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Major version
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Jun 22, 2017

One Time Player Respec Applied To All Characters

  • New Item: Tek Tapejara Saddle!
  • New Skill: Crafting Skill! Replaces Crafting Speed. Crafting Skill increases crafted item quality by 33% for 100 points into Crafting Skill. The item then displays your name and your tribe name and indicates what percent bonus you received when crafting.
  • New Feature: Corpse Locator! Upon death, a beam of light shoots into the sky to help the player locate where they died. Enabled on Official Servers by default. Add bUseCorpseLocator=true to your Game.ini for server use.
  • New Host Option: Disable Structure Placement Collision! Unofficial Servers and single-players can enable this feature to allow them to place structures that clip into terrain. Add bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true to your Game.ini for server use.
  • New Host Option: Use Singleplayer Settings! When enabled, this edits all game settings to be more balanced for an individual player experience. Add bUseSingleplayerSettings=true to your Game.ini for server use. This is automatically enabled for Non Dedicated servers too, you can disable it in your host menu settings, or set the ini to false.
  • New Host Option: Fast Decay! Enable this option for a fixed constant decay period for "Fast Decay" structures (such as pillars or lone foundations). Add FastDecayInterval (default is 43200) to your Game.ini for server use.
  • New kill, death, speech, and talking icons added.
  • Implemented hibernation from console to PC, which introduces over 500MB saved in memory for spawning dinos.
  • Fixed graphical issue with crops appearing massive.
  • Fixed player ragdolls becoming malformed when falling from great heights.
  • Fixed player getting stuck in rocks/trees/structures when logging out in single player.
  • Fixed dino spawning issues in single player that caused over-spawning of certain creatures over time and issue where spawns were becoming depopulated.
  • Fixed single player settings via the slider from resetting.
  • Fixed BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier setting via the host menu.
  • Fixed traps not working after a game/server restart (bear traps, species Y traps, narcotic traps, alarms).
  • Fixed various lighting issues on The Island and The Center.
  • Fixed low landscape LODs on both the Center and the Island when using low viewing distance (certain landscape will stream in better quality from further away, e.g. skull island on the Center).
  • Improved war paint on female model around the hairline.
  • Fixed issue where player appeared to be floating above the saddle when boarding a dino while crouching.
  • Fixed electrical cables appearing unpowered when reloading a single-player game.
  • Fixed issue where logging out in single-player while holding a shield showed the player holding two shield on relog.
  • Fixed Explorer Note sorting.
  • Fixed ATV from repeatedly honking when leaving and entering render distance.
  • Changed the Tribe Manager to have Tribe Log highlighted by default when using a controller.
  • Fixed grappling hook being enlarged when shooting at a Large Storage Box.
  • Colorized boss health bars to indicated boss difficulty.
  • Added featured to allow players to set the light level of their lamps.
  • Changed static mesh of Plant Species X to remove swaying and firing animation to reduce client FPS drops.
  • Added on-screen indicator icon when structure placement is in rotation-mode.
  • Fixed issue where the  Cooking Pot provided infinite  Dye.
  • Buffs that prevent firing (such as the shock buff) now cause the player to lower their weapon.
  • Made Alt-Fire on the paintbrush now “Paint Yourself”.
  • Added new live versions of all in-game music.
  • Fixed issue in singleplayer where logging out with a tool equipped caused the inventory to lock up.
  • Implemented kill zone under the sea floor.
  • Fixed Supply Crate SFX to always be audible.
  • Fixed issue where respawn animation was not playing in singleplayer.
  • Added new music stingers when you tame a creature.
  • Increased range of boss music in the arenas.
  • Obelisks in singleplayer/non-dedicated now have each boss spawned from a specific obelisk. Transfers can only be done via the obelisk.
  • Days are now 25% longer. Night time remains unchanged.
  • Tribe ownership settings now default to Personally Owned in singleplayer/non-dedi.
  • Fixed issue that causes sitting on a  chair on a platform saddle not to calculate player temperature and location appropriately.
  • Fixed issue where being unconscious would cause the player not to receive lava damage.
  • Tek rifles now stop working in thunderstorms.
  • Homing rockets no longer target your own turrets.
  • Mindwipe tonic can now only be applied once per level up.
  • Stat decrease of blueprints from fishing.
  • Reduced max fish size that is catchable with a fishing rod with: Honey to 2.2, Leech Blood to 1.88, and Sap to 0.94.
  • Reduced Fishing Rod effectiveness by 35%.
  • Increased  Liopleurodon loot quality buff by 20%.
  • ATV engram is available in singleplayer after reaching max ascension.
  • Fixed issue where walking through electrical cables and pipes would cause the camera to move around in unintended ways.
  • Fixed issue where feeding trough was not updating spoilage timers.
  • Fixed issue where the player could get stuck inside doors by closing the door on themself.
  • Removed boss arena and Tek Cave timers in non-dedicated.
  • PVE no-build functionality has been removed from non-dedi.
  • Slightly increased difficulty of the Caverns of Lost Faith.
  • Prevented regular dinosaur gateways from supporting behemoth gates.
  • Added final statted items to loot crates.
  • Fixed canvas not being visible when placed on Tek walls.
  • Added lots of crystal, obsidian, and rich metal to all caves except the Tek Cave.
  • Re-added metal to the volcano, approximately 70% of its previous resources.
  • Added categories for maps in the host menu.
  • Added an alternate engram points per level array to non-dedi.
  • Fixed issue where wooden cages would heal themselves when picked up.
  • Fixed issue where player could wield a riot shield and chainsaw at the same time.
  • Decreased mutton effectiveness by 20%. (additional changes to the Kibble system to come)
  • Re-balanced speed gained per player level up.
  • Fixed not being able to sit in chairs/benches when placed too close to a table.
  • Increased radius of house buff by double. Also flagged gate frames as walls which allows them to give the indoor buff.
  • Fixed issue where dinos placed in cages would float upwards and glitch out of the cage.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not walk inside of fallen redwood trees.
  • Corrected specimen implant colors after ascending.
  • Obelisks now save inventory in singleplayer.
  • Boss biomes no longer hear time of day transition sounds
  • Fixed frozen vacuum chamber walls showing as windows in localized clients
  • Reduced Club effectiveness scaling with quality by 55%.

