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Tame Chronicling
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Chronicle your tames to free up tame slots!

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Logo Mobile.svg This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Mobile.
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Tame Chronicling is a feature in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.


Tame Chronicling provides the survivor with an easy way to store tames for later use. This also allows for tame slots to be freed up. To Chronicle a tame, the survivor must access the Creature's inventory, and select the Chronicle button. Tame Chronicling a tame requires that the Creature is awake at full  Health, with its  Creature Implant in its Inventory. This process costs 1 ×  Eery Element.

Upon doing so, the Creature will revert into its  Creature Implant, and when needed, the Creature can be revived at any  Revival Platform for 2 ×  Ancient Amber (regardless of Level). If the Creature is revived by anyone outside of the Creature's tribe, it will be revived as a wild Creature.



  • Tame Chronicling behaves much like  Cryopod in terms of several features. The only few exceptional difference between them however:
    • Chronicled dinos in the Implant are always alive and glowing, which means there are no timer countdown, or any specific need to store in specialized storage to maintain its timer. Cryopods requires a Cryofridge to maintain its timer, or a Refrigerator to extend its timer.
    • Reviving dinos through this way can only be done by the same tribe that chronicled it as anyone else outside of tribe reviving them will cause it to be revived as a wild creature. However, Cryopod will always belong to the tribe/survivor who unfreeze the frozen dino inside.
    • Reviving dinos requires additional resource and a Revival Platform, which the cryopod does not require.
    • Tame Chronicling dinos are instantaneous albeit with specific requirement, whereas cryopodding a dino requires a few second without interruption, without all but one requirement.
    • Implants are already embedded in the dino, which other than the requirement for Amber and materials to build a revival platform, do not need to be built. Cryopods must be made either from Tek Replicator with Element Dust, or gathered from Orbital Supply Drop found in Extinction maps.