Genesis 2 Chronicles

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Genesis 2 Chronicles
Genesis 2 Chronicles.jpg
Start date
November 7th, 2020
End date
March 24th, 2021
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The Genesis 2 Chronicles are a series of routine content drops that add new explorer notes and skins related to the DLC Genesis: Part 2. It started on November 7th 2020.

Gameplay Changes

Explorer Notes

The Genesis Chronicles adds in multiple Explorer Notes connected to Genesis: Part 2, some of which come from  HLN-A,  Rockwell himself or Santiago. The player must have  the Mini-HLNA equipped (even on Genesis: Part 1) in order to unlock the notes.

Santiago's notes have to be picked up, and are not awarded just by getting into close proximity.

Genesis 2 Chronicles I
Genesis 2 Chronicles II
Genesis 2 Chronicles III
Genesis 2 Chronicles IV
Genesis 2 Chronicles V


The Island
Chronicles I
Scorched Earth
Chronicles II
Chronicles III
Chronicles IV
Genesis: Part 1
Chronicles V
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #1
blue: Note #2
green: Note #3
purple: Note #4
cyan: Note #5
Scorched Earth Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #6
blue: Note #7
green: Note #8
purple: Note #9
cyan: Note #10
Aberration Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #11
blue: Note #12
green: Note #13
purple: Note #14
cyan: Note #15
Extinction Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #16
blue: Note #17
green: Note #18
purple: Note #19
cyan: Note #20
Genesis Part 1 Topographic Map.jpg
red: Note #21
blue: Note #22
green: Note #23
purple: Note #24
cyan: Note #25

Unique Skins

The Genesis 2 Chronicles event adds in new, unique skins related to Genesis: Part 2, obtainable by unlocking Genesis: Part 2-related Explorer Notes.

Genesis 2 Chronicles I
Genesis 2 Chronicles II
Genesis 2 Chronicles III
Genesis 2 Chronicles IV
Genesis 2 Chronicles V

Collecting all Genesis 2 Chronicles Explorer Notes will also unlock the  Chibi-Shadowmane.


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December 1st, 2016
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New Year's.jpg New Year's on ARK December 31st, 2016 January 1st, 2017




These are summaries of the explorer notes of this chronicle series, references to lore in previous maps, and lore in Genesis: Part 2.
Genesis 2 Chronicles 1

HLN-A speaks in these notes.

