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Ark Markup Language (or ArkML for short) is a markup language seen in several instances within ARK. It is a type of SGML, and currently has only one known element, the "RichColor" element, which is used to add color to text. There is no official documentation for this markup language, and it may change at any time.

When parsing ArkML, be sure that you are using a valid SGML parser. Most modern day XML parsers no longer support SGML, as XML is a subset of SGML and most of SGML has in large fallen out of favor and become obsolete.

If using Python (any version), Python's built-in SGML parser correctly supports SGML.

RichColor Element

The RichColor element adds a font color to all of the text inside it. Its only attribute - "Color", specifies the color of the text and is required.

The Color attribute's format consists of four decimal values between 0 and 1 separated by commas. The 4 values represent the red, green, blue, and opacity values respectively; where 1 represents "high" and 0 represents "low". All 4 values are required by the Color attribute, and most/all(verification needed) whitespace inside the Color attribute seems to be ignored.


  • <RichColor Color="1, 0, 0, 1">Red</> produces Red
  • <RichColor Color="0, 1, 0, 1">Green</> produces Green
  • <RichColor Color="1, 0.65, 0, 1">Orange</> produces Orange
  • <RichColor Color="0, 0, 0, 1">Black</> produces Black
  • <RichColor Color="1, 1, 0, 1">Yellow</> produces Yellow
  • <RichColor Color="1, 0, 1, 1">Fuchsia</> produces Fuchsia

Rainbow Example by Vas: \/ Taste the rainbow \/

<RichColor Color="1,0,0,1">T</><RichColor Color="0.75,0.25,0,1">a</><RichColor Color="0.5,0.5,0,1">s</><RichColor Color="0.25,0.75,0,1">t</><RichColor Color="0,1,0,1">e</> <RichColor Color="0,0.75,0.25,1">t</><RichColor Color="0,0.5,0.5,1">h</><RichColor Color="0,0.25,0.75,1">e</> <RichColor Color="0,0,1,1">r</><RichColor Color="0.25,0,0.75,1">a</><RichColor Color="0.5,0,0.5,1">i</><RichColor Color="0.75,0,0.25,1">n</><RichColor Color="1,0,0,1">b</><RichColor Color="0.75,0.25,0,1">o</><RichColor Color="0.5,0.5,0,1">w</>

Codec Implementations

See ArkML/Codec implementations