ARK: Survival Ascended/Patch/43.5

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Major version
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May 17, 2024
  •  Ceratosaurus added to The Island and Scorched Earth
  •  Xiphactinus added to The Island
  • Added unique Decor box icon
  • Fixed an issue with Supply Crate visuals
  • Fixed teleported dinos falling under the ground when location is in stasis
  • Fixed rubber banding on platform saddles when there are dinos based on it
  • Improved the look of smoke effects, such as when destroying structures
  • Fixed  Mantis getting stuck in the air when leaping close to a target
  • Fixed Frontier Chandeliers being damaged by ally dino attacks
  • Dinos with carts attached will no longer be teleported into boss arenas
  • Removed  Araneo's unintentional Cart saddle attachment slot
  • Fixed the Guardian Dossiers sometimes not unlocking correctly from Broodmother, Megapithecus and Dragon
  • Fixed an exploit
  • Additional Console Fixes (Previously fixed on PC only):
    • Fixed an exploit
    • Fix for server list not populating when filtered by map
    • Fixed a hang that occurred when an  Oasisaur with player-built structures entered render range