Apotheosis (Crystal Isles)

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Crystal Isles DLC.jpg This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Crystal Isles
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The Apotheosis is a region in the Crystal Isles DLC.


Apotheosis Is a great PvE base location, You can also build a well hidden PvP base due to the dense vegetation.


Very Common



Very Uncommon


Very Rare


From Local Creatures


  • There is a chance that the message 'You Hear Humming...' will appear while in Apotheosis. It is currently unknown if this message has any significance beyond flavor.
  • The inner part of Apotheosis looks to have been used previously as nesting grounds by Rock Drakes.
  • Most of the main floating islands look to all be connected by roots or land bridges.
  • The Apotheosis islands’ plant life mostly resemble that of Aberration‘s.
  • You can find skeletons of the creatures that inhabit Apotheosis scattered along many of the floating islands.
  • There are a few surface ruins on a couple of the islands.
  • Be careful as a bug causes you to fall through the smaller islands
  • There is a humming sound that you can hear on one of the lower islands
  • In the large river, you can usually find ten or so Karkinos.
  • There is a ruin where you will find the artifact or the pack next to a large dragon statue, glowtails here as well