ARK: Survival Ascended/Patch/38.18

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Major version
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Mar 29, 2024
  • Scorched Earth and Bob's Tall Tales Release!
  • Bug Fixes & QoL
    • Added new structures: Thin Pillar & Beam, Quarter Foundations
    • Fixed a case where pixel painting the player character appeared choppy
    • Fixed several issues with Female character's hands not lining up correctly in some animations
    • Fixed an animation popping issue with the Female character
    • Fixed the Sapped debuff UI from  Rhyniognatha overlapping the hotbar
    • Fixed an issue that caused  Giganotosaurus' rage to apply to all Gigas in range
    • Fixed several map holes on The Island
    • Fixed several floating foliage cases on The Island
    • Fixed an issue that caused the wood pillar to protrude through ceilings
    • Fixed several ground conforming issues on  Megaloceros,  Yutyrannus,  Carnotaurus,  Stegosaurus
    • Fixed an issue that caused artifacting pixels to appear around objects and at the edges of the screen
    • Fixed cases where players appeared to rubberband while moving on Rafts and dino platform saddles
    • Attempted fix for the  Dragon boss sometimes appearing invisible to players
    • Buff timer fonts now have an outline to make them easier to read
    • Added the current structure count towards the structure cap to the extended HUD when in the structure placement preview
    • Helmets and skins equipped on dinos will retain like saddles when they are cryopodded
    • Dino neuter/spay status is now displayed in their floating HUD info
    • Tek binoculars now show remaining bullets on friendly turrets
    • Added a UI client option to hide enemy structure cosmetics
    • Added the ability to water crop plots while riding  Morellatops with the Crouch button C Right Stick Right Stick
    •  Morellatops can now be set to autonomously water nearby crop plots with a multiuse toggle
    •  Painting Canvas now has a dynamic version to create custom sized canvases
    • Players with C4 in their inventory now have an option to "Boobytrap" structures
    • PS5 - Fixed character preview not working correctly when using scissors to adjust the character.
    • PS5 - Dedicated storage should now correctly display the amount of items that are stored