  • Note #1: HLN-A is getting nostalgic about being back on The Island as if it is experiencing déjà vu, something that is odd for an AI. It also expects the player to usually feel deja vu being back at the Island, the first ARK map.
    • If Genesis: Part 2 is released on May 26, 2021, it has been 2,185 days since ARK Survival Evolved was released on June 2, 2015 or almost six years since its release. The Island was the first map any ARK player has played on.
    • In Genesis: Part 2 lore, it is revealed that the transhumans/homo deus used the Island geography for an ARK layout and its biome are safe for life.
  • Note #2: HLN-A "remembers" being at The Island not as an AI, but as a human person who had toes who could feel and smell the ocean breeze. The visual includes a human survivor being at their first days on The Island at the beach.
    • In the Island lore, HLN-A is remembering Helena's times at the Island's beach during her first days and during her visit with the Painted Sharks, an aquatic tribe that helped her in observing megalodon's quick gestation rate and abnormally obedient behavior.
  • Note #3: HLN-A suddenly remembers the survivors Helena met on the Island: Gaius Marcellus Nerva, Sir Edmund Rockwell, and Mei-Yin Li. It realizes it has all of Helena's memories stored in it and notes it is a great parting gift. A high quality image and its pixelated version shows a man with a bald top scalp (Rockwell), a survivor with hair covering his entire face (Nerva), and a woman with long hair (Mei-Yin).
    • In lore, Helena interacted with all three Island survivors.
      • For Rockwell, Helena always went to him for science related advice, had tea with him every night, and was given an Argentavis that she named Athena. Their relationship soured when Helena went to an obelisk without notifying Rockwell first. Their relationship began to deteriorate in later ARKs to a point that Helena accepted that the Rockwell she knew could never turn into a monster.
      • For Nerva, Helena only gave him information about a guardian that appears when an obelisk is activated and how all three keys from the three obelisk fit in a pedestal at the Tek cave.
      • For Mei Yin, Helena first met her when she needed to study domesticated creatures. During her stay, Helena and Mei Yin began to understand each other through things other than biology and war as they were both terrible cooks. In later maps, the duo had each other's backs when times were rough.
    • In Genesis: Part 1, HLN-A noted that the creators of the Genesis Simulation allowed the users to edit their minds, but the practice proved to be addictive and destructive, making them pull back on their losses. This results in the creators recreating a human being with everything such as memories and personalities intact. Helena applied the same principles when making HLN-A due to it having all of her memories.
  • Note #4: HLN-A explains to the player that people like them and Helena only knew prehistoric creatures by studying their bones. She knows and "remembers" the feeling the players and Helena felt when they saw a real life dinosaur (in-game for players). A visual of a jungle background with a Brontosaurus is shown.
    • This picture is a reference to Helena's first explorer note on the Island when she mentioned seeing a Brontosaurus roaming around.
      • The visual is also a call back to the 2015 ARK Survival Evolved announcement trailer when the player wakes up on the Island and sees it for the first time.
    • In Genesis: Part 1, the Genesis Simulation makers have figured out a way to make dinosaurs that required a detour that brought long term results: by creating virtual dinosaurs and getting their behaviors completely sorted out. The makers later brought the dinosaurs and other creatures to life on the ARKs without any of their impulsive behaviors.
      • Helena made various observations about this phenomenon during her time on the Island.
        • During her time with the Painted Sharks tribe in her Island explorer notes #9-#12, she found the Megalodon to be abnormal for their quick gestation rates of one week and a level of obedience surpassing a dog's.
          • With her background knowledge in biology, Helena knows that fish and sharks aren't very smart due to a heavy reliance on instinct and most animals take far more than one week to gestate only one offspring.
        • During her time with Mei Yin in her Island explorer notes #15-#18, Helena noticed that all of her creatures never fight each other despite being different species.
          • With her background knowledge in biology and zoos, Helena noted that some behaviors in zoo animals are impossible to curb, hence different animal species needed to be in separate enclosures.
        • She makes a conclusion in her Island explorer note #19 that the Island animals are genetically modified, used to humans and captivity, and they needed to have been domesticated for decades at least.
          • According to her logic, whatever society made the creatures knew how to genetically modify them, are able to curb their instincts, and are familiar with domesticating the prehistoric animals for a long time.
      • In Genesis: Part 2, the prehistoric creatures were added to the lifeform list as Santiago notes that there must have been a balance in lifeforms they must have missed out on as he notes a faint possibility that they lived alongside humans.
  • Note #5: HLN-A tells the player that not only did it have memories about the adventures it had with the player, but also having Helena Walker's memories, which she finds funny. She finds the thought of whether she is its human creator, itself, or a combination of the two to be mind blowing.
    • The visual shows one of Helena's memories depicting her holding a pistol while being with Mei-Yin, possibly during the time Helena needed evidence about the behavior of tamed creatures in captivity through seeing Mei-Yin's creatures in action. During this memory, Helena noticed that Mei Yin's tamed creatures are friendly to each other despite being different species.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, Gabriel, a Gold Rush miner, has the same dilemma as he has both his own memories and mind and the memories and mind of Ixion, a Roman cultist. As a result, both minds are living in the same body.
    • In the Genesis: Part 2 ending, HLN-A admits that it got the chance to become something different from Helena Walker.
Genesis 2 Chronicles 2

These notes are only from Sir Edmund Rockwell.

