Dino Leash

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Dino Leash
Dino Leash.png

Electronic leash to keep your dinos from wandering too far.

Decay time
Stack size
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi dinoleash 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Extinction/Structures/DinoLeash/PrimalItemStructure_DinoLeash.PrimalItemStructure_DinoLeash'" 1 0 0
Required level
Engram points
6 EP
Crafting XP
32 XP
Crafting time
Required stations

The Dino Leash is an item introduced in Extinction and also available on Genesis: Part 2, Lost Island and Fjordur.


The Dino Leash is used to keep tamed Creatures in place.

Flying creatures can only fly within certain upper distance of the leash.


Must be powered by Solar Energy or other means of Electricity in order to work.

When selected, the leash prompts players with several options:

    • Activate/Deactivate - Turns the device on/off
    • Access Inventory - Allows the player to add batteries to charge the device (has 12 inventory spaces)
    • Change Range From - Changes the range around the leash in which creatures are controlled. This is marked by a red circle within the leashed area. Leashed creatures will appear with a red lock icon over their heads.
      • Minimum
      • Small
      • Medium
      • Large
    • Demolish - Destroys the leash, returning half of the materials required to build to the player's inventory.

Important to note, only tamed creatures within the range of the Dino Leash upon activation will be locked.


  • Any creatures that are ridden and dismounted will be locked.
  • Often, the creature may no longer be locked even though it has not been ridden out of bounds. Happens every time the server restarts.
  • Medium range is marginally smaller than trough range, this makes it worthwhile to utilize while raising creatures as they will not flee away from trough range if the Dino Leash is placed in the middle of the feeding trough configuration.
  • As of yet, there have not been any updates that allows the player to either change the color of the leash's boundary ring.
  • Wandering creatures often become stuck against the perimeter and stop moving.
  • It is recommended to fortify your dino leashes in the wild. 1 metal foundation and 4 walls or 3 walls + 1 door combo (for access to leash) works well. (No ceiling as to allow solar to work)
  • You can combine multiple to make the range longer.


Patch  ARK: Survival Evolved Changes
285.104 Dino Leash is added to the game.
286.103 Added smaller radius for breeding.
291.100 Particle Memory Optimizations for Dino Leash.
292.100 Managarmr's ice breath is no longer stopped by a Dino Leash.
295.102 Dino leashes no longer can be placed near enemy foundations.
312.19 Fixed Dino Leash breaking on restart.
313.57 Dino Leash will no longer prevent creatures from being transported via a TEK Teleporter.
322.14 Dino Leash now has a designated folder in the crafting UI.