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Minor version
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Feb 10, 2023
  • Dynamic config colorsets
  • Set event colorset from dynamic config using:
ActiveEventColors=<name, e.g. "FearEvolved">
  • Additional option added "custom" allows for a custom colorset to be set up directly from dynamic config.
  • If using ActiveEventColors=custom then the colorset can be defined with:
DynamicColorset=<comma-separated list of color names>
e.g DynamicColorset=Red,Magenta,DeepPink,Lavender
  • The color names must be -exact- accounting for special characters and spaces. "DynamicColorset" will only be used if using ActiveEventColors=custom
  • Updated Vday colorset: DarkLavender,DarkMagenta,Dino Dark Purple,Dino Light Red,DeepPink,Dark Red,LemonLime,Red,ActualBlack
  • Fixed a couple issues with tek teleporters not functioning after coming into contact with water
  • Fixed a crash