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This article is about Plant Species Y, not to be confused with  Plant Species X,  Plant Species Z, or  Plant Species R

Plant Species Y is a plant introduced in Scorched Earth and also available on Ragnarok, Valguero, Genesis: Part 1, Crystal Isles, Genesis: Part 2, and Lost Island. It can be grown by putting  Plant Species Y Seeds in a  Large Crop Plot. The seeds can be found by harvesting desert plants.

Once fully grown, it produces  Plant Species Y Traps similar to bear traps. Unlike the Plant Species X, it is not a defensive plant and can't shoot projectiles.


The Plant Species Y grows the same as any other plot-based plant, consuming both water and fertilizer to grow, but unlike other plants, it consumes significantly less of both once it reaches maturity. One should monitor water levels when growing these plants indoors.

Plant Y takes 2:00 minutes to produce one  Plant Species Y Traps (official servers rate) , In a greenhouse it takes up to 0:30 seconds to produce one (300% effect), If the  Plant Species Y Traps in the plot reach up to 10, the Plant y will stop producing traps.

Each  Plant Species Y Trap spoil in 59 minutes (official server rates), the spoil timer only exist on inventories, when placed in the floor it will just disappear if destroyed.

The Plant Y takes exact 10 hours (official server rates) to fully grow from the moment you plant the seed without a greenhouse. With a greenhouse (300% effect) takes only 2:30 Hours to fully grow from the moment you plant the seed.

The following items can be used as fertilizer:

Fertilizer type Fertilizer units Fertilizes for Fertilizes full* plant for
 Human Feces 1,000 10m 3h 5m
 Small Animal Feces 3,500 35m 10h 48m
 Medium Animal Feces 7,500 1h 15m 23h 8m
 Large Animal Feces 15,000 2h 30m 1d 22h 15m
 Massive Animal Feces 35,000 5h 50m 4d 11h 55m
 Snow Owl Pellet 50,000 8h 20m 6d 10h 10m
 Fertilizer 54,000 9h 6d 22h 30m
 Bonemeal Fertilizer (Primitive Plus) 90,000 15h 11d 13h 30m

* When a plant has its maximum of fruits, it needs less fertilizer. As the fruits spoil after some time, leaving the plant in a non-full state for some time, these numbers are rather theoretical maximums.



  • Unlike Plant Species X and Plant Species Z, the Plant Species Y does not have structure properties: it lacks of health value, decay time and collision mesh. Its life and decay are directly and only related to the crop plot and its amount of fertilizer.