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Major version
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Sep 24, 2015
  • Carryable and Hawk-Style Throwable Dimorphodon (attacks whomever you throw it at ;)
  • Paraceratherium & accompanying Platform Saddle
  • Wall-mounted paintable canvas
  • Structure Auto-Decay Enabled on Official PvP servers
  • (Non-Platform-Mounted) Ballistas can no longer be placed near enemy foundations, and their damage has been reduced by 50% relative to structures, range reduced by 20%. They also no longer damage Plant Species X.
  • Fixed incorrect Female pose when mounted on Ballista Turret
  • Dev Kit: Mod authors can now custom-script their own new "Use Menu" options, with networking and saving of values, as well as override/remove any existing "Use Menu" options as they see fit. This will let them make much more powerful in-world items and character interactions :)
  • Saddled Dinos can now accept SCUBA gear, equipments etc into their Inventories
  • Fixed extra conflicting Input binding for flyers
  • Fixed Shoulder-Mounted Dimos and almost certainly Monkeys disappearing randomish
  • Players can no longer get stuck in an inputless state if reconnecting when mounted on a dino
  • Fixed a bug with losing collision if you were knocked unconscious while being carried by a flyer
  • Reduced Crop Plot Fertilizer consumption rate by another 50%
  • Fixed a crash related to new Dev Kit features (ModifyStatusComponent, etc)