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The following is currently a copy of Drakes Posting

New Server System: ARK Web Notifications

As of ARK v243, servers can now get web notifications optionally posted somewhere when important things happen to a tribe, such as Tripwire Alarms going off and Babies being born. (We will later extend this potentially for all Tribe Logs, as well as expose it to Mod­­ders for their own uses). For Official Servers, these notifications are sent to users via the SurviveTheArk.com forums that have Steam account associations. For reasons of websecurity and site performance, we can not handle the web notifications for unofficial servers. So we have exposed the system for custom use, if anyone wants to write a basic web service (or even...sell a service if they wish) for unofficial servers to utilize for their players. Here's how to do it:

To handle alarm web notifications on a custom server, you have to start your server with "-webalarm" and have a valid AlarmPostCredentials.txt in your Saved/ folder. AlarmPostCredentials.txt is a text file that contains two lines of data. The first line is a web api key and the other is the url to use.

e.g., /ShooterGame/Saved/AlarmPostCredentials.txt

Note: You don't actually have to handle a valid key on webservice side if you don't want to but you will still have to have something inside this file.

The server will make a HTTP POST with "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" data that includes key, steamid, title, and message.

e.g., key=01234abcedf01234abcedf&steamid=0000000000001234&notetitle=Example%2BTitle&message=Example+Message

That's pretty much it. When the game hits an event it considers newsworthy, it'll do that web POST call accordingly. As mentioned, it'll start with Tripwire Alarms and Baby Births, and once we're convinced of the system's potential, coming up, all Tribe Logs. And then mod­ders can take it even farther if they wish!