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A lot of  ARK: Survival Evolved settings can be configured through its in-game Options menu. In order to access this menu, you can either click the "Options" button on the main-menu or hit your ESC key in-game and select the "Options" button.

The following Options refer to the PC versions (Steam and Epic Games Store) of the game. When a certain setting is present on console versions too, the same description and meaning is usually applicable.


Setting Location Description Options
Master Volume Options Adjusts the general volume of the game, affecting the mixed result of the below settings. slider
Music Volume Options Self-explanatory. slider
SFX Volume Options Sound effects, all sounds besides background music. slider
Voice Volume Options Controls other survivors vocal chat. slider
Ambient Volume Options Sounds like beehives and water. slider
NPC volume Options Adjusts the volume of NPC's like H-LNA, as well explorer notes voiceovers. slider
Inventory Access Sound Advanced Settings If enabled, plays a short sound when opening the Inventory. Checked, Unchecked
Disable Menu Music Advanced Settings If enabled, prevents music to play in menu. Checked, Unchecked
Play Action Wheel Click Sound Advanced Settings If enabled, plays a short click sound when selecting an option from the Action Wheel/radial Menu on Structures, Creatures and other Survivors. Checked, Unchecked
Stop Explorer Note Audio on Close Advanced Settings If enabled, stops explorer notes voiceovers when closing the explorer note. Checked, Unchecked