Dino Specific Changes:

  • Fixed issue where dino attacks could not do damage under low server FPS.
  • Fixed the dino fleeing mechanic so that dinos should no longer run into walls endlessly.
  • Fixed the dino fleeing mechanic so that dinos should attempt to run towards the player and not towards water, previously causing them to torpor out in water and drown. In the case where the dino cannot reach the player, it may still end up running towards water via picking a random direction.
  • Fixed issue with  Thylacoleo,  Kaprosuchus,  Megalosaurus, and  Tusoteuthis where when attacking, the creature was able to force the target under world geometry and make them unrideable/unmovable.
  • Rebalanced speed gained per tamed level up on all dinos.
  • Fixed issue where unconscious player could be pushed through terrain by a  Kaprosuchus.
  • Fixed issue where  Tusoteuthis could grab through Iceberg geometry.
  • Fixed issue where babies were consuming less food when floating.
  • Fixed issue where babies were consuming more food than intended as they tried to regain health. Regaining health no longer costs food for babies.
  • Changed all creature names to use their long form.
  • Made  Troodons scared of light sources.
  • Raised  Pteranodon Saddle level requirement to 38.
  • Added damage scalers to  Trike and  Stego which makes them more resistant to damage.
  • Increased  Parasaur stamina by 50% and increased its speed in water.
  • Increased  Angler light radius underwater.
  • Decreased amount of fall damage for tamed  Giganotosaurus.
  • Made  Moschops easier to tame.
  • Increased insulation ability of  Dimetrodon.
  • Fixed fur cap on  Mesopithecus.
  • Fixed Santa hat on  Gallimimus.
  • Fixed alignment of metal water taps on pipes.
  • Rebalanced  Equus Saddle cost.
  • Reduced the gather rates of the  Therizinosaur.
  • Reduced base damage of wild and tamed  Giganotosaurus.
  • Fixed issues with  Ovis and  Kentrosaurus where their baby/egg would fall through the floor.
  •  Creatures will no longer drown when they are encumbered.
  • Fixed an issue where fish did not appear in Lower South Cave (Cave 1).
  • Removed  Piranha spawns from the shallow pools in the redwoods.
  • Decreased wild  Carnotaurus damage by 15%.
  • Reduced  Terror Bird spawns in the redwoods.
  • Removed  Titanosaur spawn from Herbivore Island.
  • Fixed issue where beehives were stacking on top of each other.
  • Wild  Ichthyornis HP reduced by 50%.
  • Added HUD notification for  Pegomastax when it is not pickpocketing.
  • Added HUD message for  Ichthyornis stealing, and for  Ichthyornis making you drop your weapon.
  • If a tamed  Yutyrannus has  Carnotaurus followers, the followers now properly attack the same target.
  • Fixed issue where riding on a  Phiomia or  Carbonemys caused the players size to increase by twice the normal size.
  • Added functionality to allow the  Gigantopithecus to gather  Fiber using the ‘C’ key.
  • Added cooldown to  Tusoteuthis so that it’s ink ability cannot be spammed.
  • Increased  Trilobite spawns to be more common in shallow areas.
  • Made it so that Fertilized eggs do not count towards the egg count in the given area. This was causing fertilized eggs to be laid and the dino to go on breeding cooldown but no actual egg was laid.
  • Increased unstasis range on  Trilobites,  Eurypterids, and  Ammonites.
  • Deep Ocean  Coelacanth added, with increased unstasis range and bias towards being larger sized.
