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Desmodus Saddle (Level ?)
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The Desmodus is a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved's Fjordur DLC.

Basic Info




Desmodus Draculae








Even with all the other monstrosities around here, this fugitive from a Creature Double Feature deserves top billing. I mean, Dracula's right there in its species name! And Desmodus has a shriek that'll scare just about anything out of its way. It's also shrewd enough to limit itself to victims that it can carry off into the night. Although I'm not superstitious enough to advise stocking up on garlic and stakes before you decide to track down Desmodus for yourself, I'd still advise you to hunt these horrors out in the light and away from their caves – they seem uniquely adept at flying and hiding in those dark, narrow spaces.


Taming one of these beasties lets you add its eerie abilities to your arsenal. Use their unsettling scream to scatter your enemies. Command Desmodus to snatch up small prey for you. Let its uncanny power to vanish into darkness become your personal stealth mode. Desmodus has blood thinner in its saliva, which drains prey of more blood than this vampire could ever digest. If you can stomach the excess blood and drained meat your vampire pet leaves behind, you might be open-minded enough to appreciate another of its unholy gifts: a 'sanguine elixir' that helps enthrall the most stubborn beasts.


The Desmodus will attack wild creatures and players on sight.


A medium sized flying mammal with a nightmarish appearance similar to an overgrown Onyc. While it may look like an Onyc from far away they can be distinguished by many features like its fringed lips, blood red eyes, and large ears it is most easy to differentiate them when you see them hanging upside down which is a behavior not present in Onyc.

Color Scheme and Regions


この情報を使用して、チートコンソールcheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>と入力することにより、Desmodusの領域を変更できます。たとえば、cheat SetTargetDinoColor 1 6はDesmodusの""がmagenta色になります。

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After the gestation period the baby gets born. Babies can be be fed with blood packs or raw meat, the second will work better with Maewings due the blood packs cool-down, however it will feed 5 time less than what it would on a common carnivore (so it will takes 5 times more the amount of raw meat that would take a baby taking the same amount of time to rise).

Base Stats and Growth

能力値 基準値 レベルアップ テイムボーナス
野性生物 テイム生物 Additive Multiplicative
体力 325 +55.25 +5.4% 0.07
スタミナ 500 +25 +6%
酸素量 150 +15 +10%
食料 1600 +160 +10% 15%
重量 350 +7 +4%
近接攻撃力 40 +2 +1.7% 7% 17.6%
移動速度 100% N/A ? 36.5%
気絶値 450 +27 該当なし 0.5
移動 基本速度 全力疾走の速度 スタミナ
野生生物 テイム生物 野生生物 テイム生物
歩行 245 ? 529.2 441 6
水泳 300 ? N/A N/A 0.325
飛行 850 ? 1836 1530 0.325
  • これらは、100%の移動速度での生物の基本速度です。
  • すべての生物の速度の比較については、生物の基本速度をご覧ください。




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  • The Desmodus hits the target for 40 damage.
Hold LeftRTR2ZR
  • The Desmodus blasts a scream, scaring the enemies away.
  • Additionally, acts as a method of echolocation, causing nearby creatures and players to emit red waves around them revealing their positions.
  • Damage is increased by 20% to revealed targets at night.
  • The Desmodus 'grabs a smaller creature with its legs.
  • While holding a victim, its health can be slowly stolen to heal the bat via the circle menu.
charge secondary
  • The Desmodus vanishes into thin air while ridden, preventing detection from all creatures (beside those that already have sensed it). Only available at night or while latching on a surface.
Night Vision
  • Allows the rider to see at night, although with a red tint.


Blood Pack and Sanguine Elixir production

The Desmodus produces blood packs in its inventory when more than 50 damage is dealt. While wearing its saddle, it can produce Sanguine Elixir from Blood Pack × 200.


This section describes how to fight against the Desmodus.



Stay far away from Desmodus and used ranged, heavy damage weapons to take it out, because it heals when it attacks (not sure if this applies to wild ones)


A fabricated sniper rifle is an excellent choice, as is a longneck rifle. Both have the capability to kill Desmodus from at a range before it gets to you.


Desmodus can pick players up and carry them off, much akin to a Blood stalker. The player has to attack the Desmodus, and the hits seem to have to hit Desmodus, otherwise it does not seem to work (not tested whether weapons release faster than fists). Desmodus has the ability to also pick creatures up. Desmodus also has the life drain ability, so it heals when it attacks a creature while collecting a small amount of blood packs.



