawns no longer save on server restart.