  • Note #6: Rockwell speaks through HLN-A about how he somehow has a connection to it and how the Scorched Earth ARK looks small to him now. A landscape view of Scorched Earth is shown.
    • In lore, Rockwell was one of the four survivors who made explorer notes at Scorched Earth. He is also a close friend of HLNA's creator: Helena Walker.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, he has become a part of the Colony Ship, the setting of the DLC and the ship dwarfs ARKs by many sizes.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, Scorched Earth was another biome format that the ARK creators used.
  • Note #7: Rockwell tries to surprise the player with the fact that he can see them now and describes how he has grown more eyes than his original two when he was Sir Edmund Rockwell. He tells the player that endlessly exploring the ARKs may have been something he would have done but understands that he, and everyone else on the ARKs, would need to leave the system (cradle) in due time. A visual of Rockwell and his wall of eyes is shown.
    • Rockwell refers to a region in Genesis: Part 2 where the entire biome is his innards with eyes dotting the area.
    • Rockwell clearly refers to how he used to be a human with only two eyes.
    • Back when he was human and on the Island ARK, Rockwell was more curious with studying the obelisks than Element.
    • His statement of leaving the system is synonymous with the One Who Waits/ Homo deus Helena's request of wanting the players to leave the ARK's network in order to properly deal with the Element threat in the Extinction Chronicles.
      • The One Who Waits/Homo Deus Helena also mentioned that Earth has always been humanity's cradle in the Extinction Chronicles.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, the biome is referred to as Rockwell's Proliferation/Innards.
      • Thy eyes in the biome creepily look at you and move wherever you go.
      • In the HLN-A explorer notes, he noted of his human self being amazed by Tek tier, but being a monster, he has moved on.
  • Note #8: Scorched Earth is considered to be disappointing in Rockwell's view. He recalls the events of his transfer from the Island to Scorched Earth and how he has discovered Edmundium/Element during his travels. A visual of an area surround an obelisk in Scorched Earth is shown.
    • During most of his time at Scorched Earth in the lore events, Rockwell was disappointed at the traditions and attitudes of the people who live on Scorched Earth.
      • During his stay at a settlement called Prophet's Rest, he found himself in disbelief and was irritated at how the priests and people there were treating the artifacts as part of their prayer routine instead of being used and studied on.
      • As first a prisoner, then an honored guest of the Burning Phoenix tribe, Rockwell tried to act as a gentleman and only got a barbaric attitude from the tribesmen, an attitude that didn't fit with his scholarly and gentlemanly demeanor.
      • He was most disappointed to realize that Helena Walker was also present on Scorched Earth.
        • He managed to deceive her to prevent her from learning of his affair with the New Legion back on the Island.
    • In Scorched Earth lore, Rockwell found and discovered his Edmundium samples when he along with a tribe called the Burning Phoenix slew the Manticore.
  • Note #9: Rockwell notices that something reminiscent of Helena is somewhere inside HLN-A. He admits he underestimated the late Helena's resourcefulness when she became a Homo Deus as her method of ascension, but he finds it pitiful that despite being a Homo Deus, she couldn't accept his "grand design". A visual of Helena's memory and point of view where she was writing up the Triceratops dossier is shown.
    • In the lore, Rockwell is referring to both his method of ascension through use of Element and Helena's method of ascension through becoming a Homo deus.
    • In the Genesis: Part 1 Tidbits, HLN-A noted in simple terms that when the Homo deus go to their realm, they are considered dead in the point of view of a normal person.
    • In Genesis: Part 2 lore, the Homo deus are referred as "Transhumans" during the time of the URE and Terran Federations and they could do superhuman mental abilities such as enhanced processing speed as seen by Uma, a transhuman.
    • In the Genesis: Part 2 ending, Rockwell notes that Helena recklessly wasted her power as a Homo deus in helping others rather than for her own gain before the Colony Ship blew up.
  • Note #10: Among the billions of survivors that are stocked in a mysterious archive, HLN-A has been clingy around the player, which Rockwell finds strange. Rockwell knows that the player is capable, but doesn't understand why the player is so special. A visual of survivors in desert cloth armor are shown.
    • In Genesis: Part 1 Story lore, HLN-A describes the player being one of the many survivors that are in a database that consists of survivors all over Earth and its history.
    • In Genesis: Part 1 Tidbit lore, HLN-A notes of various things on the average survivor such as greatly improving after a failure, and being able to make a wide range of technology from a simple spear to a high tech assault rifle.
    • In the Genesis: Part 2 audio of HLN-A, Rockwell notes that HLN-A has chosen the player to be her "survivor" and in the final battle, he referred to the player as HLN-A's "puppet".
Genesis 2 Chronicles 3

