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Noctis Pt. Note
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At first I thought it was a fluke - I had extracted some of the Element from one of the test subjects in an effort to find the resulting effect on the ore itself and discovered the most extraordinary thing: the Element glowed much like the result I have seen with the creatures!
I sent word of this and further notes on the subject of the radiation to Uncle, but received nothing more than a crudely-worded letter from his assistant informing me that until I had made a more significant breakthrough regarding the chemical properties and applications of Element I was not to show my face at home! This is absurd!
- Dr. Sophia

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The Noctis Pt. Note is a Trophy in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.


The Noctis Pt. Note is given to any player who has tamed  Noctis. The Noctis Pt. Note can be displayed on an  Artifact Pedestal to display a hologram revealing more about Noctis.