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Logo Mobile.svg This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Mobile.
Obsidioequus Pt. Note
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I feel there is not much of me left here. I have been much too frequently exposed to the Edmundium, and I fear that the radiation has sapped away at me piece-by-piece - it has taken all that I am to get this far in my research, and there is nothing left of me to give. As this may be my final record, I feel compelled to leave these words for any who may find them: the substances in this place, the Edmundium and Amber, the substances that can be formed from them- they are not to be trifled with - they will bring you naught but misfortune. These materials are nothing more than the remnants of the things I have done in this place, the very essence of sorrow - do not allow it to corrupt you as it has me.
- Dr. Sophia Rockwell

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The Obsidioequus Pt. Note is a Trophy in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.


The Obsidioequus Pt. Note is given to any player who has defeated the  Obsidioequus. The Obsidioequus Pt. Note can be displayed on an  Artifact Pedestal to display a hologram revealing more about the Obsidioequus.