Rockwell's notes in the Chronicles have an ominous tone and echo that is mixed in with his voice

  • Note #11: Rockwell notices that HLN-A and the player are back at Aberration looking at the ruined structures. He tells the player that Aberration ARK is pivotal in helping him become a god in his eyes. A visual of his monster form is shown.
    • Rockwell's explorer notes at Aberration summarizes the final stages of his descent into madness and becoming the monster he has become.
      • His transformation into a monster has haunted Helena when she was reminded by Mei Yin on Extinction that she started to sound like Rockwell.
        • As a result, Helena turned into a Homo deus not to solve some mystery, but rather saving her friends.
    • In his last Aberration explorer note where he leaves some writing, the Aberration ARK told Rockwell that there is a plane of existence (possibly the realm of the Homo deus) much higher than the one he is in now. It tells him that the both of them can reach it.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, Rockwell refers to how he has become a god in his eyes and HLN-A notes it is just the power getting to his head.
  • Note #12: Rockwell asks the player if HLN-A told them about its creator: Helena Walker. As a person, Rockwell never understood Helena's liking to the ARK's creatures and he gets an understanding of her when he is making creatures of his own. An image of Helena scribbling down notes in her book, and a mysterious creature with a bulging head and a mouth like the xenomorph from the Alien series.
    • Rockwell is referring to Helena's passion for Biology through studying animals and some of the native creatures on the Colony ship, the setting of Genesis: Part 2, are creations of his own doing.
    • Rockwell also refers to the creatures found on the ARKs that Helena had a liking to.
      • On the Island, almost all of the creatures are prehistoric from dinosaurs to ancient mammals.
      • On later ARKs such as Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis: Part 1, all of their native creatures are either science fiction or of fantasy origin.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, many native creatures have clear signs they were made by him and they were lore pivotal.
      • Corrupted Survivors
        • They were made by Rockwell to replace the original crew which he gruesomely slaughtered most of them.
      • Macrophage
        • According to HLN-A, they were to be part of his immune system.
      • Noglin
        • This was Rockwell's latest creation that took over Gabriel.
      • Rockwell Node
        • They were considered Rockwell's puppets
      • Shadowmane
      • Summoner
        • According to HLN-A, they were to be part of his immune system.
  • Note #13: Rockwell notes that the future people see people of the past as a pattern as they have a record of every human being, grew them in vats, and ran the randomly chosen people through tests that helped the future people to search for any survival skills, as if it is like science. He thinks this is what evolving and dying is and he notes he is beyond that now. The visuals consist of the Tek console seen from the Tek cave and an image of his superiority of breaking the barrier of survival, which is actually his final form: Rockwell Prime.
    • In Aberration lore, Rockwell had an uneasy relationship with the Tek researchers as not only were they disrespecting him, but also doing things far more efficiently than him.
    • In the overarching lore, the futuristic people that Helena and Rockwell met on Aberration had technology that made them look like they were the most advanced people. However, in lore, locations after Aberration had technology far more advanced than Aberration's Tek tribe.
      • On Extinction, the location where Santiago found a signal was giving off readings that would indicate an even higher level of technology than the Tek tribe's technology. According to Helena, the location was a structure that still had power and had technology that was more complex than the Tek tribe's tek armor and meks. The prism that caused Helena to become a Homo deus was one of the technologies found at this location.
      • In Genesis: Part 1, the Genesis Simulation was a massive ecosystem simulation that utilized the same technology that the ARKs used. However, the environment is completely digital, but it was able to utilize a mind transfer technique that laid the foundation of Homo deus ascension and the survivor's respawn mechanic.
      • In Genesis: Part 2, the Colony ship is a massive ecosystem ship that Rockwell describes to be the peak of human intelligence.
    • In Genesis: Part 2 lore, the ARK project and the Colony Ship know how to grow a new body for a person and they have been testing on survivors for optimal survival outcomes and skills.
      • Nida, a Colony Ship dirt scientist, has been using sims to practice her skills.
    • When the Engram archive team was recording billions, if not trillions of humans, they used an algorithim to guess on a dead person's missing memories.
      • In Extinction, Santiago that whoever made them had a keen eye for attention and detail of a person's memories.
    • According to the lore of Genesis: Part 2, the ARKs not only functioned as lifeboats, but also as a testing ground where transhumans had access to an endless supply of human minds to be placed on the ARKs to find optimal survival environments.
  • Note #14: HLN-A calls Rockwell by the name Mr. Purple Tentacles and knows that he has been talking to the player through it. HLN-A leaves the information of the amount of time needed to lock Rockwell out of her systems for good as classified. A visual of it filtering itself and alerts that can cause Rockwell to enter are shown.
    • Throughout the Genesis: Part 1 Story Glitches, HLN-A was frequently getting hacked by Rockwell and Rockwell talked through it to speak to the player about how they are nothing compared to him.
    • When Rockwell transformed into a monster for the first time, Helena described his monster appearance as a violet, hulking monstrosity with flailing tentacles and a misshapen face.
  • Note #15: In the ARK chronological story line, this would be Santiago's first explorer note as he leaves this note on the Aberration ARK before heading through the Gateway Project Portal. He explains to any future reader that the Aberration ARK is poisoned with Element and that they should find a way to leave and head down to Extinction. (This is Santiago's Explorer Entry 00 and the rest of his notes on Extinction are 01 through 30.) A visual of the planet Earth and the Aberration ARK is shown. He also adds a personal note that the mysterious planet surface, or Earth's surface, couldn't be any worse than the condition of the Aberration ARK.
    • The condition of the Aberration ARK being poisoned was the Tek tribe's doing as they blew up the ARK's control center, causing the ARK to break down. This gave the Tek tribe some freedom in building whatever they wanted, most notably the Gateway project that the Tek tribe built in order to escape to the surface.
Genesis 2 Chronicles 4

