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Sky Coloring.png

This substance can be used to color certain items and structures.

Stack size
Crafting time
Crafting yields
5 pieces

Coloring is used to make the world more colorful and to customize structures and items, including building parts, flags, armor, saddles, weapons, and even both living creatures (including yourself and other players) and robotic creatures on their parts like  Mek and  Enforcer.

In  ARK: Survival Evolved there are 25 different coloring dyes, while in  ARK: Survival Ascended the number has been increased to 127 colors.


Coloring is crafted in a Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker.

All recipes use:

Additionally,  ARK: Survival Evolved recipes require:

After the ingredients are placed in the cooking pot or the industrial cooker, it must be lit and allowed to cook. Each batch of ingredients cooks 5 dyes.


Before turning on the Industrial Cooker or lighting the Cooking Pot with your berries, disable the Auto-Craft option; otherwise, you'll end up with a variety of dyes that may or may not be what you want. Since recipes for dyes are now shown, and color families all share the same recipe, you'll want to manually craft the specific dyes you want. Using folder view will divide the dyes into their respective color families: Azure, Blue, Brown, Chartreuse, Cyan, Fuschia, Green, Greyscale, Magenta, Orange, Red, Spring, Violet, Yellow.

If you are making a specific dye using the minimum or more required berry quantities, and only want that one specific dye, do not put a combination of charcoal, gunpowder and sparkpowder, or more than 1 water unit in the pot. You may often get the specific dye you wanted, with any other dye possible from the mix, but not always. On the other hand, using different kinds of ingredients may actually be preferred by players who want a certain range in colors and don't want to make the dyes separately.

A quick way to make small batches of every color assortment is to start by filling an  Industrial Cooker with 6 stacks each of  Berries. Ensure Water (Irrigation is preferrable) and  Gasoline are available, then add 1 stack each of  Charcoal,  Gunpowder, and  Sparkpowder, then turn on the Cooker. Wait for 24 units of Sparkpowder to be consumed (3 complete preparations), then remove the Sparkpowder. Wait for 30 units of Gunpowder to be consumed (3 complete preparations), then remove the Gunpowder. The remaining Charcoal will create the colors that are still needed (to create the following listed amounts, stop once 70 units of Charcoal have been consumed).

Cooking a large batch of dye in this manner produces 15 units of Blue, Brick, Brown, Cantaloupe, Cyan, Forest, Green, Magenta, Mud, Navy, Olive, Orange, Parchment, Pink, Purple, Red, Royalty, Silver, Sky, Slate and Yellow; 30 units of Black, Tan, and Tangerine; and 40 units of White.

