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Logo Mobile.svg This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Mobile.
Happy Halloween 2019
Happy Halloween 2019.png

Celebrate Halloween by hunting for pumpkins, which contain items.

Start date
October 28th, 2019
End date
November 4th, 2019

Halloween 2019 is a week long event in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.



Pumpkins spawn across The Island at night time and contain various loot.

Eerie Servers

Limited time servers will be released across the official and unofficial server network. All wild Creatures on these servers (excluding  Cnidaria,  Electrophorus, and  Unicorn) possess an Eerie glow and can be killed for their  Creature Implant to transfer back.


The Cemetery of Chaos is a special Dungeon. In this Dungeon, 13 chests are trick-or-treat chests and will either give high quality loot or low quality loot.