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Major version
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Mar 11, 2024

Patch Notes

Map Fixes

  • Fixed large number of holes in the map
  • Fixed some misaligned landscape objects either floating or inside objects
  • Fixed Swamp Cave lootdrop floating above terrain
  • Fixed multiple map issues in Overworld
  • Fixed Underwater Cave West lighting and artifacts on cave walls
  • Fixed an issue with Caverns of Lost Hope shadow flickering
  • Updated Redwood Waterfall color to match river color
  • Fixed some Tek Cave streaming issues
  • Fixed skylight override blending issue at tek volcanic cavern entrance
  • Fixed bounds issue on under water east cave

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed  Pteranodon Saddle clipping issue
  • Fixed  Araneo poking through the saddle
  • Fixed "crease" lines in Character pixel painting
  • Character will now play correct animations when going unconscious or dying in water
  • Fixed dinos not conforming to the ground correctly while in torpor. ( Sarco /  Titanoboa)
  • Fixed bad texture in Dragon Arena
  • Fixed an issue in Caverns of Lost Faith where the water dripping from ceiling also showed while you are under water
  • Fixed an issue where player character Male/Females knees appear to bend/jolt forward slightly after standing up
  • Fixed an issue where the view info for Tribe option is displaying an empty engram page, rather than tribe info
  • Extended the tree platform pickup timer
  • You can no longer pick up the bed while it's on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a water tank snapped above another tank will pick up both
  • Fixed an incorrect HUD display on some structures
  • Can no longer replace normal doors with secret doors
  • Fixed an issue where secret door opened too far
  • Fixed issue where supply crate beam is occasionally segmented after the crate lands and stays like this for a while
  • Fixed lava splash VFX elements floating above the Volcanic Cavern Lava River surface
  • Improved  Otter LODs on lower settings
  • Updated Icons Stone Doorway, Stone Hatchframe, Stone Reinforced Gate, Auto Turret, Heavy Auto Turret
  • Fixed some flying trees
  • Improved foliage behaviour in strong wind scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where Broodmother Arena lighting would blink on and off as player moves
  • Fixed Female animation when aiming with bows
  • Fixed TPV animation on  Longneck Rifle
  • Fixed some weapon 3D scaling issues
  • Fixed an issue where Co-ords from the overlay map or the interactable UI window are not identical
  • Fixed issues with flyers passing through mesh
  • Fixed an issue where  Bola status was not being properly conveyed to players
  • Fixed issues where you cannot handcuff other players
  • Fixed occasions where crafting items with the  Tek Replicator and wireless crafting can cause the server to run bad
  • Fixed  Dragon boss incorrectly receiving the Alpha dino damage reduction buff