  • Land creatures now only receive 50% of their regular additional speed increase while swimming (does not include  Spino or amphibians).
  • Fixed  Dung Beetles not processing fertilizer correctly after server restart.
  • Prevented  Pegomastax from attacking when the player has nothing it can steal.
  • Added 30s cooldown after the player is stolen from unless the player attacks the  Pegomastax, in which case it will ignore the cooldown.
  • Prevented  Pegomastax from robbing same-team.
  • Fixed issue where passive tames would not resume eating after being knocked out and eventually starve.
  • Increased SFX distance for  Ichthyornis and  Hesperornis.
  • Fixed the Egg Hatching bar from disappearing in singleplayer when relogging.
  • Fixed issue where torpor stat for newly tamed dinos was not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed issue where stasis was reducing the food consumption of dinos.
  • Hyaenodon taming now scales properly with taming server settings.
  • Reduced turning speed of tames by 0.5s their current speed when they are in combat, so creatures like the  Manta and  Pteranodon can turn fast enough to properly attack.
  • Enabled pack buff to tamed  Kentrosaurus.
  • Increased duration of  Giganotosaurus roar.
  • Fixed  Quetzal platform not being paintable.
  • Added  Spinosaur roar.
  • Added missing eating animations and sounds for creatures (should all have a proper animation now! Still have a few more eating sounds to add).
  • Prevented baby  Thylacoleo’s from spawning on redwood trees when born.
  • Improved landing AI for  Quetzal and  Wyvern.
  • Fixed an issue where flyers out of stamina would not auto-land and would get stuck in the air.
  • Fixed  Megalosaurus breeding to prevent babies from needing/going to sleep.
  • Fixed  Thylacoleo from always roaring when coming out of stasis.
  • Fixed  Thylacoleo from assuming a “superman” pose when jumping on a surface it couldn’t climb.
  • Fixed  Thylacoleo from getting into a state where it would walk forward without player input.
  • Fixed server crash caused by  Thylacoleo.
  • Reduced tail collision on medium and large creatures.
  • Fixed babies from ‘growing’ into the ground over time as they aged.
  • Improved logic to minimize  Sarcosuchus tails from gravitating towards ceilings.
  • Fixed Move To whistle command to work after dismounting a dino if the dino is in a group, also now plays proper animation.
  • Fixed the player from taking damage while riding on a  Griffin in singleplayer.
  • Added  Griffin icon and level up animation.
  • Fixed the  Spyglass not functioning properly while flying on the  Griffin.
  • Fixed issue where the  Griffin gained unintended speed when equipping a weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where dinos could aggro turrets even though no damage was being done.

Additional Information

For information about the multiplier changes for the singleplayer-settings see Single Player.

Hibernation - Spawning Change

As of this update, Single Player and Non-Dedicated Servers will now be using the hibernation system. This shouldn't really change much to your game experience apart from noticeable improvements in performance, and memory usage but in terms of gameplay nothing should change. If anyone is noticing any issues with spawns now that this change is in, let us know and we'll check it out. You can disable this setting by adding the following setting to your steam launch parameter / non-dedi launch command (if you use one):