The Grand Hills

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The Grand Hills
Grand Hills.jpg

Large area in the northern center of the Island



Located northern of The Redwood Forests The Grand Hills are surrounded by the three tall mountains Whitesky Peak, Winter's Mouth and The Frozen Tooth and itself contains the largest mountain on the Island: the Volcano. To the east of the Volcano lies the Central Cave.


Very Common




Very Rare


The caldera (crater) of the Volcano contains a huge volume of stone and metal yielding rocks, with large crystal formations near the single entrance. Obsidian-bearing rocks can be found scattered along the upper sections of the trail leading up the mountain, as well as a few addition metal seams. Small, red, berry and fiber-yielding shrubs can also be found along the trail, but not in the caldera. There are also no trees in the caldera, and no more than five along the trail's length. However, there are extensive forests at lower altitudes in The Grand Hills.


  • The hills are a decent area for a base, due to the redwood, swamp and snow biomes being nearby. There is some flat land to build on. Watch out for Rexes, Gigas, and other carnivores, though.


The Grand Hills is another location on the Island that is significant to the lore.

  • The Tek cave entrance is at the top of the volcano inside the crater.
    • Helena Walker constantly referred to the platform in the center of the volcano that is the entrance to the Tek cave from time to time. Also at the Tek cave entrance, Helena plugged in the first key and realizes it fits. She also deduced that if the first key fits, she concluded that the other two keys will be retrieved when activating the other two obelisks (blue and red obelisks).
  • There is a pathway west of the mountain that leads all the way to the Tek cave entrance.
    • This pathway is the route that Nerva, the New Legion Tribe, Rockwell, Helena, who was imprisoned, and Mei Yin Li, who was hidden and behind the main group, took to get to the Tek Cave entrance when the group now had all three keys.