Setting Location Description Options
Resolution Options Changes game rendering resolution. Custom resolutions can be set as well. Depends by screen hardware.
Window Mode Options Switches the game into different presentation modes. Windowed, Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen (also known as borderless).
Graphics Quality Options Graphics settings presets. If after selected a preset any option is changed, the value will switch to CUSTOM. CUSTOM, Low, Medium, High, Epic
Resolution Scale Options Changes the resolution quality. Maxing will display 100% same resolution as the screen resolution set, any lower value may improve performance at the cost of the final graphics quality. slider
World Tile Buffers Options The amount of graphics memory used to render areas of the map the player isn't in: areas, textures, models are stored in buffer for quicker loading while transitioning between areas (tiles) of the map. Increasing it may lead to better load times between tiles. Low, Medium, High, Epic
View Distance Options The maximum distance the game will load tiles. Lowering it may increase performance. Low, Medium, High, Epic
Anti-Aliasing Options Smooths edges of models improving the visual quality at a performance cost. Low, Medium, High, Epic
Post Processing Options Visual quality of effects such as bloom, depth blurring, shadowing definition quality, portal distortion, character lines, light rays, and selective scene tinting. Low, Medium, High, Epic
General Shadows Options Quality and distance of most shadows (projected by near and medium objects). Low, Medium, High, Epic
Terrain Shadows Options Quality and distance of terrain specific shadows. A lot less noticeable than General Shadows and Distance Field Shadowing. Setting it to lower values may improve a bit performance in GPU limited scenarios without noticeable quality impact on most cases. Low, Medium, High, Epic
Textures Options Textures resolution and quality. Lower settings use less graphics RAM (VRAM), higher settings use more. Epic settings require a big amount of VRAM (graphics card with at least 8GB are suggested.). Low, Medium, High, Epic
Sky Quality Options The amount and quality of weather clouds. Setting it at very low values will totally disable volumetric clouds. slider
Ground Clutter Density Options The quantity of non interactable ground decoration, such grass, flowers and non-harvestable bushes. slider
Ground Clutter Distance Options The view distance of non interactable ground decoration, such grass, flowers and non-harvestable bushes. slider
Mesh Level of Detail Options Controls the quality of models a for non-near distances. It has a minimal performance impact on modern hardware. slider
High Quality Anisotropic Filter Options If endabled, rises the quality of anisotropic filtering, improving textures quality that are far away and steeply angled with respect to the camera point of view. Disabling it can slightly improve performance in GPU-limited scenarios. Checked, Unchecked
Motion Blur Options If endabled, blurs the visual during fast camera motion. Disabling it can help significantly to keep a more constant frame-rate while fast moving the camera, as well to have more clear the visual of the action. Moreover, disabling it may help to reduce the motion sickness. Checked, Unchecked
Film Grain Options Should add a grain filter to visuals, reminiscent of film artifacts. It is known to now work anymore. Checked, Unchecked
Distance Field Ambient Occlusion (Expensive!) Options Shading setting for how distant and sky lights affects the nearby scene, resulting in a more soften and diffuse light. Mostly noticeable on specific scenes and environment, like the big swamp trees of Ragnarok compatible with Tree Platforms. Can work together with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and it's not meant to be an alternative. Despite its description may not result performance expensive, instead it may have a lower performance impact than Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. Checked, Unchecked
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Options Shading setting to approximate the attenuation of light due to occlusion, resulting in a higher contrast scene. Disabling it may improve performance in GPU limited scenarios. Checked, Unchecked
Allow Enhanced Max View Distance Mode Options Significantly increases the view distance of higher LODs for all objects at a performance cost that can vary by map. Checked, Unchecked
Distance Field Shadowing Options Toggles distance objects such trees from projecting their shadows. Checked, Unchecked
High Quality Materials (Requires Restart) Options Toggles higher quality materials and texture resolutions (such normals) beside diffuse/color textures. A game restart is required to apply any changes. Checked, Unchecked
Sub Surface Scattering (Requires Restart) Options Typically used for skin surfaces, allows lighting to partially penetrate the surface and reflect off of various layers, depths, and colors to provide more realistic looking skins for characters and various monsters. Checked, Unchecked
High Quality VFX (Requires Restart) Options Allows higher quality visual effects at the cost of performance. Checked, Unchecked
Simple Distance Character Movement Options If enabled, lowers the quality (the frame rate) of the movement animations for distant characters, lowering the CPU usage. Checked, Unchecked
High Quality LODs Options Toggles higher quality models for the most distance objects, such toggling 3D tree models to 2D. It can improve performance on GPU-limited scenarios. Checked, Unchecked
Extra Level Streaming Distance Options Allows faster loading of very far objects such trees and rocks, at a cost of memory usage (both RAM and VRAM). Checked, Unchecked
Color Grading Options A post processing option allowing ambient color correction based on environment and daylight. Causes an almost null performance impact. Checked, Unchecked
Light Bloom Options A post processing option resulting in abundant glaring effects around any source of light and certain creatures having Albino color regions. Disabling it can improve performance in GPU-limited scenarios, as well drastically improve the visibility on most scenarios. Checked, Unchecked
Light Shaft Options A post processing effects to enabled sunlight beam and crepuscular rays effects at a cost of performance. Checked, Unchecked
Low Quality Level Streaming Options Lowers the quality of very distant streamed terrain and objects such trees and rocks using lower quality models. It may help increasing performance on memory limited scenarios (both RAM and VRAM). Checked, Unchecked
Blood Damage Overlay Advanced Settings Shows a red semi-transparent overlay around screen edges when the survivor is dealing with a sensible amount of damages Checked, Unchecked
Torpidity Effect Advanced Settings Shows a purple semi-transparent overlay around screen edges when the survivor torpidity is increasing Checked, Unchecked
Animation Staggering Advanced Settings If enabled, drastically reduced far creatures animation framerate, improving performance on CPU limited scenarios. Checked, Unchecked
Low Quality Animations Advanced Settings If enabled, drastically reduced far creatures animation quality reducing the smoothness given by interpolation, improving performance on CPU limited scenarios. Checked, Unchecked

Camera Controls

Setting Location Description Options
UI General Scale Options Allows to make the HUD smaller, except the Item Slots Bar. Unfortunately it cannot make it bigger than default value. Useful mostly on low resolution screen and very large displays such TVs. slider
UI Item Slot Scale Options Adjusts the Item Slots Bar dimension. slider
Camera Shake Scale Options Controls how much the camera shakes, like when a big sized creature is moving near the player. slider
Camera FOV Options Adjusts the camera field of view slider
Look Left/Right Sensitivity Options Mouse and controller horizontal camera movement sensitivity. slider
Look Up/Down Sensitivity Options Mouse and controller vertical camera movement sensitivity. slider
Invert Y Options Inverts/reverses/flips the control of the camera on the Y-axis (looking up and down) Checked, Unchecked
Third Person Camera Offset Options If enabled, the camera will stay on the right of the survivor even when not wielding any weapon, if disabled it will center the survivor back. Checked, Unchecked
Disable Third Person Camera Interpolation Options If enabled, it disabled the smoothing on third person camera when looking around, resulting in a more linear move of the camera. Disabling it may help to reduce the motion sickness caused by the third person camera. Checked, Unchecked
Melee Camera Animation Advanced Settings If enabled, the camera will follow the melee attack animation when being in first person. Checked, Unchecked
Camera View Bob Advanced Settings If enabled, Bobs the view when moving in first person camera. Disabling it may help reducing motion sickness. Checked, Unchecked
First Person Riding Advanced Settings If enabled, forces player into first person view when mounted Checked, Unchecked


All the following settings are located in Advanced Settings.