These notes only include those from HLN-A and Santiago that generally talk about events before Camp Omega was raided by titans and corrupted creatures.

  • Note #16: HLN-A has memories that Helena was amongst the survivors at the start of the lore of Extinction who were in a state of despair when looking at the desolate, ravaged landscape of Extinction. It also remembers that Helena looked to Santiago for inspiration as a partner. A visual of some Sanctuary ruins are shown.
    • The event mentioned in the note was at the start of the Extinction lore.
      • All of the Tek tribe survivors, including Helena, were crying and hyperventilating at the site of the landscape.
      • Santiago took the lead of being the Tek tribe's leader in figuring out their next move, noting they had plenty of supplies, Tek equipment, tames, and tribe members.
    • The visual is akin to the first scene of Extinction's announcement trailer in 2018 when the player sees the overgrown skyscrapers.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, the ravaged land of Earth is what motivated both the United Republics of Earth (ARKs) and the Terran Federation (Colony Ship) to work on their respective projects.
  • Note #17: Santiago leaves a note in welcoming the reader/player to Earth and reading the note implies there is a survivor left. He notes the world, or Earth, is not its usual self and advises the player to find shelter from the titans and endure it for a little longer. He leaves a personal note saying there are titans now. The visual includes the King Titan in a ravaged city.
    • In the background story, the two Tek superpowers, the URE and Terran Federation, fought each other for over a century. Because of their war and the eventual arrival of high levels of Element in the form of Titans, Earth became a ravaged wasteland.
      • Amidst the chaos, the creators of the ARKs built various things such as the colony ship, the ARKs, and the Genesis Simulation as a means to preserve life.
      • According to Homo deus Helena/ The One Who Waits, Element began to spread quickly after the war between the URE and Terran Federation and after the rise of the Homo deus.
      • When Santiago noticed that the Tek tribe's storehouses at Camp Omega were full with Element with only a few trips, he revealed some information about Element: that technology that utilizing it will end up releasing a few Element particles into the atmosphere and the ground at an extremely low level.
        • Santiago notes that the properties of Element are so miraculous that they are enough to quickly turn the tiniest village into a city and that Element must be mined from the ground.
        • He knows that the only thing that can make Element grow to such exponential amounts is a century of war between 2 nations with no restraints on Element-based technology can give the sudden spike.
      • In the Genesis: Part 1 Tidbit notes, HLN-A reveals that Element was being used by the average human during the time it was discovered.
        • According to the One Who Waits/Homo Deus Helena, Element had so many civilian and military uses that every aspect of human society like production, discovery, and inventions skyrocketed.
      • In Genesis: Part 2, it is revealed that Santiago is responsible for the massive Element increase as he personally designed Element weaponry that permanently poisoned the ground.
      • Also in Genesis: Part 2, the war between the United Republics of Earth and the Terran Federation was mainly caused by the Terran Federation placing heavy restriction on transhuman related activities such as neural modifications.
  • Note #18: Santiago advises the reader/player that if they are still reading his notes, he wants them to head to Camp Omega, a well known location in-lore that the futuristic survivors who will need as much help as they can get. From there, they can help the reader/player get trained in using his most powerful weapon to stop the titans and save the world: Meks. He leaves a personal note to fight fire with a bigger fire (Mega Mek). The visual shows the Mega Mek doing its sword attack.
    • Several events happened when Santiago wrote this note:
      • When this note was made, Santiago and the Tek tribe set up Camp Omega and began building the meks.
      • Santiago was working on the meks in being able to combine and form the Mega Mek, the only thing that can withstand the King Titan's attacks.