Table of Dyes

Dye Family Amarberry.png Azulberry.png Tintoberry.png Narcoberry.png Stimberry.png Cianberry.png Magenberry.png Verdberry.png Hex Code
File:Babyblue Coloring.png Babyblue Azure 6 6 #73B9FF
File:Moonstone Coloring.png Moonstone Azure 6 6 #537CA6
File:Overcast Coloring.png Overcast Azure 6 6 #537CA6
File:Cornflower Coloring.png Cornflower Azure 6 6 #BFDFFF
File:Marine Coloring.png Marine Azure 6 6 #007189
File:Azure Coloring.png Azure Azure 6 6 #007FFF
File:Sapphire Coloring.png Sapphire Azure 6 6 #0059B3
File:Prussian Coloring.png Prussian Azure 6 6 #003366
File:Cetecean Coloring.png Cetecean Azure 6 6 #001A33
File:Denim Coloring.png Denim Blue 12 #7373FF
File:Deepfreeze Coloring.png Deepfreeze Blue 12 #5353A6
File:Frost Coloring.png Frost Blue 12 #8C8CD9
File:Ice Coloring.png Ice Blue 12 #BFBFFF
File:Haze Coloring.png Haze Blue 12 #535872
 Blue Blue 12 #0000FF
File:Cobalt Coloring.png Cobalt Blue 12 #0000B3
 Navy Blue 12 #000066
File:Midnight Coloring.png Midnight Blue 12 #000033
File:Camel Coloring.png Camel Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #B39C59
 Parchment Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #FFEFBF
File:Sand Coloring.png Sand Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #E6C973
 Tan Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #CCB266
File:Cream Coloring.png Cream Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #F5F5DC
File:Leather Coloring.png Leather Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #99823D
 Brown Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #80642D
File:Bark Coloring.png Bark Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #594724
 Mud Brown 2 2 2 2 2 2 #403522
File:Menthol Coloring.png Menthol Chartreuse 6 6 #B9FF73
File:Filth Coloring.png Filth Chartreuse 6 6 #7CA653
File:Putrescence Coloring.png Putrescence Chartreuse 6 6 #B3D98D
File:Nyanza Coloring.png Nyanza Chartreuse 6 6 #DFFFBF
File:Craggy-Dew Coloring.png Craggy-Dew Chartreuse 6 6 #B3E912
File:Chartreuse Coloring.png Chartreuse Chartreuse 6 6 #80FF00
File:Orc Coloring.png Orc Chartreuse 6 6 #59B300
File:Avocado Coloring.png Avocado Chartreuse 6 6 #336600
File:Swamp Coloring.png Swamp Chartreuse 6 6 #193300
File:Electricity Coloring.png Electricity Cyan 12 #73FFFF
File:Ocean Coloring.png Ocean Cyan 12 #53A6A6
File:Crystal Coloring.png Crystal Cyan 12 #8DD9D9
File:Celeste Coloring.png Celeste Cyan 12 #BFFFFF
File:Stream Coloring.png Stream Cyan 12 #2AC6B6
 Cyan Cyan 12 #00FFFF
File:Teal Coloring.png Teal Cyan 12 #00B3B3
File:Skobeloff Coloring.png Skobeloff Cyan 12 #006666
File:Mariana Coloring.png Mariana Cyan 12 #003333
File:Flamingo Coloring.png Flamingo Fuschia 6 6 #FF73B9
File:Rouge Coloring.png Rouge Fuschia 6 6 #A6537C
File:Kobi Coloring.png Kobi Fuschia 6 6 #D98DB3
File:Valentine Coloring.png Valentine Fuschia 6 6 #FFBFDF
File:Bubblegum Coloring.png Bubblegum Fuschia 6 6 #FFBFCF
File:Fuschia Coloring.png Fuschia Fuschia 6 6 #FF007F
File:Lust Coloring.png Lust Fuschia 6 6 #B30059
File:Tyrian Coloring.png Tyrian Fuschia 6 6 #660033
File:Raisin Coloring.png Raisin Fuschia 6 6 #330019
File:Mint Coloring.png Mint Green 12 #73FF73
File:Chateau Coloring.png Chateau Green 12 #53A653
File:Celadon Coloring.png Celadon Green 12 #8DD98D
File:Pistachio Coloring.png Pistachio Green 12 #BFFFBF
File:Grass Coloring.png Grass Green 12 #227330
 Green Green 12 #00FF00
File:Emerald Coloring.png Emerald Green 12 #00B300
File:Hunter Coloring.png Hunter Green 12 #006600
File:Nori Coloring.png Nori Green 12 #003300
 Slate Greyscale 6 6 #808080
File:Wisp Coloring.png Wisp Greyscale 6 6 #E6E6E6
 Silver Greyscale 6 6 #CCCCCC
File:Grey Coloring.png Grey Greyscale 6 6 #B3B3B3
File:Steel Coloring.png Steel Greyscale 6 6 #999999
 White Greyscale 6 6 #FFFFFF
File:Gunmetal Coloring.png Gunmetal Greyscale 6 6 #666666
File:Charcoal Coloring.png Charcoal Greyscale 6 6 #4D4D4D
File:Shadow Coloring.png Shadow Greyscale 6 6 #333333
 Black Greyscale 6 6 #191919
 Pink Magenta 12 #FF73FF
File:Bruise Coloring.png Bruise Magenta 12 #A653A6
File:Orchid Coloring.png Orchid Magenta 12 #D98DD9
File:Cottoncandy Coloring.png Cottoncandy Magenta 12 #FFBFFF
File:Thistle Coloring.png Thistle Magenta 12 #E6C3DD
 Magenta Magenta 12 #FF00FF
 Purple Magenta 12 #B200B3
File:Plum Coloring.png Plum Magenta 12 #660066
File:Eggplant Coloring.png Eggplant Magenta 12 #330033
 Cantaloupe Orange 6 6 #FFB973
 Tangerine Orange 6 6 #FFA424
File:Dirt Coloring.png Dirt Orange 6 6 #A67C53
File:Latte Coloring.png Latte Orange 6 6 #D9B38D
File:Peach Coloring.png Peach Orange 6 6 #FFDFBF
File:Gold Coloring.png Gold Orange 6 6 #FFC000
 Orange Orange 6 6 #FF7F00
File:Windsor Coloring.png Windsor Orange 6 6 #B35900
File:Terracotta Coloring.png Terracotta Orange 6 6 #663300
File:Bronze Coloring.png Bronze Orange 6 6 #331900
File:Tulip Coloring.png Tulip Red 12 #FF7373
File:Edocha Coloring.png Edocha Red 12 #A65353
File:Incense Coloring.png Incense Red 12 #D98D8D
File:Salmon Coloring.png Salmon Red 12 #FFBFBF
 Brick Red 12 #994326
 Red Red 12 #FF0000
File:Gore Coloring.png Gore Red 12 #B30000
File:Scab Coloring.png Scab Red 12 #660000
File:Burn Coloring.png Burn Red 12 #330000
File:Turquoise Coloring.png Turquoise Spring 6 6 #8DD9B3
File:Seafoam Coloring.png Seafoam Spring 6 6 #BFFFDF
File:Aquamarine Coloring.png Aquamarine Spring 6 6 #73FFB9
File:Spring Coloring.png Spring Spring 6 6 #00FF80
File:Lagoon Coloring.png Lagoon Spring 6 6 #00B359
 Forest Spring 6 6 #006633
File:Jungle Coloring.png Jungle Spring 6 6 #00331A
File:Shamrock Coloring.png Shamrock Spring 6 6 #53A67C
File:Lilac Coloring.png Lilac Violet 6 6 #B973FF
 Royalty Violet 6 6 #7C53A6
File:Mauve Coloring.png Mauve Violet 6 6 #B38DD9
File:Lavender Coloring.png Lavender Violet 6 6 #DFBFFF
File:Dusk Coloring.png Dusk Violet 6 6 #8F4EA5
File:Violet Coloring.png Violet Violet 6 6 #8000FF
File:Indigo Coloring.png Indigo Violet 6 6 #5900B3
File:Eminence Coloring.png Eminence Violet 6 6 #330066
File:Twilight Coloring.png Twilight Violet 6 6 #190033
File:Canary Coloring.png Canary Yellow 12 #FFFF73
File:Mold Coloring.png Mold Yellow 12 #A6A653
File:Khaki Coloring.png Khaki Yellow 12 #D9D98D
File:Buttermilk Coloring.png Buttermilk Yellow 12 #FFFFBF
File:Mustard Coloring.png Mustard Yellow 12 #F0F032
 Yellow Yellow 12 #FFFF00
File:Citron Coloring.png Citron Yellow 12 #B2B300
 Olive Yellow 12 #666600
File:Drab Coloring.png Drab Yellow 12 #333300