Setting Description Options
Floating Names Toggles name plates upon creatures and other Survivors. Checked, Unchecked
Join Notifications Toggles notifications at middle top screen when a player joins or leaves the game. Checked, Unchecked
Chat Bubbles If enabled, displays in-game chat bubbles when a player sends a message. Checked, Unchecked
Status Notification If enabled, a message is displayed at the top of the screen whenever survivor status changes. Checked, Unchecked
Fahrenheit Temperature If enabled, switches to Fahrenheit scale from Celsius scale to display environment temperature. Checked, Unchecked
Auto Chatbox If enabled, the chatbox can be set to be displayed whenever a chat message is received (global, local and tribe) or to always on. If disabled, the chatbox is toggled between fade off or always on. Checked, Unchecked
Hide Server Info If enabled, hides the server info that is displayed on the ESC menu, useful for streamers protecting privacy. Checked, Unchecked
Chat Show Online ID If enabled, the players account name will be displayed at begin of each message chat, while the Survivor name will follow and displayed between parentheses. Checked, Unchecked
Chat Show Tribe Name If enabled, the survivors Tribe will be displayed square parentheses after the Survivor name. Checked, Unchecked
Allow Crosshair If enabled, a crosshair will be displayed at the center of the screen in first person view or following the camera barycentrics in third person view. Checked, Unchecked
Allow Hit Markers If enabled and if server allowed, hit markers will be displayed when damages are dealt. Checked, Unchecked
Color Item Names If enabled, items will show a colored name based on their quality tier when Item Labels are enabled in inventory. Checked, Unchecked
Disable Menu Transition If enabled, disabled the fade-in and fade-out graphics between menus as well additional confirmation messages. Checked, Unchecked
No Tooltip Delay If enabled, disabled the short delay before showing any tooltip. Checked, Unchecked
Give Default Survivor Items If enabled, each time a Survivor respawns this will receive all skins and costumes unlocked with achievements, Explorer Notes unlocks as well other default skins and costumes of the game. It restores the  Mini-HLNA Skin each time accessing a terminal. Checked, Unchecked
Hide Floating Player Names If enabled, disabled the floating names only upon other survivors Checked, Unchecked
Quick Toggle Item Names IF enabled, players can press the left-analog to show or hide item names in the inventory. Checked, Unchecked
Show Item Selector Button If enabled, displays the controller shortcut above the quickbar. Checked, Unchecked
Toggle Extended HUD Info If enabled, the Extended HUD Info can be switched from be displayed or not, otherwise the related key must keep pressed to show it. Checked, Unchecked

Controls (Default)

Action Keyboard Gamepad
Move Forward W
Strafe Left A
Fire Lmb
Iron Sights / Alt Fire Rmb
Run ⇧ Left Shift
Use E
Jump Space bar
Reload R
Crouch C
Access Other's Inventory F
Remove Shoulder-Mount Double Tap F
Toggle Fists Q
Selfie Cam Right Alt
Prone X
Expanded HUD Info H
Your Inventory I
Tribe Manager L
Melee/Pistol Whip Left control
Toggle Chatbox Backslash
Map M
Zoom Camera In Mouse scroll up
Zoom Camera Out Mouse scroll down
Push to Talk B
Toggle Weapon Attachment N
Place Map Marker P
Toggle Console Tab ↹
Tribe Chat Slash
Move Backward S
Strafe Right D
Toggle Orbit Camera K
Your Craftables V
Defecate Z
Whistle "All Follow Me" J
Whistle "All Stay Put" U
Drag Body G
Toggle HUD Back space
Use Slot Item 1 One
Use Slot Item 2 Two
Use Slot Item 3 Three
Use Slot Item 4 Four
Use Slot Item 5 Five
Use Slot Item 6 Six
Use Slot Item 7 Seven
Use Slot Item 8 Eight
Use Slot Item 9 Nine
Use Slot Item 10 Zero
Whistle "You Follow Me" T
Whistle "You Stay Put" Y
Craft Slot Item (Modifier) Left Alt
Turn Right
Turn Left
Look Up
Look Down
Global Chat ↵ Enter
Tribe Chat /