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This article is about the weekend boosts on Official Servers. For the random events in Survival of the Fittest, see Survival of the Fittest#Evolution Events.

ARK Event.png This article is about content exclusive to the Event: Evolution Event
This content is not available outside of this Event.
ARK: Evolution Event
Ark Evolution Event.png

Evolution Events are ARK: Survival Evolved events. They run sometimes over a weekend. Watch for announcements on Twitter @survivetheark.

Themed EVO events (excluding Switch consoles server) will occur at specific month and day and lasts longer than the weekend, usually at the same duration as their Event counterpart. They only possess both event-colored wild creature spawn rate and rate boost compared to the original events.

All survivors playing on servers on the Official ARK Network will be affected by Evolution Event and receive the listed bonuses (See Gallery).


  • Since v313.5, the event is permanently run on official servers, by integration in the core of the game. Legacy "x1" servers are now permanently "x2", that which must be taken in count in the various calculation tables[1] This oddly did not last long as of Genesis: Part 2 on unspecified date, all "x2" are reverted back to x1 without warning.