Dye Amarberry.png Azulberry.png Tintoberry.png Narcoberry.png Stimberry.png Charcoal.png Gunpowder.png Sparkpowder.png Hex Code
 Black 15 2 #191919
 Blue 15 2 #0000ff
 Brick 12 6 1 #94321c
 Brown 6 3 9 2 #756046
 Cantaloupe 7 7 4 1 #ff9a00
 Cyan 6 12 1 #00ffff
 Forest 7 7 4 1 #006b00
 Green 9 9 2 #00ff00
 Magenta 9 9 1 #e71cd9
 Mud 4 1 7 6 1 #463b2b
 Navy 12 6 1 #32326b
 Olive 12 6 1 #baba59
 Orange 9 9 2 #ff8800
 Parchement 12 6 1 #ffffba
 Pink 12 6 1 #ff7be1
 Purple 9 9 2 #7b00e0
 Red 15 2 #ff0000
 Royalty 7 7 4 1 #7b00a8
 Silver 6 12 1 #e0e0e0
 Sky 12 6 1 #bad4ff
 Slate 12 6 1 #595959
 Tan 4 1 7 6 1 #ffedb2
 Tangerine 7 7 4 1 #ad652b
 White 15 2 #fefefe
 Yellow 15 2 #ffff00

All dye-recipes on one page as PDF-file (good for printing). This document includes colors in linear color-space contrary to the table above.


To color your items like armor, weapons, and saddles, drag the dye over the item you want to color. Items that are able to be colored highlighted blue in your inventory as you drag the dye. After this a menu will open where you can select the region of the item that you want to color, each region requires one dye.

Coloring structures requires a  Paintbrush or a  Spray Painter.

To use the Paintbrush, place the desired color onto it. Then, you can click on the structure you want to color and again select which part of the structure you want to dye (color region). The brush contains 10 charges of the selected color, so you can paint more than one structure part with it.

The paintbrush is also used to apply war paint to tamed creatures and players, or access the save/load images functionality. See Painting for more information.

To use the Spray Painter, place the desired color into it as you do with a paintbrush. To color a structure, stand in front of it and press LMB.svg Left Click (PC), XboxOne RT.png Right Trigger (Xbox One). If you hold the alt-fire button Right Click RMB.svg(PC) and then the number keys 1-6, you can select which color region you want to dye. On Xbox/PS4, this can be done by holding Left Trigger/L2 on PS4, and pressing D Pad Up, D Pad Right, D Pad Down, D Pad Left for Color Regions 1 - 4. Holding Left Trigger/L2, Left Bumper/L1, and then pressing X or Y/Triangle or Square on PS4, will enable and disable Color Regions 5 or 6 respectively.


  • You will need a full selection of dyes to reproduce a photograph from the in-game camera onto a canvas.
  • To remove dye use  Soap. For items in the inventory drag the soap over it. For structures, use the option "Use soap to remove paint" of the radial menu (E, Y, Triangle, X) or "Switch to soap" option while using the Spray Painter. To remove dye from a creature use the "erase painting" button in the paint menu.
  • The paint job on a dino will be lost upon cryopodding.










ASA Color Table Color table made for Ark Survival Ascended. The code in which this table was generated for can be found in this GitHub Repository. A simple Python TKInter code.



Patch  ARK: Survival Evolved Changes
187.0 Double the number of dyes.
201.0 Various improvements to the Dye UI layout and flow.
207.0 There are various new craftable dye colors including Cyan.
209.4 Admin "GiveColors #" command (w/o the "cheat" prefix), where # is quantity, to give yourself all color dyes.
222.0  Soap Item to remove Structure/Item dyes.
259.0 Fixed issue where the  Cooking Pot provided infinite dye.
265.3 Dye UI: Double Clicking (also double pressing (A) button) on a color region now dyes it.
265.284 Allowed the dye UI to stay open after jumping to paint.