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This article is about Plant Species R, not to be confused with  Plant Species X,  Plant Species Y, or  Plant Species Z

Plant Species R
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Plant Species R is a plant in the Genesis: Part 2 DLC of ARK: Survival Evolved. This "plant" is a thicket of meat that wriggles around upon growing up, acting as a cuttable supply of meat when harvested.

Most methods works as if you are cutting down a tree, but the method does not have any impact on the amount of meat gathered.


If you can get past its tentacular looks, this mutant hybrid seems useful as a foodsource...
You can grow it from seeds, but it provides edible meat.
Another of Rockwell's genetic modification experiments, I guess.

~ Plant Species R Record –  HLN-A

Plant Variants

There are 5 types of R Plants:

Name Veins Appearance Harvested Meat Chance for this seed
from Mutagen Bulb
R-1 Red  Raw Meat 32%
R-2 Blue  Raw Fish Meat 32%
R-3 Green  Spoiled Meat 20%
R-4 Magenta  Raw Prime Meat 8%
R-5 Indigo  Raw Prime Fish Meat 8%


The Plant Species R grows the same as any other plot-based plant, consuming both water and fertilizer to grow. Its  seed may be planted only in a  Tek Crop Plot.

The following items can be used as fertilizer:

Fertilizer type Fertilizer units Fertilizes for Fertilizes full* plant for
 Human Feces 1,000 10m 3h 5m
 Small Animal Feces 3,500 35m 10h 48m
 Medium Animal Feces 7,500 1h 15m 23h 8m
 Large Animal Feces 15,000 2h 30m 1d 22h 15m
 Massive Animal Feces 35,000 5h 50m 4d 11h 55m
 Snow Owl Pellet 50,000 8h 20m 6d 10h 10m
 Fertilizer 54,000 9h 6d 22h 30m
 Bonemeal Fertilizer (Primitive Plus) 90,000 15h 11d 13h 30m

* When a plant has its maximum of fruits, it needs less fertilizer. As the fruits spoil after some time, leaving the plant in a non-full state for some time, these numbers are rather theoretical maximums.


  • It is the fourth plant species to be released, proceeding the plant species X, plant species Y and plant species Z
  • The ‘R’ in its name is a reference to Rockwell
  • Using a Higher Quality  Metal Pick to Harvest the Plant DOES NOT make a difference to the amount harvested, Only how long it takes to do so. (High Quality Pick =Quicker Harvest)
  • When Harvesting Plant Species R, you will see a 'Health Bar' that decays as you hit it with a pick. Don't be afraid to deplete this bar, as it will not destroy the crop, Instead the tentacle will shrink and begin a 30 minute timer, at the end of which it will pop back up with all its health, ready to be harvested again.
  • If the plant is left with some but not all of it's health bar depleted, it will still take 30 minutes to regain it's health (regardless of the amount). Therefor it's much smarter and more beneficial to harvest it in full rather than leaving it half harvested as you gain nothing from doing so.
  • It is worth noting that if playing on an unofficial server with structure damage turned off, it can become impossible to harvest. It is currently assumed for this to be a bug, however it is unlikely to ever be fixed. ~Slight fix for this below.
  •  Chainsaws can be used to harvest it.