      • Santiago suspected that Titans are the ones who are spreading Element around Earth.
        • His hunch was proven to be true when Diana and Mei Yin went to a bunker station that oversaw all of the ARKs.
          • They noticed that it monitored every titan's movement on the planet and according to the readings and Diana, they spreading Element everywhere where they go.
            • The same explorer note that mentioned this showed a visual where titans are dubbed "Artificial Hyperfaunal Entities".
      • Santiago was also the teacher figure to the mek pilots that will pilot the four meks he built.
        • Pilot 1: Mei Yin Li
          • The 3rd century Chinese survivor is experienced with close quarters combat and tactical decisions.
          • Her skills were the equivalent of someone who was a part of the Terran Federation Spec Ops unit.
          • Her mek is dubbed Beast Queen that was close combat oriented with dual swords/sabers.
            • Mei Yin and her mek had statistics of 629 confirmed kills, a 99.9% melee combat efficiency, and a 52% ranged targeting accuracy.
        • Pilot 2: Helena Walker
          • The 21st century Australian biologist and paleontologist is creative, can improvise during a situation, and has a maxed out sync rate to a machine that indicates an advanced nervous system.
          • Her advanced nervous system was a major factor that helped turn her into a Homo deus.
          • Her mek is dubbed Onslaught that had a shield on its right arm and a blaster on its left arm.
        • Pilot 3: Takaya Kazuma
          • The URE soldier who originates from Japan, Kazuma has memories of real military training.
          • Not much is known about him, but he was Diana's wingman during a mysterious battle for the Thailand gulf where an orbital carrier collapsed and both of them ended up on the Aberration ARK.
          • His mek is dubbed Praetorian.
            • Kazuma and his mek had a statistic of 48 confirmed kills and has the appearance of the in-game mek.
        • Pilot 4: Santiago (Santiago da Costa)
          • He is a Terran Federation hacker who is the builder of the meks and decided to make them as a way to lean into his identity as a weapons builder and fighting the titans.
          • Santiago takes the role as teacher in order to help his other 3 mek pilot comrades and he is the sync rating standard.
          • His mek is dubbed Strider.
            • Though not much is known about his mek, it was soon passed on to Diana Altaras when she was resurrected.
      • In Genesis: Part 2, Genesis Santiago is responsible for making the Tek Stryder, a mek unit that is able to clean pollution from its surroundings as well as being able to fight against the creatures on the Colony Ship.
      • In Genesis: Part 2, both the creators of the ARKs (URE) and the Colony Ship (Terran Federation) adopted a mindset that their missions cannot fail no matter the cost and that generations of people must be willing to sacrifice themselves to see the mission succeed with the former being the first to have this mindset.
  • Note #19: Santiago is still unable to get over the clone factory he, Helena, and Mei Yin found on the Aberration ARK as he is still processing about he is not the original Santiago and that every survivor is a copy of themselves. He leaves a personal note that due to his feeling of depression, he wants some Halsted Moonshine (Alcohol). A visual of Aberration's cloning station is shown.
    • In the Aberration lore, when all of the Tek survivors at the Tek village (Fallen Nexus) and the team that included Helena, Mei Yin, and Santiago heard and saw the cloning chambers respectively, everyone had an identity crisis in their own unique experience of the revelation.
      • From Helena's point of view, she wonders if she is expressing herself or the will of the machine.
        • Helena also describes Mei Yin's realization of the cloning factory as unfathomable because she was completely silent.
      • From Santiago's point of view, he is guilty of making weaponry that turned Earth into a wasteland and wonders if he, the original Santiago, or both of them are responsible for the apocalypse.
        • When he was going over this in his 8th note in Extinction, the image included memories of being able to make a high-powered railgun that utilizes nuclear energy from Element, orbital strike fighters, Element warheads, and a massive orbital strike platform dubbed the Nemesis II.
