ARK: Winter Wonderland 2023

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ARK Event.png This article is about content exclusive to the Event: Winter Wonderland 2023
This content is not available outside of this Event.

This article is about the Winter Wonderland 2023 event on ARK: Survival Ascended. For Winter Wonderland event on ARK: Survival Evolved, see ARK: Winter Wonderland.

ARK: Winter Wonderland 2023
Winter Wonderland 2023.jpg

The winter-themed holiday event on ARK with boosted server rates on the official server, event creatures, wild creature colors, items, cosmetics, and Chibi-Pets.

Start date
December 21st, 2023
End date
January 7th, 2024

ARK: Winter Wonderland 2023 is the Christmas in-game event in 2023[1] for  ARK: Survival Ascended. It is the sequel to ARK: Winter Wonderland 7 in 2022 for  ARK: Survival Evolved. It features  Raptor Claus sailing across the star-filled night sky, dropping off high-end loot as well as  Mistletoe and  Coal that you can trade to various new creatures for skins, costumes, items or new Chibi-Pets.

This event can be manually activated:

  • For Single-player and Self-host by searching Winter Wonderland in the ARK Mod list and install it, then activate it in the Available Mods menu.
  • For Unofficial servers by adding -mods=ID to the server command-line launch argument.




  • ActualBlack
  • Cyan
  • DeepPink
  • Dino Dark Purple
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Dino Light Purple
  • Dino Light Blue
  • DragonGreen0
  • Jade
  • PineGreen
  • SpruceGreen
  • DarkMagenta
  • Glacial
  • PowderBlue
  • Teal
  • DarkViolet
  • Red
  • Green
  • Light Grey
  • Light Red
  • Dark Red
  • Dino Light Red
  • Dino Light Green
  • Dino Medium Green
  • Dino Albino
  • NearWhite
  • Yellow


New Creatures
  • Santa's Big Helper Yeti - Drops  Coal and  Mistletoe.
  • Abominable Snowman - Drops Coal and Mistletoe.
  • Pegomastax Grouch - Drops Coal and Mistletoe. Steals  Gift Boxes in return for a special reward.
  • Wild Rideable Reindeer - Drops Coal and Mistletoe. Can be fed  Rockarrot and ridden for additional drop amounts.

Event Items

These items can be obtained during the event:


New Chibi-Pets
  • RaptorClaus
  • Hyaenadeer


Following items from previous Winter Wonderland editions can also be crafted in the  Smithy during this event:

New Skins
  • Krampus Costume[2]
  • Santa's Workshop Smithy Skin
  • Festive Forge Skin


New Emotes
  • Shiver Emote
  • Snow Angel Emote




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Mods review of which Winter Wonderland 2023.