Sanctuary (Extinction)

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Extinction DLC.jpg This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Extinction

An abandoned city that was once the heart of humanity.


The Sanctuary is a region in the Extinction DLC.


The Sanctuary is often referred to as the Great City. It is the basic spawn point in Extinction. The Sanctuary is a massive ancient city in the shape of a Specimen Implant (and, to a greater extent: The Overseer). It is made of Tek materials, but is deserted and empty. In the absence of humans, a wealth of uncorrupted animal and plant life has flourished with many buildings be buried in overgrowth. Beyond the shelter of the Sanctuary lies the Wasteland.

Sanctuary is one of the best locations to build shelters due to the city having long walkways or road above the ground and a rare amount of predators. The environment for the survivor is neutral as the player can't get overheated or freeze. The city is protected by an invisible barrier that covers the entirety of the city that protects it from periodic meteor showers. The barrier can be seen when a meteor strikes above the city.

The city appears to have security defenses still actively protecting the city. They can be seen attacking any dino (even harmless herbivores) on sight. They include Defense Unit, Enforcers, and Scouts. The city appears to still have power as being near a building, it will often flicker on and off and light lining the walkways still work.


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  • In the Sanctuary, a rusty old Mek sword can be found as well as the name "Santiago" carved into stone. This is Santiago's grave. Can be found at 54.2, 33.4
  • Sanctuary is a safe place from the meteor rain due to a barrier protecting it.