          • In Genesis: Part 2, the Colony Ship is associated with the Terran federation and the orbital strike platform that Santiago mentions in Extinction could be a basis in making the life boat.
      • When Diana was going over the fact that every human on the ARKs are a clone of their original selves, she had a memory of looking at the 34th issue of Science Today magazine on March of 2134 about how 2 clones of humans have been successfully made without the need of human fertilization.
        • She remembered seeing on the issue that a form of technology could perform something called DNA webbing.
      • Though Rockwell understood the cloning chambers, he makes good points by asking rhetorical questions to the player during the Genesis: Part 1 Story lore if they are the actual person.
        • Whether a player's childhood memories are real to them
        • If someone else has manipulated memories only to be placed in their head.
        • How it feels to be less than human because the player is a simulation of your actual self.
    • In Genesis: Part 1 Tidbit Glitches, HLN-A revealed how the creators of the Genesis Simulation and ARKs were able to bring back humans throughout time: by utilizing a theoretical brain organ called the engrammic matrix that can persist long after the person's death.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, Extinction Santiago's hunch was right as both he and Genesis Santiago are clones of the original Santiago.
      • Every survivor is a clone of their original selves because the ARK project and Colony Ship have an archive that contains every known human in known history. There are also issues with the project as humans have been archived with or without consent.
      • Uma, a transhuman that Santiago worked under, told him that memories between his death and working on Project Genesis were artificial implants to make him think that he was alive since his clone body was actually being created in between that time. This makes Santiago distressed about not having his original memories.
  • Note #20: Santiago leaves a note hoping that he bought the other survivors enough time at Camp Omega in doing something. He tells the reader/player that whoever they are, they may have seen the Camp Omega survivors pull themselves together, helping them out and assumes the reader/player did just that. He replies that he won't live long before seeing that himself. Santiago leaves a note that he will see someone dubbed D very soon. A visual of him in his mek's cockpit is shown.
    • Santiago refers to the Titan raid of Camp Omega and in lore, he sacrificed himself and his mek to give the other survivors at Camp Omega time to escape.
    • Only one in-lore survivor has a name that starts with a D: Diana Altaras. Diana is a survivor and Santiago's closest friend, but at the time, was long dead since she died at the hands of Rockwell during the in-lore events of Aberration. Strangely, she was resurrected by Helena who was a Homo deus at the end of the in-lore events of Extinction before the former and Mei Yin defeated the King Titan with the Mega Mek.
      • Helena, as a Homo Deus, did numerous tests on the ARK's survivors in order to repeat the same phenomenon she did with Diana where the survivors can cheat death in order to defeat the Element hive mind.
      • Helena also managed to make the Mega Mek operational with only one pilot where it originally needed four pilots to be used safely.
    • After the King Titan's first defeat, Mei Yin and Diana traveled to Arat Prime, a location that is associated with the Genesis Simulation and the Colony Ship the former is nestled on.
      • They made the journey to Arat Prime because both of them are unable to kill the large population of Titans that are roaming Earth.
        • They found references to the place when they noticed it was a reference for the data of Element presence on Earth and the Titan troop movements.
      • According to HLN-A in the Genesis 1 Chronicles, the duo arrived at Arat Prime and inserted Helena into the Genesis Simulation to make HLN-A before the former disappeared for an unknown reason.
      • The location, Arat Prime, is mentioned throughout the signs of Sanctuary.
        • Arat Prime was sent up to orbit in an emergency launch, but its launch was not confirmed. The signs indicate as if Arat Prime is some kind of ship.

