North East Cave

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North East Cave/ Carno Cave

Cave on The Dead Island

Interior Map

North East Cave Cavemap.jpg

The Island Topographic Map.jpg
ARK: Survival Evolved­14.7° Lat, 85.4° Lon
Artifact of the Devourer.png
Artifact of the Devourer
ARK: Survival Evolved­16.1° Lat, 84.6° Lon
Artifact level
Loot quality
Blue Crate.png Blue
Red Crate.png Red

The North East Cave is a cave in the northeast of The Island, on an island known as The Dead Island or "Carno Island". The cave contains the  Artifact of the Devourer, needed to summon the  Megapithecus. This cave consists basically of one big room with the path spiraling on the wall.


  • Big Drops
  • Narrow Pathways
  • Extreme Cold [ -5°C / 23° F ]
  • Many Onycs

Recommended Equipment





Shoulder Pet

Recommended creatures

  •  Thylacoleos can deal large amounts of damage to bats, and harvest chitin with ease. Thylas also have a climbing ability, albeit this will not help you escape many sections of the cave.
  •  Terror Birds can glide to the bottom of the cave immediately, but will face the threat of large swarms of bats, it can also struggle with escaping.
  •  Enforcers are skilled climbers, bat killers, and can teleport. This makes them a very useful mount for caving, though one would need a powerful enforcer to hold its own.


  • Some  Metal rocks block the way, bring a  Metal Hatchet or  Metal Pick.
  • The fastest way down is by using a  Parachute or  Grappling Hook. Be prepared for a lot of  Onyc and  Pulmonoscorpius on the ground though.
  • It is possible to get the artifact without building anything, but foundations can be used to make some jumps easier.
  • The jump over the pit in the center is possible.
  • Be careful not to fall.
  •  Bug Repellant will make this cave much easier. You will lower the aggro radius of some creatures, namely  Onyc.
  • If you die in certain places in the cave your body may glitch through the ground and out of the map border.
  •  Mesopithecus Dossier is near the artifact on the left side.
  •  Megalosaurus Dossier is at the bottom of the pit about halfway back from the artifact.
  •  Mosasaurus Dossier is found on a ledge above the artifact ruins on the right side.




Compatible Tamed Creatures

This table is incomplete.
You can help us by adding the tamed creatures you know can enter the cave. If the creature can't enter, please exclude it.

Accessibility Ratings:

  • Excellent: Full-Cave Access (Entrance-to-Artifact)
  • Limited: Can Access Portions of the Cave Safely
  • Not Recommended: Can Get Stuck/Unable to Leave Cave
Creature Accessibility Rideable Notes
 Archaeopteryx Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
 Baryonyx Excellent Yes
 Beelzebufo Excellent Yes
  •  Reduced fall damage increases chances of survival in a fall.
 Compy Excellent No
  •  Can keep one on shoulder or bring a whole pack.
 Dimorphodon Excellent No
  •  Can keep one on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
 Dire Bear Limited Yes
  •  Can fit into the cave and swim into the main chamber, but will be unable to exit if you proceed further without building exit ramps.
 Direwolf Excellent Yes
 Dodo Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
 Dung Beetle Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
 Enforcer Excellent Yes
  •  Wall climbing plus teleport and lack of fall damage makes this one of the best suited mounts for this cave.
 Gigantopithecus Excellent Yes
 Hesperornis Excellent No
 Jerboa Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
 Kairuku Excellent No
  •  Can be carried in and out by player.
 Megalania Excellent Yes
  •  Best creature to ride trough the cave only by running down the wall to reach the artifact
 Megatherium Excellent Yes
  •  Risky to maneuver but can enter and make it out safely.
 Mesopithecus Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder or bring a whole troop.
 Pachy Limited Yes
  •  Ramps will have to be built to safely ride it out of the cave. (Needs AllowCaveBuildingPvE for PvE servers.)
 Pteranodon Excellent Unofficial/
  •  Can be glitched in and out of the cave while on-follow at the water portion. 
  •  Official Servers: Cannot mount in cave. 
  •  Unofficial/Single-Player: Requires server setting -ForceAllowCaveFlyers to mount.
 Raptor Excellent Yes
 Ravager Excellent Yes
  •  Reduced fall damage.
 Sabertooth Excellent Yes
  •  When at a reasonable level, it is a very strong mount for a cave. He can easily wipe out lots of cave critters with his/her's main attack that has high AoE (Area of Effect) when getting overwhelmed by them.
 Terror Bird Excellent Yes
 Thylacoleo Excellent Yes
  •  A tight fit through the initial section and high move speed can be tricky in the water 
  •  Can fire weapons while mounted, though will not be able to climb most cliffs to exit.
 Velonasaur Excellent Yes
  •  Can ground bats with quill attack.
 Vulture Excellent No
  •  Can be carried on shoulder or bring a whole flock.
 Carnotaurus Limited Yes
  •  Potential problems moving through water section, and some jumps are one-way or impossible.


  • If you bring a dino that can not jump and it falls it will be unable to escape the cave without building escape ramps.
  • This cave is swarming with bats. A large swarm often at the exit of the water tunnel.
  • Bring a Longneck Rifle with Scope Attachment to pull bats to safe fighting spots.
  • There are dangerous jumps, as you will walk a spiral path down to the ground. It is advised to bring a parachute with you.
  • Parachuting down from the top is probably the best way to get down.
  • It is possible for players to bring their sabers in to farm chitin however the reward is often not worth the risk. There is a lot of maneuvering that requires foundations and ramps and players are extremely likely to die if they fall.
  • There is a small section of water just after the entrance to the cave and before the large descending spiral walk. No piranhas or sarcos spawn here and a player with no extra points in oxygen will be able to navigate with only half oxygen used.
  • At the bottom is a metal rock blocking the path back up. It is possible to jump over the rock if the player climbs on a rock ledge just below the metal rock.
  • You can use the grappling hook to climb up and down safely. To climb down to the bottom two hooks are needed (re-attach in the middle). To climb up completely with hooks only, around four or more hooks are needed.
  • Spinosaurus have the ability to swim which makes them an effective way to travel to the island and rid the cave entrance of carnivores lurking in the area. Thylacoleo however, are a superior choice due to small size and surprisingly good swim speed.
  • After level 51, players can bring larger dinosaurs in using cryopods