Southern East Badlands (Scorched Earth)

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Scorched Earth DLC.jpg This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Scorched Earth
Southern East Badlands
Southern East Badlands (Scorched Earth).jpg

The Southern East Badlands is a region in Scorched Earth.


The Southern East Badlands is a small strip of tall rocks bordering a few bodies of water. The small location is home to a few dangerous predators and is pretty lacking in resources. It also seems to get way hotter than the surrounding locations making it a bad choice for a base.

It is the only place in the immediate area where Thylacoleos spawn. This makes it essential for anyone who doesn't want to travel far to get their hands on one.

At the base of the rocks is a few salt nodes.


Very Common



Very Uncommon



From local creatures


  • This area features unique dead trees and plants to signal the hotter than normal climate of the area.