Magmasaur Nest

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Magmasaur Nest
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The Magmasaur Nest is a structure introduced in Genesis: Part 1 and also found on both Lost Island and Fjordur. They hold 1-3  Magmasaur Egg.

Use the Explorer Map to see all locations in Genesis: Part 1.


  • Like  Deinonychus Nest and unlike  Rock Drake and  Wyvern nests, Magmasaur Nest can be located on the ground.
    • Unlike  Deinonychus Nest however, it is surrounded by lava, which hurts anything that is not immune to it.
  • It is currently the only nest that is made of make-shift cooled lava and mud with pockets of lava between, as opposed to the withered twigs, leaves and hays (and other decoration like bones and rocks) used by the other 3 for their nest. It is also the only nest that usually have more than one egg.
  • Console command to get list of all Magmasaur Nests on map: cheat getallstate CherufeNest_C
  • Console command to spawn Magmasaur Nest: cheat summon CherufeNest_C
    • Be careful! Character will get stuck in it! To get out use console command: cheat ghost
  • Console command to destroy all Magmasaur Nests on map: cheat destroyall CherufeNest_C 1