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Major version
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Jul 3, 2024


  • Summer Bash Event is live! v9

ClubARK: Summer Edition is live! v72

  • ClubARK has received a Summer makeover!
  • Player to Player Trading System
  • A list of players connected to ClubARK is displayed on the pause menu
  • All New "Summer Shark" Mini-Game
  • New ClubARK mini-map
  • New UI for applying custom cosmetics in the hang-out area
  • Added beds to the hang-out area which allow the application of custom cosmetics
  • All players will show a Player Icon which displays info when looked at Wardrobe update
  • Fixed an exploit with the  Poker Table


  • Dear Jane mod content has been merged into the base game, so you no longer need to run the mod on your servers
  • Optimizations to save world. Time the server takes to save is now about twice as fast (around 85-100% faster)
  • Custom cosmetics are now dyeable in all supported areas regardless of the item it is equipped on
  • Pressing Enter while in an inventory or menu will allow chat to be brought up and typed in
  • Fixed Gateways not respecting or exerting an enemy build radius
  • Fixed  Pyromane's dropped cache only having 4 seconds left until decay when cryopodded
  • Speculative fix for player characters sometimes facing the incorrect direction when mounted on saddles
  • Fixed a server stall related to the "Apply to all nearby" setting on Dedicated Storage and re-enabled the option
  • Fixed a client crash


  • The Center: Adjustments to the moonpool entrance of North Ice Cave to be slightly larger and accessible
  • The Center: Added creature spawns to the Underworld
  • The Center: Fixed some unintentional build prevention areas outside of caves
  • The Center: Fixed Broodmother's health bar color not reflecting the correct difficulty
  • The Center: Fixed  Quetzals not spawning
  • The Center: Fixed exploitable safe areas in the Boss arena
  • Scorched Earth: Fixed multiple cases of floating foliage and mesh holes
  • Scorched Earth: Reduced the number of wild  Ceratosaurus by approximately 50%
  • The Island: Attempted fix for  Dragon boss sometimes appearing invisible to players