Egg Incubator

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Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator.png

Deployable device for warming and monitoring up to ten eggs at once. Requires electricity to run.

Decay time
Stack size
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi EggIncubator 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Structures/EggIncubator/PrimalItemStructure_EggIncubator.PrimalItemStructure_EggIncubator'" 1 0 0
Required level
Engram points
55 EP
Crafting XP
400 XP
Crafting time
Crafted in
Required stations

The Egg Incubator is a structure introduced in Genesis: Part 2 and also available on Genesis: Part 1, Lost Island and Fjordur. It can incubate up to 10  Eggs by keeping them at their desired temperature based on the temperature adjusted from the wheel menu.


The Egg Incubator is designed to maintain the temperature of the eggs while incubating them inside. Adjusting the temperature adjust it for any egg residing inside the incubator, so planning is advised when hatching eggs from it.

While outside of the incubators inventory. Walking in front of it and looking at an egg from up close will show the colour regions and levels. But you can't interact with the eggs except by opening the inventory of the incubator.

The bar below the eggs represent the percentage to hatching, and its health pulse, color ranging from blue (very healthy) to orange (very unhealthy). Care must be taken if an attempt to hatch the egg was taken, as when unpowered or without at its optimal temperature, eggs can be destroyed in the process if left for too long.

Upon reaching 100%, a manual ejection from the Incubator's inventory is required to release the newborn, which will appear in front of the Incubator. Inferior eggs can be cracked(destroyed) via similar way that leave nothing behind if you do not want to make kibble from said eggs.

Hatching Speed Bonus

The Incubator cuts the hatch time down. The maximum boost is 20%, which can be reached if the device is set to maintain the egg's best temperature (which is the middle point of the temperature range needed to hatch the egg, rounded half up).

When Unpowered

The Incubator will still hatch the egg as long as the exterior temperature is not too extreme, even unpowered. There will be no Hatching Speed Bonus nor Showing the stats of the offspring when unpowered, incubation process and egg health are shown as normal.

Gestation Monitoring

In patch 341.19, a new feature has been added for the Egg incubator. which can give the player a buff for checking the gestation. To view the baby's status or have an abortion



  • When an egg is placed inside the incubator, the egg spoiling timer will not halt, instead it will continue at default speed, as it would be placed on ground or in a storage without refrigeration.
  • When powered, the Egg Incubator will keep optimal insulation for any type of eggs, despite the set temperature. This means you can actually incubate eggs needing different temperature ranges until the incubator is powered.
  • The Egg Incubator does not automatically adjust temperatures for whichever eggs are placed inside. In other words, it is impossible to get the 20% incubation speed boosts on eggs with contrasting temperatures (e.g. Wyvern Eggs and Rock Drake Eggs, together). Therefore, the device is best applied for batch-incubating eggs with the same or similar temperature ranges with each other.
  • The Egg Incubator works perfectly if placed under water, so it can be used to incubate and hatch eggs of water creatures. Keep in mind some creatures, like Tusoteuthis, require a good amount of space to hatch without the risk of getting instant killed for spawning above water.
  • After travelling to Genesis: Part 2 and unlocking it, you cannot craft it in the Fabricator on your home server/map. Crafting it in the  Tek Replicator is possible though. It is believed to be a glitch and only temporary. Not enough information currently. This may be resolved by placing a new fabricator or picking up and replacing your fabricator on your home world.
  • Players can actually unlock the Egg Incubator engram in Lost Island and Fjordur maps without owning the Genesis Pass.
  • There is a limit of three Incubators in an area.
  • Rarely, some eggs do not show the stats.
  • If you are unable to see the Incubation status, make sure you have the Floating Names option enabled in the Advanced settings under the Pause Menu.
  • The result of a dino ejection can potentially result in being stuck in/on it, this can be resolved by using a  Cryopod, suicide with  Organic Polymer and Self-Inflicted Knockout with a variety of Torpor Consumables(?)
  • The fertilized eggs in the Egg Incubator cannot be taken away after becoming 0.0%
  • There is a glitch if you keep eggs in the incubator for too long they will disappear despite the spoil timer and egg health being fine. So it is advised to hatch them once they reach 100%.


Patch  ASE Changes
329.5 Egg Incubator is added to the game.
329.9 Fixed a replication issue with the Egg Incubator.
329.14 Fixed a client crash related to eggs and the egg incubator.
334.3 Fixed some client stalls when using the TEK Incubator.
335.8 Fixed a bug which caused  Eggs to not be visible in the Egg Incubator.
341.19 New Egg Incubator Buff "Gestation Monitoring" - activating this buff grants your character the ability to view the embyro's stats of gestating creatures or reset the creature's gestation.