Genesis 2 Chronicles 5

During these notes, the perspectives switch between HLN-A and Rockwell. Rockwell's voice gets further amplified with echoes.

  • Note #21: HLN-A finds it interesting, yet unnecessary for the player to remotely return to the Genesis Simulation. It tells the player that they are needed back in the real world and notices that several connections are suddenly activating. A visual of the Genesis Simulation and some of its coding is shown. Strangely, a connection that is under Santiago's name is shown.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, Genesis Santiago is in the simulation because he died due to a point blank explosion and his engrammic matrix is safely stored in the engine.
    • In the later or recent event lore of Genesis: Part 2, Rockwell has begun to take over the Colony Ship from the hands of its crew. The crew have managed to separate the rings, leaving the Eden ring as the only source of uncontaminated life left.
      • Nida described that the remainder of the Colony Ship crew has gone to hiding somewhere in the ship as colonists are prematurely waking up and one of the rings is being overrun by Rockwell. Even Nida's whereabouts are unknown since Gabriel's 30th explorer note last mentions her fleeing the Colony Ship's bridge that is infected by Rockwell.
  • Note #22: Rockwell takes over HLN-A and asks if the player is back inside the Genesis Simulation (delusion). He mocks that the player must have been thrashed by him so much that they retreated back in the Genesis Simulation. While the player wanders around the Genesis Simulation, Rockwell gives them a reminder that he has control over the place. The visual is a scene of a section in the lunar biome with a trio of Astrocetus.
    • This was a familiar scene in the 2019 reveal trailer of the lunar biome.
    • In the story lore of Genesis: Part 1, Rockwell aka the Corrupted Master Controller has gradually altered the Genesis Simulation until it is fully under his control to help him find servants that will rally to his cause.
      • In HLN-A's last Genesis: Part 1 Story note, Rockwell's endgame for the simulation was shown when HLN-A fixed a glitch that made it see Rockwell corrupting survivor's bodies outside the simulation and leaving their minds in an artificial body.
      • Other things Rockwell has done included added a servility criteria, turning off most of the Master AIs, making escape routes in the Genesis Simulation, and notoriously editing survivor minds whether they are or are not active in the Genesis Simulation.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, many mission settings take place in the Genesis Simulation as a VR representation of the ship's systems.
  • Note #23: HLN-A is getting frustrated at how Rockwell is still talking to the player through her and she is still working on locking Rockwell out of her systems. A visual of HLN-A being mad and a glitched out warning signal is shown.
    • Throughout the Genesis: Part 1 Story notes, whenever Rockwell takes over HLN-A no matter how brief, he speaks to the player for a bit until HLN-A is able to temporarily kick Rockwell out of her systems.
    • In Genesis: Part 2, Rockwell frequently talks through her to the player.
  • Note #24: Rockwell finds it strange that the player persists in being in a hallucination as if they have a motive behind the act. If the player had a motive for doing so, Rockwell suggests to himself that he is underestimating them and does whatever it takes to always have the player below his estimation. He wants the player to hope he never notices their presence. A visual of a female and male survivor in cloth armor is shown.
    • When the player beats the Corrupted Master Controller/digital Rockwell, he warns the player that defeating him in the Genesis Simulation only dooms themselves as he will find them in the real world. Later, as the player dons the Federation-Exo suit, Rockwell finds the player and pulls them into Genesis: Part 2.
  • Note #5: HLN-A knows that the player has had enough time in the Genesis Simulation. The player needs to be back in the outside world to finish lots of work with the goal of saving a colony ship. The visual shows a massive colony ship, the setting for Genesis: Part 2.
    • During the end cutscene of Genesis: Part 1, HLN-A notices that the corruption (presence of Element) has arrived on the colony ship.
      • In the Genesis: Part 1 Tidbits related to Element, HLN-A claims that Element is extremely difficult to fix as it has endless possibilities of adapting to anything.
    • Genesis: Part 2 is about the player wrestling the various subsystems back from Rockwell to weaken him enough so they can confront him in the Colony Ship's control room