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This article is about S+ Item Collector, not to be confused with  SS Item Collector (Mod:Super Structures)

S+ Item Collector
Homing Underwater Mine.png

- Collects dropped items (Poop, Achatina Paste, Unfertilized Eggs, & Silica Pearls from Phoenixes)
- Distributes poop to nearby Compost Bins & Dung Beetles
-Can use Tek Generator or Propellant for fuel (will automatically use fuel if no power is available)

Item slots
Stack size
Required level
Required stations
Resources breakdown [Expand]
75 × Hide
250 × Metal Ingot
500 × Metal
Total Base Ingredients
1000 × Stone
500 × Chitin, Keratin, or Shell Fragment
500 × Metal
75 × Hide

The S+ Item Collector is a structure from the Structures Plus Mod.


UPDATE - AS OF OCT 2020 The S+ Dev's have updated the MOD The replacement is called the "S+ Aggregator", also combining Hatchery(Dodo), Gardener(girl), Collector(Hazard suit and Bunny) and Farmer(Bloke).

It can do additional tasks as feeding metal into forges and taking out ingot ( Dedicated Storage). It also collects rare mushrooms and rare flower which are produced passively.

It use to:-

This Structure resembles a floating  Homing Underwater Mine but was updated (date unknown) to a large man in Hazard Suit, and while active, periodically checks for the items it is programmed to collect and deposits them in its own inventory, or in the case of Animal Feces, will attempt to place it in either a  Compost Bin or a  Dung Beetle. If the item is  Gacha Crystal it will automatically place it in  S+ Crystal Cracker if set. There are settings that can allow you to choose which items are picked up and which are distributed.

The S+ Item Collector uses 1 fuel every 6 hours.


  • As of January 13 2018, the S+ Item Collector can no longer be powered by a  Charge Battery
  • This structure can pick up the  Eggs of wild creatures.