Desmodus can only be tamed non-violently rather than through the knockout methods. The creature only wants Blood Pack much like Bloodstalker. Due to the lengthy difficulty of getting Blood Packs by default (Either by random Supply Crate or through Blood Extraction Syringe), it is advised to get any Desmodus whereby possible before attempting to tame better levels of them due to the level not affected the amount of Blood Pack harvested.

Allow it to grab you while carrying copious amount of Blood Pack. The item will be drained until it runs out, or its tamed.

By default, the taming efficiency starts lower than intended. Having it constantly grabbing and dropping a high health creature (i.e Moschops high in HP) that carries constant amount of Blood Pack will increase it.



Every attack done by a tamed Desmodus results in the production of Blood Pack in its inventory, making the use of Blood Extraction Syringe redundant.

While wearing its saddle, with 200 Blood packs, it can produce Sanguine Elixir, a strange blood concoction that either gives 30% taming progress to a nearby unconscious and passive tame creature or a 30% imprinting to a baby not fully imprinted. (Both can only be done once). Therefore, Desmodus is an invaluable taming helper to anyone.

Holding left button blasts a scream, causing a loud screech to scare the enemies away. It also creates a form of echolocation pulse, highlighting nearby living individuals. Not only can it use echolocation to locate nearby enemies, but it can also inflict a 20% damage increase to any creature at night, including Brontos and Gigas.

Desmodus can grab smaller creatures with its legs using right button. While holding, you can activate its life steal ability via circle menu, which drains health from whatever its grabbed upon until it is drained of all health.

At night time, it also has other ability:

  • Desmodus can vanish into thin air while ridden, preventing detection from all but the most persistent creatures who have already sensed it.
  • It can use night vision in the form of a red hue.


"Mosquito"/Vampire Leech: As mentioned above, any attacks dealt by Desmodus will produce Blood Pack. With Preserving Salt in its inventory, it makes for a great blood harvester for certain things, like taming other Desmodus, or raising baby Desmodus or Bloodstalker. While nothing will boost Blood Pack produced, increasing Health will ensure survivability.

Echolocator Screeching Radar: Using "Screech" ability allows highlights of nearby living beings in front of where it screeched at, be it at land or at air. Increasing Stamina allows for more uses of it in between cooldowns.

Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee... hang like a bat...?: While climbing onto a surface up or down, Desmodus can be commanded to go invisible so long as the stamina would allow (They do not retain invisibility while unmounted).

Fighting Specialist: The Desmodus is the most maneuverable of any flyer. It can move in all directions at the same speed while also diving straight down into a glide. This high maneuverability paired with a good bite range makes flying above any groud creature and attacking out of that creature's range or blind spot while not being hit yourself extremely easy. The Desmodus can easily kill the likes of Gigas by simply biting at its back and Wyverns by chasing them in their poor tuning circle. Other flyers can also do this but the Desmodus maneuverability makes using these strategies easy with minimal risk.

Cave Flyer: Caves do not permit mounted flyers inside by default. Desmodus is the only sole exception to this restriction.

Night-Time Egg-Thief: Desmodus' invisibility during the night allows players to fly up to eggs, even in caves, to check the levels without being noticed, and make a quick getaway after stealing the egg. Beware: Turning invisible after stealing an egg will not break aggro!


Patch Changes
346.11 Fjordur DLC Release Desmodus が追加されました。
346.14 簡体字中国語使用時のデスモダス問題を修正

Desmodusmovement speedを過剰に獲得するケースを修正しました。

  • Desmodus speed-AllowFlyerSpeedLevelingでレベルアップできるようになった。



  • 現実世界のDesmodusに関する情報については、関連するウィキペディアの記事を参照してください。
  • 2021年[2]Studio Wildcardが主催したクリーチャー投稿[3]投票でデスモダスが優勝、元の書類は2016年にShadowenigma250x[4]によって作成された。
  • フィヨルドゥールのレルムにおけるフライヤー制限を回避することができる。
  • デスモダスは-ForceAllowCaveFlyersの設定をオンにしなくても洞窟で乗ることができ、自身と騎乗者を隠すことができるため、アーティファクトの狩りに最適な方法となりうる。
  • Desmodusは放射線に弱い。