Volcanic Cave (Genesis: Part 1)

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Genesis Part 1 DLC.jpg This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Genesis: Part 1
Volcanic Cave
Volcanic Cave (Genesis Part 1).jpg
Genesis: Part 1 Topographic Map.jpg
20.40° Lat,  78.30° Lon
32.3° Lat,  85.5° Lon
33.2° Lat,  82.56° Lon
29.4° Lat,  78.4° Lon

The Volcanic Cave is a cave in the Genesis: Part 1 DLC.

It has no precise name when you're in it. It's just told "Volcano" and sometimes nothing about the location. It has four entrances:

  • North in (20.40/78.30), at the south of the Lavaclaw Flow. It's the widest entrance, allowing a  Giganotosaurus to come in. The entrance is on a clearing, containing  Metal and  Red Gem.
  • South-east in (32.3/85.5), at the Magma Spring. The entrance is on a wall of the volcani and surrounded by purple crystals.
  • South in (33.2/82.56), at the Burning Arteries. The entrance, on a pace slope, is surrounded by purple crystals.
  • South-west in (29.4/78.4), at the Burning Arteries. The entrance, quite discreet, keeps quite large at the volcano wall.

The temperature is quite hot (42 °C/107 °F) but can vary along the day. Mostly, the player must keep an eye to his Extended HUD to check the temperature elevation for not beeing trapped by an eruption (see below).

Each approximatively 30 minutes, the volcano enters in eruption. The temperature is gradually increasing until 62 °C/143 °F, meaning the volcano is close to blow up. The cave will fill in flames and the players and tames will start to get hurt. The player has still a minute to get out or he will perish burnt. Afeter a few minutes, the volcano will keep cool and the player will can enter again.



Very Common



Very Uncommon


Very Rare


From Local Creatures


  • Warping into the cave through any method while the Volcano is erupting will result in a permanent freeze of the screen with no way of respawning unless relogged as the survivor immediately dies upon entering the cave.
  • For some reason, one of the entrances is unnamed.