Eldritch Isle (Crystal Isles)

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Crystal Isles DLC.jpg This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Crystal Isles
Eldritch Isle
Eldritch Isle (Crystal Isles).jpg

The Eldritch Isle is a region in the Crystal Isles DLC. It is an island full of carnivores at the north-east of Crystal Isles. It is not recommended until you reach a high level. It is one of the best places in Crystal Isles to farm Aberration materials and Element Shards.


Very Common



Very Uncommon


Very Rare


From Local Creatures


  • The island is really dark and it is nearly impossible to see without gamma commands.
  • It is possible to farm Element Shards from light blue crystals using Metal Hatchet (yes a hatchet, not a pick). Tek Stryders are unable to harvest those.
  • A high level Ankylosaurus tame can be brought there to farm Crystal Gems.
    • A high-damage Mantis wielding a high-quality Metal Hatchet is capable of harvesting more Element Shards per node than an Ankylosaurus. A Phoenix can also be used to harvest the nodes high up on the cliff walls, although they harvest less than a Mantis.
  • Going near the giant Crystals, or the water Bubbles that are scattered along the isle will occasionally electrocute the player.
    • Being electrocuted does not dismount winged creatures.
    • There is a bug where invisible water bubbles are possible with no content inside that dismounts unsuspecting flyers.
  • In some of the water bubbles you can find clams that contain black pearls.
  • This part of the map might be inspired by the Cthulhu mythos.
  • All Tek Tier weapons are disabled here.
  • On this island you find the Artifact of the Shadows.